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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Great start to the day. Stan’s not here and I didn’t fix the pot for tea last night. Got up around 5 and started it. Forgot to put the pot under the water tank and ran hot water all over the counter. What a mess.

Judy, the pig roast sounds great. Randy put out quite a spread. Hope he had help but not you lol.

Annette, we are all waiting here about the court thing yesterday. Sounds like you put a big effort into the preparation. Hope no news is good news. Do check in.

Ann, yes, I did find the recipe. It was very close to the top of the pile so the day-long sorting and organizing was my way of avoiding getting in my office. Glad you guys are still getting rain. We haven’t gotten much. Stan who is not a big fish eater felt guilty about what he’d eaten all day and ordered catfish at Cracker Barrel. He said it was really good.

Bud, I do recall depth finders and fish finders—are they the same thing? I can’t remember. We don’t have lots of fish in the freezer but Stan’s on his way back from the mainland with Dominick so I’m hoping….

Lily, I am jealous. We don’t have a fresh food market for 90 miles. When we go north in the summer, that’s the first place we stop. Talk about recipes, in addition to all the cookbooks, I have three huge binders that we used to buy for photos. They have peel back see-thru pages. Before I moved to the Keys, I organized them from boxes of magazine and hand-written recipes. Many I never made but the othes do come in handy when Stan says “how did you make your….”

Sara, glad you’re getting some respite from the nausea. And your birthday sounds great. I do miss outdoor plays and concerts. We don’t seem to have many here anymore or I’m just missing them. If you guys keep talking about that Roku, guess I’ll have to look into it. The price of UVerse is awful especially since we never find anything we want to watch this time of year.

LOL Bruce. I swore I read a Sunday Air. I am really losing it and yes, having to do my own cooking has been a real chore. Found out I can still do it though lol.

Wow Eric, there you go again. Do you ever have a weekend that is not full of fun social events. I may be in paradise, but my life is tame compared to yours lol.

O.k. addressing everyone has made this very long, so have a great day.

Judy in KW

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As usual I'm in a rush this morning - have a lot of work to do and well just other junk too.

Honestly don't know how yesterday went. I got some positive feelings but you just never know. This big mean woman says she has to go talk to the Deputy Superintendent with her findings and then she will call. And it probably won't be before Summer School starts next Monday. So the problem is do I call Social Services and say hey it looks like they aren't going to let him go so could you use this money on another child - or hold off. I just don't know. And this is only about the school issue. He will still have to go to court on the charges in August. Although the Supreme Court just passed an opinion that I know will help with that- just don't know if his court appointed lawyer will have a clue. Sigh.

I went home afterwork and just relaxed. Played a Playstation game and then watched the Bachelor - first time I've done that in months. Tonight i will have to make the kid stay with me - I am really worried when he stays at moms - they went to the grocery store and for some reason she bought 2 lighters....what for - then i found another one on the floor - - I went over once every hour to "smell" the house - but never smelled smoke - I will absolutely wring her neck if she bought that kid cigarettes. But I just have that feeling.

Anyway - I have to get busy. It has been a struggle to get any work done. I am mentally just not able to concentrate on anything - I know I can't but that just doesn't help.

I'll check back in later (this is always a great place to hide out instead of work....lol).


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Good morning everyone. First day of summer and it's suppose to get to 95 here - who knows what the heat index will be.

Well we got the pool liner installed. And it's full of water. Hurrah!! But ..... last Wednesday I was helping hubby get the pool ready for the liner (we had to glue the foam to the block walls, put new gaskets in, etc) and I got too hot. That's happened twice before but the last time was in 1995 because I've learned to watch for it - however Wednesday I let it go too far and ended up with heat exhaustion again and in the ER again having an IV with fluids. If you've never had heat exhaustion believe me you don't want it! It's the sickest I've ever felt. Even worse than chemo!! Yuck!! But after getting the fluids and resting for a couple of days I'm back to normal (whatever that is), just very leary of even going outside for any length of time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Good morning, everyone. It's a typical June morning here in sunny central Florida....hot and getting hotter by the hour. Funny that this is the first day of summer. It feels like it's been summer here for months already. A guy just poked his head in my office to notify us that he will be painting the outside of the building today. Leave it to our landlady to pick the hottest day of the year to have work done. My allergies are going nuts already this morning and I'm sure not looking forward to smelling paint all day.

