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What cha doing for the 4th?

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Hi Annette,

Well I am visiting some friends that day,I have never been to a July the 4th celebration,might I guess we make up some placards with "Down with the British" written on them.We have Guy Faulks night on the 5th of November,he is placed on the top of a bonfire,so will a British Guy bonfire do?.So long as nobody wants to put me at the top of the bonfire,we are forgiven now, I wont have to stay in my hotel room for the day-right?.

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Hi Paulette,

I am sorry I would loved to have met up with you too,so many buddies I will miss,maybe some time we can all plan to have a Big Meet Up somewhere central in the USA that everyone can access,,just imagine the pure pleasure that would bring to everyone.Put me down for where ever I will be there-whenever.

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Eric, we've forgiven the Brits long ago. I mean.....afterall....we won right? :)

You will enjoy how we celebrate our Independence Day. It's beautiful and fun!

Can you say fireworks????? We live in an area of many lakes, and each of them have their own day to celebrate. There's nothing better than sitting on a boat, watching fireworks burst over your head. That is what we'll be doing.

I wanted to walk in the big parade in Grand Rapids, for Gilda's Club, but Randy discouraged me. He doesn't think my feet can take it. Poo! If not for his embarrassment, I'd just get a wheelchair and go anyway!

So Happy Fourth Of July!!!!!

Judy in MI

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