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Morning All! Just one day away from TGIF. I know it seems forever for you working joes/janes but I don't know where this week has gone!

Speaking of gone, Stan is on his way to work and will be gone for longer than I've wanted to count yet. At least three weeks, I'm sure. I had a steroid night--trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Can't believe I finally got out of bed at 5:44 after being awake for an hour or more so I got to talk to him early in his drive.

My chemo went well. The hospital isn't set up with a chemo room and chairs yet so I had a private room with a bed. Nice. They even brought me a hot meal and it was VERY good. A few bumps but we were able to iron them out quickly so next time will be even better. Good move for me this was.

Judy, that is a long time without a phone. I'd being going out in the car alot lol. Your summer weather does sound perfect. We have that for a little while here too. Used to have it more until the past couple of winters when it's been chilly too often. Good luck with your new volunteer interest.

Annette, I'm sorry to hear about the late night episode. This will not look good when Marco goes to court in August will it? In any event, it sounds like he wants to be reigned in and I suspect that is going to happen. In the meantime, you get to look forward to vacation and Eric! Whoopeee!

Rose pointed out to me last night that there's getting to be quite a collection of spider webs from the bottom of my truck to the driveway......

Bud, that is funny! Tells you she thinks you're doing great on your miles this summer. Sorry about the flat. Not fun anytime but especially when it's hot. Don't think they have AAA for bikes do they? lol

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy and everyone who will be here later. I am so glad to hear that your chemo went well. I am sure it will be a lot easier on you not having to go so far. Praying it stays easy and kicks that cancer in the butt.

I missed a few days here. No real excuse I guess. I usually try to get out early for my walk but with the rain we had day before yesterday I couldn't go. I went to the Senior Center with a couple neighbors and had lunch then went shopping. I didn't buy much just did some exchanges and did my walking in WalMart. The weather has been cool enough so far to go walk on the Sundial Bridge in the evening except when it rained of coarse. That probably won't last because by Monday our temperature is supposed to be 106. When it gets that hot it probably won't cool off enough to walk outside.

My daughter and granddaughter will be here in about a week and a half. I am so looking forward to their visit and showing them around so they can see why I love it so much here where I live. Neither of them have ever been here. My daughter was born in the Bay Area but we moved to Louisiana when she was 7 and she hasn't been back to California sense 1985. Here in Redding it is so different from the Bay Area it is like living in a different state. I know that they will fall in love with the area. I hope the weather is not too hot while they are here. I want to take them to a lot of special places and be able to enjoy them myself. This heat will be easy for them after being in the heat and humidity in Louisiana but I want to enjoy showing them around and going for walks and the heat can stop that so praying it will co opererate.

Annette so sorry that you have more problems with Marco but am hoping this will give him a real wake up call and set him on the right path for all of your sakes.

Eric the clock is winding down. Soon you will be here and I am sure make a real stir in your kilt and Lungevity t shirt. I know you will have a great visit. I envy you getting to see so many places and getting to meet many of our LCSC family.

Bud have a great day riding and stay safe.

I am sure I have forgotten someone but I see the sun trying to get high and I am off to the shower and I hope a good walk before the sun gets too high. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103. They're saying this will be the 3rd hottest June ever recorded here. I believe it; it's the hottest June I've seen.

Bud - love Rose's sense of humor.

Actually, Rose was serious about the spider webs. I had already seen them myself. I guess the little critters have been working overtime here. If you opened the garage door in the dark, the light from the garage made the spider webs under my truck almost glow. They looked eery. I did some major destruction on them yesterday evening though; I drove to Sam's ......LOL.

I want one of those old fashioned big-butt bikes with the big fat comfy seat and big handle bars and a basket on the front for my little dog....probably wouldn't get much exercise out of a bike like that huh?

Katie, the best bike is always the one that you actually ride, no matter what kind that may be. There have been a few club riders who've made snide remarks about my recumbents, too. But not one of them rides 7,500 miles a year on what they ride.

