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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Thought I’d get a post in early,just gone 8.30am now,skies completely overcast,but dry.Beautiful sunny day yesterday,I would usually take advantage of such a day,sitting out in my back yard,cool drink in one hand and a good book in the other,however over to Jennifer’s to help her move back over to Chris’s flat in Springburn,right where I was brought up,such happy days.Well it only took two trips in my car,I let Jennifer drive,she gave up her car a while back when she was unemployed,also living in Glasgow,the public transport is so good,she really wasn’t using her car.I had added Jennifer to my insurance for a year (they don’t do 7 weeks).Jennifer is going to look after Sally in my absence,getting her groceries etc,making sure she is OK.Well Sally is insisting she has turned a corner and promises never to have a drink again(sober now for two days and feeling great)well fingers crossed,never say die.

Following Jennifers flitting as we call it in Scotland,we did a bit more shopping,Costco and Tesco,thanks Bud,I now have 3 plugs I can use for my all my electrical gear in the US.Well getting more excited as the days close in on Saturday,such a beautiful day, better cut the grass and do the borders and planters,no rest for the wicked.Just sat down following dinner,Bill on the phone,can I petition Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish Parliament before I leave for the USA.Long story cut short,multi-national firm want to build a huge incinerator close to Airdrie,we all get to-gether,sending a petition og objection to the local council,North Lanarkshire council uphold our objection and refuse to give planning permission.This company hawk their scheme around other sites around Central Scotland,Bill discovers Alex Salmond overrules our council and gives the company permission,the council has hired a QC to challenge this decision,in Scotlands Highest Court,the case will be heard when I am in America.This company have just recently been fined for polluting a Scottish river with industrial waste-rumour has it just prior to the recent Scottish elections this company made a significant donation to Alex Salmonds Nationalist Party (they did win an overall majority in Parliament).Ooops sorry that may have a really boring tale to relate to you,sometimes just cannot help myself LOL.

Anyway what have you all been getting up to?

Bud,I did go onto the site you provided the link for- feet,forks,fingers,sleep,stress and love,common sense really,I agree with the list entirely ,I have always found when reading a recipe for something in a magazine they mention the use of ingredients I have never heard of or so exotic you would have the greatest difficulty in finding them in the shops.Well again, I have never heard of white tea,modified citrus pectin or avemar,frustrating isn’t it?

Hi Annette,not long to go now,is it,I am getting the wee butterflies just thinking about it all,so looking forward to meeting you and Keith not forgetting Randy,and meeting your daughter on Tuesday,you did send me a brochure on Williamburg,it really looks an exciting place to visit,cannot wait,better google it,so I can get up to speed with your daughter LOL.Sorry to hear about your AA,Jama (what is an AA by the way?)please pass on my best wishes to her.

Hi Lillian,Well I arrive in the USA on Saturday at Philladelphia Airport in the afternoon,stay overnight,first thing Sunday morning 8.35am train to Richmond arriving there at 1.00pm.Meeting Annette, Keith and Randy,the start of I know a wonderful seven weeks in your country.Imagine,I will be posting in pics not from Scotland but from all over America,I am sure there will be so many interesting subjects to point my camera towards,I cannot wait.Just wish I could be clicking on all the buddies here,sorry I am going to miss so many of you,no names no pack drill,you know who you are,imagine writing naming everyone and accidentally through dymensia,leaving someone out?

Got to go,its way past my Gym and swim time,sorry all you working buddies out there,but this is hard work also,you know,I will drop by later,bye.

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Morning All! It's my first chemo at the Lower Keys Hospital this morning and I'm a little anxious. I had to make two calls to the separate chemo office. My dear Tonya there got them to confirm on Friday that I was scheduled for Wed. Yesterday, still no call with an appointment time so I called Tonya again. When were they going to call and tell me it's 9:15 am this morning. Not feeling really fuzzy about them. Oddly, after I insisted I didn't need him to go with me, Stan's going saying he wants to see what this outfit is all about.

Eric, I do better with days of the week than dates so I'll try to remember you are leaving on Saturday. I'd forgotten how long, 7 wks, awesome. We don't need a list but try and let us know where you are heading/stopping along the way. You never know where I'm going to be.

Ann, I saw your Tues post. Wow, those are long conferences. I remember getting up early and making 8 to 5 with dinners with the group afterwards. By the time we got done, it was to bed and do it again. Very tiring. Hope that 8:30 wasn't sitting in a conference room!

Got to go start getting it together for chemo. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Judy - I hope all goes well today - I will be thinking about you.

