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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 104.

MI Judy, how did it go with the neuroligist? Does he have a plan yet? I think it would take more than an ipad to make me listen to another timeshare sales pitch.....LOL.

Nothing from Annette here yesterday, I guess I need to make time to visit facebook this evening (can't do it at work) and check for Annette and Eric photos and postings.

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Hi everyone. Sorry I have been absent. Having a super time in Richmond with Annette and Keith. Problems getting on line now solved. Will get back to you tonight. Have fun (I am).

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By the time we get home we are so very tired - I will post pictures this weekend and write the details up. We had a great day yesterday. Eric, Keith and Christine (my daughter) walked a couple of miles around Colonial Williamsburg (I was with them and I feel like I walked closer to a million miles.) Today - well I had to take a detour and go to court with the kid (yep - and they are keeping him). Now I am home waiting with my friend for Keith and Eric so we can go off for another day of fun. I know I have been bad about posting - but hey I'm on vacation and I have the best company ever. I will tell everyone the whole story - maybe after a good nap Thursday as Eric makes his way north to Washington D.C.

Stay cool - Check in later, Annette

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Hi! Nice to see brief posts from Annette and Eric. I know you guys will fill us in later. We'd rather know you are out having so much fun than sitting here and writing to us.

This is funny. I have an iPhone, and it has a weather app on it. Each day I get up and check it and see what's ahead for today. Today I check it and almost fall off my chair for it said it was 84 when I woke up and getting to 101!!!!! Then I saw that my dear husband put San Antonio TX on my phone! Ha!

Well, Bud, the doctor appointment, well.....it is what it is. We've all certainly had to learn to be patient with this disease. I told him that the medication is working great for the systemic spasms, but my ribs still hurt and spasm. He thinks it's nerve damage. He wants to try Neulasta for it, but won't until I go through more experiments with the dilantin and baclofen.

So, sigh, he wants me to decrease the dilantin by 100 mg a month, and try to find out what the lowest dose is that I can handle without spasms. After that, he wants me to decrease the baclofen by 10 mg a month, until I find what the lowest dose is that I can handle without any spasms. This process could take up to 8 MONTHS. Once we know the baseline for those two medications, he will begin me on Neulasta, for the nerve damage to my ribs.

Complaining won't do any good. I know that. Being patient with all of this is beyond what words can describe. It's been a four year process now of seeing every kind of doctor that exists, to finally being sent to U of M to this specialist's specialist. And now.....more experiments.

By the time they figure out what is working, so I can be active again, I will be an old woman, not able to be active again! Kind of just kidding about that. It's just ben a very long process and while I'm so grateful to not be writhing around in constant pain, I dread this "process" which will put me back there until we figure it all out.

Annette, I hope you are having a blast. Let the authorities take over for the kid for a while. You need and deserve a break!

Hi Eric!

My day is ubber exciting, cleaning day!

Bud, I know the time share sell is a long one, but this place is gorgeous, and I really would like them to give me a tour. We will play good cop/bad cop with them. I'll be super excited and want to buy and Randy will refuse and make me fake mad. It's kind of fun to mess with them. LOL

Judy in MI where it will be 82 today! (sorry)

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Afternoon All I'm late getting on because I had to harvest on FV this moring. Then Stan and I did an early grocery shopping. A big one too--and the store receipt? OM, we shouldn't go shopping together lol.

I was a little cranky while we were out. Tried hard not to be. I'm better now, realized I hadn't taken my pills this morning including bp med. He's still a little cranky, says he's hurting. I heard him in the garage before we went out and went to see what the moaning was about. He was trying to get up from a low sit--been there done that, poor thing. He doesn't know he's 70 and still changes the oil and does all the maintenance on the RV. That's what he's up to now.

Bud, I'm with you on the time-share thing. I believe we did it once years ago. Judy you and hubby sound like you make it fun. I guess I just have some residual Catholic guilt thing accepting something for nothing under false pretenses.

Sorry about the length of this new process Judy. Buit you are tough. I can't imagine being as active as you are with so many physical issues. I wouldn't want to be running or walking behind you on any given day.

Stephanie, where is Eric heading from Seattle. I think I've told you before that I was in Seattle once and loved it. Only had a day to play and would love to come again and meet you and Dr West. Sigh. I'm waiting for an extended period of feeling pretty good or even a remission before I venture to fly again.

Eric and Annette, so glad you are having fun. We'll look forward to hearing all about it. Sorry about Marco Annette but it was only a matter of time.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey Judy KW, I was brought up Catholic, but no guilt here. We've gone through these things before and wound up getting flim flammed with a time share in Hawaii. We figured out the "system" and it just was not good for us. But they never told us about the down side of it. It took us ten years to sell that thing.

So, if they want to give us a notebook for an hour and a half of our time? Why not? We know that their sales people are extremely good, and can easily convince someone to buy. If they are willing to take a chance, so be it.

If I come back on Monday's Air saying we bought a time share, you all need to give me a big old kick in the head! LOL!

Judy in MI

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So good to see that you are having such a good time Annette and Eric. I am wondering about the Seattle trip. That is cross country. After DC are you coming to the West Coast then going off to somewhere else? I am sure you will love Washington. I lived there for 10 months and fell in love with the area. I never got up to Seattle, I lived in Centralia. Of coarse I was with Johnny for 5 months of that time so those memories will always be special.

Weather here is pretty hot during the day and evenings. I do my walking early in the mornings. Sometimes it is actually hotter first thing because the wind doesn't come up until around 8. The problem is the sun is up high by then and I can't do the sun. It makes me sick. Way too hot still to walk in the evenings. It has been staying up in the high 90s until 9pm. Should cool down for a few days. I want to go back to the bridge to walk and I want to take my daughter and granddaughter out there when they get here. Will keep on the very busy paths. A guard there was on a pave path and got bit by a rattlesnake the night of the 4th at 7:30. That is about the time we usually go! I am pretty sure it was on one of the lesser used paths, at least I hope it was. I will not see anything when I go because I will be too busy watching where my feet are :!:

Judy I hope the get your problem with the spasms taken care of. I have muscle spasms in my sides. I have had them for years and they are sure no fun. Sometimes I go weeks without one and others I get several a day. I have to watch how I move. Sometimes just stretching in bed will bring one on or twisting to put the seat belt on. That is one of the hardest pains to put up with. I sure hope they get yours under control soon.

KW Judy where is your picture? I miss seeing your smiling face. I know what you mean about shopping with your husband. Two people always spend more money than one. I have been shopping more while getting ready for my daughter's visit. I think I have everything then remember something that I forgot. I did buy a few new clothes too. I seldom shop for clothes but decided I need a few things for going around here and when we go down to the Bay Area.

Well my book is calling my name so I guess I will get off of here and read for a while. No rush to go outside. I have been waiting until about 730 to go out. By then there is a lot of shade and a breeze so a few my neighbors go out and so do I. It is always nice to visit. Not much worth watching on tv this time of year.

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