KW Judy, glad your chemo went well. Gotta love those steroids......NOT!

Back to work for me. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all!

Another beautiful day. Sun shining, got into the mid 50's last night and mid 80's today. Perfect! But it's Thursday, so I'll be spending the bulk of the day at Gilda's Club. But that's okay, the setting there is so pretty, it's a joy to be at indoors or out!

I'm waiting for the windshield replacement guy to get here. He's supposed to replace my windshield that got cracked by a rock. Hope I can drive it right away, as it's the only vehicle at home. It's going to annoy him, there is a high pitched squeal in the garage. Evidently one of the dogs broke the electric fence, and that is the sound it makes when it's broken. So they are locked in for the day until Randy gets home to fix the fence.

Judy, it sounds like the chemo went very well. Nice that they served you a hot meal too, nicer that it tasted good! I wish I could be there while Stan is away. I suppose it just had to be this way, but I'm sure he'd want to be there no matter what.

Bud, Rose was serious about the spider webs? Wow! That truck did stay in the same spot for a long time. You gasoline bill must be significantly lower than most of ours here. Yesterday I felt I got a deal when I got it for $3.41 a gallon. An hour later, I was driving through town, and it was up at $3.86!!!! Seriously!!!!!

Lily, hope your visit with your daughter and grand daughter is perfect. Where you live is so beautiful. I'm sure they will love seeing it. Praying it's not unbearably hot for you all.

Katie, nice to see you here! Me too with the nice big fat butt bike seat. Bud makes a good point! Any bike, riden, is better than none at all.

Annette, I'm concerned like Judy, as to what the effects of this late night excursion with Marco will mean for him in August. Hope all is well in your world!

Ann, loved the "funny" you posted. Seriously hilarious!

Judy in MI

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Not so good morning here, although the weather is absolutely gorgeous but warming up.

Judy (KW) I'm so glad the chemo went well and that you will not have that worry from now on. (Finally a little glimmer of good.)

Judy (MI) - AAA for bikes - LOL - Hi my name is Bud I'm addicted to beating my mileage record and providing a home for spiders under my truck.

So the kid story continues, when I got home last night I heard my mom screaming help - they were screaming - he was threatening to kill himself - called the police and they did nothing! Even though a judge issued a detention order yesterday ... it hadn't been entered into the system so they could do nothing unless my mom pressed charges - I saw no reason to pile any more stuff on the kid. I spoke to his Probation Officer yesterday and he will be held in detention until a court date OR an in-patient substance abuse program can be ordered. So - perhaps - finally - maybe he will get the help out-patient counseling and we were unable to provide. It's heartbreaking -

I just wish all the pieces of heart that have broken off were like pounds - I'd weigh a perfect ... well a lot less.

So maybe we are going to start planning to go to the 2012 Hope Summit - Katie's in Texas, it is central - I could make that an awesome vacation and go home a few days (San Antonio area).

Anybody got any decent hints for "focus factor" - I have a real lack of concentration ability today and I need to do a hot bunch of work - one more day til the long weekend - Eric should be packing....I drove home a different route yesterday trying to figure out what exit to tell Randy to take - should be so easy - I must be directionally challenged, I was so sure I knew which exit to take. I am thinking I will just have to give him the restaurant address and let his GPS do the work.

Judy - (MI) - maybe you could find where the fence is plugged in and pull it for the day. Or maybe the guy could back the car out - he may need air anyway for the "glue" that they might use.

I won't write anymore of my book here - but I'll check back on everyone later.


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Well the windshield guy is here so that is good. He pulled the car out of the garage. I don't know how to disconnect the fence, so he's putting up with the sound. Poor guy.

Annette, I think an in-patient substance abuse program is probably the best for him. Detention at least would keep him from hurting anyone, or himself, but won't be getting at the root of the problems. But obviously, he is not safe in a home environment right now. Ah....wish I could take some of this stress away.

You must be getting the butterflies in the belly thinking about Eric being here in a couple of days!!!!!

Judy in MI

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