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Very early Monday Air


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Well, I'll start on Monday since it's 12:30AM here. Randy thanks for posting the great picture of Eric. How fun! Can't wait to hear more of the reunion of sorts.

Well, today was our celebration of Independence day. We went to church, ran some errands and then headed to the home of a friend of ours that lives on a recreational lake for an afternoon of barbecue, boating, and fireworks.

All was going well until after dark. They lit the torches that discourage mosquitos, but make my lungs burn. Then everyone sprayed bug dope all over themselves, to go out on the lake for the fireworks. As soon as they started the spraying, I headed to the edge of the water to get away from the chemical smells. On top of that they had a big fire pit burning, and a smoker going with meat on the barbe.


We got to the spot for the fireworks in a boat, and the show was fabulous. But we were right under the show, which while fabulous, also showered us with the ash from the fireworks. Another assault on my lungs. Darn it.

We got back to the gathering, and my husband wanted to fire up the barbecue again to cook up some chicken wings and 3 flavors of them. I went up to him quietly and said that my lungs were roached, and to speed it up because I really needed to get away from the bug repellent torches, the bug spray, the fireworks ash, and the fire pit. Of course, he had a few pints in him so he just told me to stay away from anything firey, and I'd be okay. Easy for him to say right?

We got home at 11:45PM, and I was coughing so hard. I hit my fast acting inhaler at the party, but it was not doing the job. I hit the Advair when I got home, but still did not do the job. I was coughing so hard that I "got sick". I won't go into graphic details on this, but those of us with lung issues know what happens when you cough so hard that "other things" happen.

I'm just angry. I don't know what else to say. I try to be a good sport, but when my lungs burn and I know what is ahead, I want him to respect me and understand that it's time to go.

Okay, I've vented enough for one post. I'm just frustrated. I would like to think that my spouse would be the one protecting me. It's just not the case. I don't know what else to say.

So, I'm going to read one of my books, and try to ignore the burning in my lungs and try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day. It won't include fireworks or fires or insect repellants, that I know for sure.

I'm sorry for being such a downer. It just was a rough few hours, and I needed to write it out so I can go to sleep I hope.

Judy in MI

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write away dear ! sorry bout the bad time and do hope you feel better!

as for this wonderful meeting with Eric it was so much fun. Went for Mexican and had a blast talking about everything. nothing in particular but everything in General! sadly I had to leave to endure a 4 hour trip home to see my pup but Annette and Keith are spending oh better part of the week with him before he continues on to Washington State for his lecture on Lung cancer!

He has one of the best outlooks on life and is just such a fun person!!

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I'm so sorry your 4th celebration turned sour. Sometimes those closest to us are the ones who hurt us the most. Often without even realizing it. It's simply called being taken for granted. I sometimes feel that I got mad at Bill for his "complaining" and if I could go back and change things I'd do it in a minute.

I hope today brings you a better lung day. Happy 4th......you're a valiant soldier in my eyes.

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First of all Judy I really sympathize with you. I know how rough it is to have a problem and the one you are close to just brushes it off.

Like Laurie I have my regrets about being impatient with Johnny but for the most part I understood how hard some things were for him. He had a hard time with smells and one cough would send him into an anxiety attack. There were times it was hard for me to be as patient as I should and like Laurie said I would take those times back in a heartbeat if I could.

I hope your day goes better today. This is supposed to be a time of celebration, not a time for things that make you sick or stressed.

Randy I do envy you. Eric sounds like an exceptional person and I would love to be able to meet him. As he says maybe next time. I am sorry that you couldn't spend more time with them. I know that you work a lot and that was the kind of break you needed. Still can't leave the pouch alone for too long.

I was out walking early to beat the heat but really didn't beat it by much. That sun is really high and merciless by 7am. Still I had a good walk going up the hill and back 3 times. Rapid heartbeat and sweat should be a good workout I hope. It is too hot in the evenings right now to go out to the bridge. Temperature last night at 9pm was in the high 90s. I thought about going alone this morning but they are getting set up for the fireworks display that is done from there tonight. I don't want to get into that traffic and mess. I will just have to settle for what I did and walking part way up tonight so I can get a good view of the fireworks.

I hope that you are all having a great relaxing and fun day. Judy I hope your lungs have settled down now and the rest of the day goes well.

Happy 4th to everyone. We have a lot of problems in this country but it is still a great country and a wonderful place to live. I celebrate our Independence as well as our right to complain about the things we don't like. There are many who don't have that right. So Happy Birthday and God Bless America :!:

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Judy - sure hope you're feeling better by now. I have been there and I sure do understand how you feel. I've finally come to the conclusion that people with two good lungs just don't understand what it is REALLY like for the rest of us. One weekend my husband decided to clean the ovens (I have two) - thought he was doing me a favor, but I wound up having to go stay at a friend's house for two days because of the fumes throughout the house. I could tell he just didn't understand and his feelings were hurt because he didn't think I was appreciative enough! He also doesn't understand that once the damage is done - it takes time for my lungs to recover and it isn't just a matter of going to another room for an hour or so. We are going camping next week and while I'm trying hard to be a good sport, I am already worried about the campfires and several in the group who smoke. So part of me is mad at them for not understanding and the other part is frustrated because I would like to be like them and not have this problem at all!

Randy - sounds like you had a great time and it would be so much fun to meet Eric. He has such a great upbeat personality. Wish he were coming to Oregon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th.

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Judy (MI) I just wanted to be there with you - and take you away with me. I am so very blessed with Keith I wish everyone had one. I went outside while he showered and thought I wish you were here - I would take care of you - that's how much you mean to me - take comfort - and if I could be there I would give you the best hug in the world.

I know I have been on a little holiday and not reading the airs or posts as I usually do - but I am so tired - there are not enough hours in the day to show Eric everything. We met Randy and he rode with us to pick up Eric. I can't tell you how great it was to meet him. An unexpected pleasure and I wish we could have spent more time with just him. We (Randy, Me and Keith) were so excited to see Eric as he got off the train. I have pictures too - I will post them this weekend. Then we went and sat at Plaza Azteca and had a good talk - not nearly long enough with Randy. Today we went to "Hollywood Cemetery" - two presidents (James Monroe and John Tyler) and many civil war confederate soldiers are resting there. Again I have pictures and I will try and post them this weekend. Tonight we went to an outside mall and then to a great Italian restaurant and a friend of mine joined us. It was good food and fabulous company. Tomorrow we head to Colonial Williamsburg and my daughter is going to meet us and be our tour guide. (She knows everything about Virginia history - and as her mother, of course, I taught here everything I know - just not about history. LOL).

I will try and catch up on everyone and share pictures later.

Oh, one other thing - I did read that I would say that Judy (KW) doesn't look like the Judy in the hat - but I think her personality and charm make that absolutely her. I was immediately comfortable meeting her - and I honestly thought the hat was perfect!


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I just wanted to thank everyone who posted their support. It was very comforting. Diane, I do understand what you said too. I too, try to be a good sport. But sometimes???? My husband disappoints me so much because he just wants me to "tough up" and deal with it. He just does not understand. I woke up yesterday morning with lungs burning, and coughing for two hours following the July 3rd celebration.

I did tell my husband that the responses I got were from 3 caregivers and how you guys responded. I don't know if he got it or not.

Judy in MI

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