KW Judy...I am so envious of your recipe organization. I like the idea of the stick page albums. I think I'll have to pick a few of those up and get started. I may already have one of those type books, I know they're not good for photos but they would be perfect for recipes. I ahve tons of cookbooks and there are a lot of them that may only have one or two recipes that I use a lot. I think I'll photocopy the recipes I like, stick them in the album, and toss the book.

Annette...Glad to hear that you made it through yesterday. I'm saying a little prayer that everything will work out for your nephew. Also praying that he's not smoking.

Paulette...I came very close to suffering from heat exhaustion one time in my life and I vowed to never let that happen again. Like you said, it's a very scary experience. I hope you enjoy the pool!!!

Hope everyone has a great day. Althought it's only Tuesday, I'm already going to start the Friday countdown clock...lol. Oh...I have Thursday and Friday off so I only have to count until tomorrow.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees with light showers as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 94, with a chance of afternoon storms. We got very little rain at home; I hope it does rain this afternoon. But it would be nice to get home first.

Lillian, I think it's actually the riding that gives me energy. Plus, it makes me really sleep soundly at night. It's funny how many benefits the right kind of physical stress can have on us, while most of the effects of mental stress are bad for us.

Sara, glad you checked in. We always worry about any of us who are in the middle of chemo. I bought some ginger capsules when I was doing chemo, and they must have helped. I just never had any nausea at all. Rose discovered last night that her Pandora internet radio account could be played through the Roku box, and she was jamming to tunes from the TV when I went to bed last night.

Eric, my boat has two depth finders, fore and aft. KW Judy, yes, depth finder and fish finder are the same thing. They're often called depth sounders, too. They've become really nice. And even the inexpensive ones (like I have) show water temperature too, these days. One of mine is also a gps.

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Good afternoon now! Sheesh! I slept in until 11:45!!! What a sot! I must have needed it, because that is really a late sleep in for me or anyone for that matter!

It's humid, and mid 80's already. No complaints. When I read of the huge extremes of those in the South, I shall not complain again. Paulette, I so agree. I have only had one hospitalization for heat exhaustion and it was not fun! I'm glad you are doing better. Remember, you can't get heat exhaustion when you are floating in the pool! Enjoy.

Bud, Randy has one of those fancy depth/fish finders. They don't mean much to me, but this past winter, he was the center of attention on the ice because of this thing. Not sure if they showed fish in bikini's or not, but the guys were all gaga over it! LOL

Yeah Ann! So tomorrow is really Friday for you. Good for you.

Sara, good to see you here yesterday. You are doing the right thing by just letting your body tell you what you can and can not do right now. Rest, and go with the flow is best to allow your body to heal. Take care.

Annette, what a mess this kid is in. I just wonder if some tough love might be the best thing for him right now. I'm not there and don't know the whole situation, so I won't say anything else, but it has got to be so frustrating to deal with this.

Judy in KW, your recipe organization is amazing. When people ask for my recipes, I have to just fudge them, because it's all in my head. I add this or that, and when it looks right, and tastes right, it's done! A pinch of this and that just makes it perfect! LOL. Even if I'm trying something new, I'll pretty much look at a recipe to get an idea of what works, and then put it together myself. I'm doing that tonight. I have shredded cooked chicken, and a head of broccoli. There's some onion in the drawer, and carrots. I'm going to fashion up some kind of garlic cream sauce and call it good!

Well, got a late start to the day, better get going!

Judy in MI

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Ann - I am so so jealous of your count down clock. But that's okay cause Eric is almost here and that means - Annette and Keith will be on vacation - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday will be Friday - - Now that will certainly bring a smile to my face - and speaking of exercise - everyone can smile - just a little - we all know I need a vacation.

Ok - let's face it I will never make it on Master Chef - or Gordon Ramsey's other fine show that contains a curse word. But seriously sometimes with all this talk of exercise and eating right just makes me need a nap (well after the hamburger of course).