Eric - I know I find all of your stories fascinating - surprising the governmental red tape seems similar to that here in the States - hope you can help. Going to the gym, sigh, if I had known how much you were going to 'get in shape' I might have done some exercising of my own to keep up with you. (Let me think, no probably not - it will be better this way - you are on vacation you need to slow down and smell the car exhaust like everyone here.)

Also have my fingers crossed that Sally is on the up and up - wouldn't it be wonderful if she turned it around with Jennifer as her watcher.

Definitely not as funny as Ann - don't you just love her jokes!

Another day back to the grindstone - (AA = Administrative Assistant) sorry forgot the question Eric. I need to get busy - and I am absolutely beat - had another little incident with the wayward at 2 a.m. this morning so I had to drive my mom to the police station at 3 a.m. to pick his little hinney up.

Work Annette work,

Check back in later.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 82 degrees as I rode to work this morning. You know when it's 82 degrees here at 4:45 am, it's going to be hot. They're calling for 103 this afternoon.

I had a flat on the way to work, the first flat I've had in a while, and the first flat I've had on the front of my commuter bike in over two years. I hit a rock just wrong on Crowley Road just north of Risinger Road, and that can cause a pinch flat on a bicycle tire.

Rose pointed out to me last night that there's getting to be quite a collection of spider webs from the bottom of my truck to the driveway......LOL. It's actually only been a week since I drove the truck.

Annette, ah, Administrative Assistant. I was starting to think that you shared an office with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Eric, I consume all kinds of healthy things I hadn't heard of just a few years ago, including cacao powder, agave nectar, stevia, rice bran oil, beet root extract, curcumin, fish oil, and lots of other things. But I'm still surprised at how often one of those articles mentions something I haven't run across before.

Ann, I hope your week settles down. It's hump day, so we'll be halfway through the week today.

MI Judy, set your alarm clock for 3:55 am and you'll be getting up when I do.

KW Judy, good luck with your chemo today. Have a great day, all!

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Hi All,

Bud, when you are getting up? That's when I'm going to sleep! Well, not quite that bad. But I've been staying up late these days, and forcing myself to get up early is a good thing. It will make me sleepy and go to sleep earlier too!

Well, finally!!!!! We had really bad storms last Wednesday, and the cell phone tower by us got hit by lightning. I FINALLY got cell service back yesterday at 5:00. That is a long time to go without a phone.

It's 67 now and going to creep to the mid 70's today Bud. I purposely refuse to complain about the winters and cold here because I put up with that to enjoy weather like this in the summer. Talked to my B-I-L in San Antonio, and he said it's just miserable. He said everyone is staying inside because it's incredibly hot and very humid. For the holiday weekend, it's going to get to the mid-80's. Perfect!

Today I'm going to contact the Lowell Wellness Center, and infuse myself on them. I've emailed them twice, offering my time as a volunteer and no response! I ran into a woman that works with them, and she was shocked no one called me. She said I must have been "Lost" in the busyness. She promises someone will contact me. If not, I'll be there contacting them. I really want to work with them since they are in partnership with the Gilda's Club in Lowell.

Eric, it's good to see that you have political crap there too. I hope you guys win against the big company. I hope and pray that Sally is serious about her sobriety now. She's the only one that can do this, and I just hope she does.

I can't wait to hear about your adventures here!

Judy, hoping the chemo is gentle on you and that all goes well.

Annette, you could compete with Ann on the funny scale when things are going well. Both of you have amazing senses of humor. Mine would be quite taxed by having to get up 2 AM to get Mom and go to the police station!

"it will be better this way - you are on vacation you need to slow down and smell the car exhaust like everyone here.)"

And you say you are not funny! That was funny! LOL

Well, good to see everyone! Have a good rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Judy - your BIL lives in San Antonio - you should ask him if he has ever been to New Braunfels which is about 30ish miles away - that is where I grew up. (I was born in El Paso at an Army Base.) My best friend from third grade still lives in between San Antonio and New Braunfels. Maybe I should call her tonight...couple of weeks ago we talked for four hours and I can feel my ear now so we must be due a call.

Consider this - I stayed up a little late last night and took my Ambian after 11 p.m. - so I did not want to wake up when mom called. Got back home and back to sleep around 4 and reset the alarm for 7 - and here I am suffering at work. Probably should not have driven - but I wouldn't want my mom driving at that hour of the morning either.

Bud - love Rose's sense of humor. Those miles this month are piling up. With you doing all that and Eric spending 4 hours at the gym we should all feel pretty health about now.

Judy (KW) - I totally missed part of your post - I am so sorry about your family - I think we are all due for some good news!

Check back later, Annette

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