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Friday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

All my bags are packed,I am ready to go-oh time just now is just dragging in.Busy about town yesterday,visit to the dentist,check up time,everything OK,just a wee polish up,dentist asked me about this years holiday plans,well I gave him the shortened version,you know he waived his fee and asked me to pass it on to LUNGevity,remind me KatieB I owe you a tenner.Missed posting in last night,Bill and his wife May dropped in to wish me a great holiday,they also wanted my online link to follow my journey,I really don’t know this yet,but I will send it to them when I do.

Just about to leave and pick Jennifer up in Glasgow,she is coming home with me and staying overnight.I mentioned to Irene I would get to the Airport one hour before take off-well it seems things have changed since I last flew,she suggested three hours was a better idea,what on earth?anyway, I find time passes quickly for me in Airports,so no big deal.I did try yesterday for ages to add music to my new iPod,well I put the cd into my laptop,and found I couldn’t even download it into my music file,never mind downloading it into my iPod, so Jennifer is going to do this for me today,well if she does just one cd I will do the rest myself.We have Guidi’s booked for seven to-night,thinking about a fillet steak,their food is just delicious.Roll on 12.40pm tomorrow.

Hi JudyKW,At last, chemo done,and smoothly too,I have lost the plot a wee bit,is it just one cycle you are having?.Hope feedback on results are brill.

Hi Lillian,I hope you have loads of fun when your daughter and granddaughter arrives next week.Good on you having in mind places to show around about you,I am sure they will have a great time with you.

Hi KatieB,love the bike,though i cannot really imagine Bud on one of these,can you,racking my brains over Peewee Herman,I think i know him?is he the one with the funny accent?.

Sorry guys,got to rush its one thirty got to get Jennifer at two,will try and drop by tonight.Bye.

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Morning All! Eric, your excitement is infectious. Bet you are coming unglued by now. Hope you get your ipod loaded. I love mine, especially on long travel routes with nothing to see.

All the bike talk. I've been pondering mine. Not so fancy as that Katie. Here we call a regular bike with regular seats and fat wheels a conch cruiser. I have one and used to ride regularly. Got away from it and it went to seed. Had Stan revive it to the tune of about $100+ bucks, new tires and brakes. At the time I tried riding again (doing chemo), they were digging up the roads all over our park. Also, we hadn't been able to find and replace the long armed mirrors I had on each handlebar. Consequently, feeling unsteading to begin with, I only rode a couple of times. Feeling better again and having spotted another bike shop in town, I'm going searching for those mirrors again. Feel much safer not turning around to look for oncoming traffic.

Well my hair is beginning to fall out. Timing sucks. I bought a set of clippers before the second infusion when it's expected with taxotere. This was number 4. Of course now Stan is gone and I'll probably have to go to the barber shop and have it shaved when it goes for good. It's gradual this time so don't know when that will be. Don't mind the hair so much as when the eylashes and eyebrows go. Don't even recognize myself then and it makes you look sick. Oh well, feeling good again is worth it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Just not getting on the air after about a week, so have lots of catching up to do, that can be a goal for this weekend. Hope everyone has fund plans for the weekend. We actually have very little planned, which I am looking forward to. Have had some type of friends or family here for over a week, helping with laundry, cooking, all of those wonderful things are that mean so much.

It will be kind of nice to have my house back to what we are used to, even if it gets dirty and there isn't any food prepared, right! Hope all if well if everyone, I am finally starting to feel a little more straightened out with the radiation and steroids, not asleep ALL the time anymore. Thanks for all the support, sure what a knock in the block. Expecting word on Tuesday (of course after the long weekend) for the results from my PET/CT from yesterday. If I don't make it back on, everyone have a happy and safe 4 th of July as we celebrate our freedom. God Bless.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 102. Checking the 10 day forecast, it just calls for more of the same, no rain and all 10 days 102 degrees or higher.

I ended up with a good bike mileage month in June, just over 850 miles. I think I'm going to do a 100 mile ride on Sunday, nothing like a 100 mile ride on a 100 degree day to celebrate a good scan.

I'm thinking I'll do some fishing, too. The wind has finally settled down, it looks like. Some would say that light winds when it's 100 degrees outside isn't a good thing, but at least it will let me fish, even if I do end up coming home before noon to escape the heat.

Kw Judy, have you considered a Take-A-Look mirror? It attaches either to eyeglasses or helmet and works great for riding. I like mine much better than anything attached to the handlebar.


Sara, glad you checked in. Here's hoping the scan looks good.

Eric, here is Pee-Wee Herman's official website. Have a great day, all!

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Thanks Bud, I never saw anything like it but am sure it's on the internet. I have to admit, I don't wear a helmet and know I should. Going to be bald again soon so will really need it lol. Maybe the mirror will be my incentive. Is is heavy though?

Sara, good to see you. I know the company and help is great but also know how good it is to get back to normal. Sorry you have to wait so long for scans. Here I'm known as one of the worst waiters but I'll wait with you.

Judy in KW

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Is is heavy though?

The Take-A-Look mirror, like all eyeglass/helmet mirrors, is very small and weighs next to nothing. When a mirror is that close to your face, it doesn't have to be very big to give a great view of behind you. Mirrors are more important on a recumbent than an upright bike, since you can't turn your head and look behind you, so I've always used one.

I've tried several different ones, but like the Take-A-Look best. It holds its adjustment and gives a great view.

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Eric - Bon voyage!

