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One Year


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On Saturday it was one year since Pat so suddenly passed away. Some say time flies but when you are hurting inside time can drag. Sometimes yes time seemed to go quickly but that is when you are busy.

I found a bit of closure on Saturday. When we scattered Pat's ashes into the sea on Christmas day I kept some in a small bottle. I was not sure what I was going to do with them but at the time thats what i wanted. I have now laid Pat to rest by burying the bottle of remains beneath a tree in the garden. It is also near where Jacky was burried.

It was a terrible morning for me but afterwards It felt as though I was suddenly calm.

This will be a place where I can put some flowers and also go when I need to talk to her.

It has not been an easy year but as has been said on many occations here it just got a bit easier.

Thank you all for being there when I needed a bit of support. We all have one thing in common as we have all been affected by lung cancer in one way or the other.


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Hugs to you, Ronnie. I 'm very glad that fiinding a lovely restiing place for Pat's ashes, and one near Jacky's to boot, will give you a focus spot for when you want to talk to her or just sit quiietly with her, and I hope this place will bring you some peace and comfort.


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Hi Ronnie,

Like KatieB,I cannot believe its a year since Pats passing,its nice to have a place to visit Pats resting place that you can place flowers.I am sure Pat would be pleased by your guesture,may you continue to post in,it been a pleasure for me to read your posts over this last year.I wish you happiness as you continue your lifes journey.

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I too find it difficult to think it has already been a year. What a perfect thing to do burying that small bottle of ashes where you did. Keeping Pat close and near Jackie sounds like just what you need. Glad it made the remainder of your day more peaceful.

Judy in KW

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That first year passing seems so strange. At times I know it feels like each day is an eternity then you look back and say " how can it be a year". You wonder how it was possible to survive a year in such pain. I am glad that you found a way to pass it peacefully and to do something that made you feel better. I wish you peace and comfort for the years to come.

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I can't believe it has been ayear either. I think having a place nearby where you can bring pat flowers and go and talk with her is very sweet. It's funny how we get that intuition to do something and it turns out to be exactly the right thing.

I hope the next year is easier for you.


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