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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Bruce, there will be a Sunday's Air today even if it is only me lol.

Stephanie, what a great dream! Picturing Eric in Mexico with his kilt and t-shirt. Bet he'd get a lot of looks there. I googled

Qi Gong
. Sounds like an interesting workshop.

Annette, glad you got away for a day, sorry you didn't win at the slots lol. Hope you came back feeling refreshed and family lets you keep that feeling for more than a milasecond.

Wendy and Dominick left yesterday. Missed them as soon as they were gone. It must exhaust me though. I went to bed at nine and got up at eight. That's way too much sleep even for me!

Stan made an appointment for a recall of his Excursion tomorrow so we'll take it today and use the key slot. I'd rather do that than have to get up and out very early tomrrow. We need to stop at the grocery store but I want to stop at the animal farm at the jail. Don't know if I can talk him into it on the way or not--he hates the heat.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Judy - animal farm at the jail - what is that.

One week to go - next Sunday - I don't know how I'm going to contain myself to wait for that train - I am truly just really excited. I just hope I don't bore the pants off Eric.... hmm..... maybe that's why he is wearing a kilt - how can we not cause excitement wherever we go. (Please note that I did not call it a skirt - my fingers really wanted to type it but I managed to overrule.)

I was happy to hear from KarenW this morning - I sent her a pm some time ago since we hadn't seen her. Now we know she is busy working and undergoing treatment. She went up on my admiration scale that's for sure.

I will admit to being a lazy bum this morning - afternoon - and now I have to get motivated. I am going to jump in the shower and take a run down to figure out exactly where the hotel Eric will be staying is - so I can check out restaurants that we might be able to have a relaxing early dinner so he doesn't fall out from jet lag. Then I have got to do some grocery shopping. If you really want to know I have been a bum pretty much all week and now I need to do some cleaning too. That just is not my thing.

I will check back in later.


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