I think I will go on a short walk outside so it will feel like the air conditioning is working in my office - I chose the office in the very back - there is no circulation in here I may have to get me a little fan. Check back in later,


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Hello everyone. Busy Air this morning I see. I skipped my walk this morning and went to the farmer's market. There is a small one on Tuesdays about a mile from here. They didn't have much yet. It is still early here for a lot of things. I bought a basket of strawberries and 2 white nectarines. I also bought a pound of green beans. I have them on the stove right now. I have been craving fresh green beans. I just wish I could find Kentucky Wonders. No one seems to grow them anymore. A shame because they are the very best flavored beans.

Judy we actually have 4 farmer's markets in Redding and one in each of the small towns around us. On Saturdays we have a big market out by City Hall. On Sundays there is a small one by the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay and the one today is in the parking lot of a small strip mall. Thursday night in the summer is Market Fest. They close off a couple of streets in town and have live music, crafts and a farmers market. I have never been to that one but keep saying that I am going to. I really prefer to go out to the farm. It is only about 12 miles and a beautiful country drive. They have a large variety of fruits and vegetables and they are half the price of the farmers markets. Now that I have my car again I plan on going one day this week.

Bud I know what you mean about the exercise. When I walk regularly and feel a lot better. It just seems like something is always stopping me. Either foot leg or back problems. Now that it is hot out I will have to start walking in the mall and big stores. Not my favorite but I would be like Paulette, in the hospital with heat exhaustion. I have come close to that when I lived in Louisiana. I was young and didn't know any better. I would work in the yard or garden in the heat of the day with humidity in the 70 to 80% range and high temperatures. I wouldn't quit until I got so nauseated that I couldn't keep going.

Sara it is so good to know that you are feeling better. I hope you keep feeling better and better each day.

Annette I am glad that you are finally through that hearing. I know that you still have other issues to deal with but that seemed to be the biggest and most upsetting to you. I will keep praying that things continue to improve.

Judy MI I am glad that you are finally sleeping. Sleeping that late is a sure sign that you needed it.

Ann I hope that you have a nice long weekend. I know that you are looking forward to all of the activities. Try to stay cool. We are supposed to get up to 102 today. That is hot but I will take it next to your hot and humid any day!

Have a good day everyone/ I think I will sit and be lazy while my beans finish cooking. Bunco tonight.

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Annette, I'm so glad you got through your part of the session today. It's a bummer though that you're still hanging for the outcome. Hope you get an answer soon and can put August in the back of your mind and enjoy your vacation with Eric. Sound like he will keep you going!

Judy, I will tell you what I tell Stan. You may be a creative cook but those of us who use a recipe can make the same thing twice and it will taste exactly the same! I still tease him about the ingredients he bought and turned into a tomato soup we had in California. It was awesome; the second time not so much.

Paulette, so glad you got the pool together and better yet that it seem to be holding water lol. Bummer on the heat exhaustion. I've never had it and I used to work at in the Key West heat til I was dripping. I'd come in and cool down and go back out and do it all over again. Maybe some people are more prone to it than others. Do take care; I'm sure you will now that you've been reminded of what it's like.

Got to go. Dominick's here and Stan's got dinner going.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Mixed up day today,I was setting out for the gym this morning Jennifer called,could I bring her a hammer,for fixing picture hooks to the walls of Chris’s flat.Jennifer had bought me for my birthday a MP3 player,well my nephew Derek had downloaded some music into it,which when I played back later,the sound quality was poor.I had these tracks deleted and Brian downloaded another few albums into it,sound quality again was poor,well I transferred the music to my laptop,and the play back quality is perfect,so it confirms the MP3 is faulty,I asked Jennifer to return it to the shop,offering to pay the difference to upgrade to ipod.The shop may well refuse,since I have thrown away all the packaging and it is six weeks hence since was bought,who knows?.

I was invited into Roy Castles Glasgow office at 2pm today,basically to be introduced to Davids new team,it turned into a real brainstorming session,they started by asking me as a volunteer what I see as my role within the org,what developments I would like to see,goodness where do I start?there are so many difficiencies,the organisation has such a low profile,the Scottish office being very much subordinate to the English Counterpart based in Liverpool,it is a bit of a backwater in their regard,and yet the West of Scotland has the worst incidence rates of lung cancer in the UK.

Here is my list :-

1. Every hospital in Scotland has clinics on known days that issue Lung Cancer dxs,each person/familyshould be given a Roy Castle Information Pack,introducing them to and encouragement to engage with the local RC Lung Cancer support group for their centre,it is one of RC’s performance indicators that there will be a support group for each centre in Scotland.