Here's a link to the page Katie has set up for you.


Judy in KW - good to hear you feeling better, and you could follow a young NHL patient's idea and rock some Lady Gaga wigs. Link to her blog post: http://tamthatcancer.tumblr.com/

Bud - I'd probably swat at that mirror like some bug. Or go cross eyed?

Sara - wishing you a lovely weekend - do what you need to relax!

Okay - no big plans, starting hearing some big booms last night. Guessing this will be a loud weekend. Sun is actually out, with a prediction of reaching 70 degrees. It's just so difficult to stay cool on these hot summer days. I think we'll bbq some lamb burgers tonight, salmon chowder planned for Sunday. M has tamed the yard and started more vegetable beds - seeds in for beans, beets, and carrots, along with the tomato plants, and lots of herbs, a little arugula and kale. Eating strawberries, but again, no figs or blueberries. I think the squirrels are hungry.

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Stephanie - I just had to say that if you wanted you could come to Virginia and experience our "hot" days - nice today but upper 90's for Eric's visit (I hope we can all stand the heat for the tour of Colonial Williamsburg with my daughter on Tuesday.)

Eric - steak tonight - and I was thinking we could go to dinner at this new steak place Wednesday evening - it's bike night. I've never been but it is always jam packed - called.... Steak and Lube - I love that name!

I was thinking maybe Eric would be better off not learning about PeeWee Herman - well the later years anyway. LOL

There is actually a guy (only one) that I see from time to time during rush hour traffic riding a "Bud" bike. He has one of those helmet mirrors. Even if I wanted to there is not much of a place to ride here in Richmond. One of the ladies here at work is getting a treadmill this weekend (not my idea of a celebration of independence - I'm thinking more along the lines of Strawberry Daiquiris by the pool). Gotta get my relaxing in as I have some entertaining to do next week. (Only 2 days until he gets here - at just about this time too if anyone is counting.)

Sara - we will look for your good news on Tuesday - I hope we don't get cramps in things that are crossed for your luck before then. (Hope you knew I had a strange sense of humor - sometimes.)

I saw a link to "Eric's" page (not that I can log into facebook at work) but could not for the life of me fine the "like" button - maybe I will try again tonight. Actually we are going to close early (3 p.m.) so my Friday got happier.

I know I will be popping back in later and this weekend - but in case you are doing something new (like Bud fishing) - and don't get a chance to check in - have a safe and happy weekend.


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Hi Everyone!

Well it's 72 here. Just got a deluge of rain, but it's supposed to heat back up to 83. More rain tomorrow, but sunshine Sunday and Monday with highs around 80. No complaints here! It's perfect.

Just got home from having lunch with one of my Gilda girlfriends. She's moving to North Caroline. Boo! I really enjoy our four hour lunches!

In a half hour I'm heading out to a theater in Grand Rapids. My little 9 year old niece is the star in a children's play! It's a play with all girls, and she is Jackie (as in Jack) in the Bean Stalk. Should be a hoot! She was super excited to hear Aunt Judy was coming.

Sara, praying for good news Tuesday. In the meantime, just enjoy each day and all of your loved ones on this holiday weekend.

Steph, your gardens sound so good! I wish I had a green thumb, but just was not blessed with that. However, we have a little farmer who sells fresh produce out of his garage, and we love supporting him. I see him out every day working the fields, and love that what we buy is keeping his family well.

Judy, you must be feeliing better if you are contemplating getting on the bike again! That's so nice to hear. As for hair? In my opinion it's highly over-rated! To be honest, when mine began to fall out, I just grabbed the clippers and shaved my head completely. I just didn't want the patchy look.

As for eyebrows? I found this eyebrow wax called Aura. I could only find it at a nice salon. But I loved it because it looked like I had real eyebrows. She sold me a tiny angled brush called an Angle brush and you dip it into the wax, and draw whispy feathers where the brows used to be.

And for eyelashes? I talked to a beauty consultant, because if there is one thing I'm vain about it's my eyes. I didn't want to look sickly. She taught me to apply eye shadow to my eye lids. I used a ultra fine eye liner brush. I would dip the brush in a bit of water, and then brush it across the eye shadow, and then delicately apply the color to the very edges of my eyes.

It made me look less "alien"-ish. I know you know what I mean. The American Cancer Society has classes called Look Good, Feel Better. I don't know if they are in your area, but they hold classes specifically for us to teach us make up tips to make us "look good and feel better".

Well, I have to go. My little actress niece is expecting me. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. I'll be popping in through out the weekend too!

Judy in MI

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Happy Friday afternoon, everyone.

I can feel all of the excitement in "The Air" and I know it's all about Eric's upcoming trip across the pond. What fun...for all of us!!! I can't wait for videos!!!

Hope everyone else is glad to see Friday here. Although it seems a three day weekend always flies by, I'm still thrilled it's Friday and I can't wait for 5:00 to get her so I can fly out this door.

I know everyone has been saying prayers and doing rain dances for me and I'm happy to say that it's really been working. We've had rain every day this week!!! It's all dark and the thunder is rumbling right now, so I think there's more rain on the way. Although we do need the rain, I hope we have nice weather on Monday for the 4th of July parade.

If anyone gets a chance, please go to this link and vote for my Tanner dog for the Cutest Pet.

http://easttennesseebloodhoundrescue.ch ... to-contest

Please go to this site and vote for my dog, Tanner, for the Cutest Critter !!!

Have a great weekend and a happy 4th of July!!!


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