2. The fact that for almost 80% dxd with Lung Cancer,are too late,the joint poster designed between MacMillan Cancer Support and Roy Castle,”Early Diagnosis-Saves Lives”, have not been properly circulated,to appropriate public places,ie Hospitals,GP surgeries,Health Centres,Colleges,Universities,Libraries etc,this circulation can be done with the personal touch of volunteers visiting these places rather than relying on mail shots,where display may be iffy.I know because I have done Airdrie and Coatbridge myself and they are still in prominent view in Pharmacies,Surgeries and Monklands hospital where I had placed them on notice boards myself.Most requests to display these are sympathetically listened to and agreed.

3. Trained volunteers to visit Secondary Schools targeting approx 14 year olds about the long term dangers of taking up smoking,not just the risk of lung cancer, but Cardio Vascular Disease and,COPD etc.

4. Fundraising,there is a lot of community goodwill in supporting charities including Lung Cancer,on one occassion last year the Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group helped shoppers to pack their groceries for 3 hours and we raised approx £500 ($750)imagine how much could be raised by if this was rolled out thoughout the year involving more volunteers and more supermarkets?.

5. Corporate Sponsorship,Approaches made to large firms for their employees to participate in a once a year Star Trekk charity walk.

6. The Buddie Telephone Support System,I am one of three people in the UK,trained in this area,how many phone calls have we received since it began one year ago? One,Why?.

7. Running a Lung Cancer Support Group,there is no devised model it seems,our group relied on a Lung Nurse ,Penny who was excellent in the role,seeking out appropriate guest speakers for each months meetings,also contolling the meetings and following a structured agenda,however,Penny is now on a years maternity leave,and her substitute is unable to maintain this quality of support,through lack of time and experience.I think it is time to install formally a chairperson and minutes secretary,with lung nurses in a supporting role.

I can appreciate,you finding my post today a bit strange,my apologies,but I really do want to advance the fight against Lung Cancer and gee up those people who are in a position to make this fight more effective.

You may have thoughts of your own which I would appreciate you sharing, that I will bring to the attention of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.org

Goodnight all, thanks if you managed to read through my rant.Promise I wont do this again,well at least not for a long time.Bye.

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I forgot to respond to your heat exhaustion post, Paulette. Glad you're ok now. I work in the heat, fish in the heat, and ride in the heat, so I tolerate the heat very well. But, I've noticed that the years where it turns hot very suddenly, I can have problems with the heat.

I think the most important thing is to become gradually acclimated to the heat before you spend too much time in it, or especially before you expend much energy in it.

But the burning question of the hour is: Did you spend more on the ER than you saved by doing the liner yourself? It reminds me of a couples bass tournament circuit state championship tournament that Rose and I fished one year. Rose was fishing with a Rattletrap when she set the hook on what she thought was a fish, and the lure came flying out of the water and hit her in the face, embedding two prongs of a treble hook deeply into her cheek.

It ended up being that year's reminder of how awful our health care system is. We spent the rest of the morning and all afternoon sitting in an ER. When the tournament weigh-in time came, I left and drove back to the lake to get the fish weighed in, then went back to the hospital. By that time, they had finally removed the hooks from Rose's face.

It turned out there were at least two nurses in the tournament who were well set up for removing hooks, if we had known that, and been willing to wait until weigh-in. Of course, it ended up taking so long at the ER that we waited until weigh-in time anyway.

Even with all the lost fishing time, we finished in the top 15 of the 180 couples in the tournament, and won a few hundred dollars. It took quite a while to sort out the ER charges, but near as I can tell, our tournament winnings pretty much exactly covered the ER bill.

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Bud - a great story, as always! I was just thinking about stuff like that this morning. Sometimes, just paying a little extra to get something completed is worth the dough. Well, that might not be the moral of your story, but it is close.

Hello all you airheads. Happy Solstice. The sun is out and I feel much better today than yesterday (anyone else react to Avastin infusion alone?)

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My problem is that I don't sweat very much so I tend to get very overheated. Now my hubby - the sweat just pours off him. And Bud - with our insurance we have a $75 copay for the ER and we were there about 4 hours total. Now we saved about $1200 doing the liner ourselves. So we're still ahead of the game BUT both of us have said - never again!!


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