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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 104. No daily high temperature prediction on the 10 day forecast is less than 102. This has turned into one seriously hot summer.

KW Judy, I was raised a Catholic too, but I'm not sure how much it affects what I do these days. I guess each of us has to decide for ourselves what we are ok with doing and what we can't, though.

It reminds me of a decision I made last year. In another of my budget trimming efforts, preparing for retirement, I decided that from then on, I would just drink water when I ate at a restaurant. The $2 to $4 they charge for a drink that costs them 5 cents or less always seemed excessive to me anyway, so seemed a logical place to cut expenses.

Just about the time I did that, I was eating with riding friends just after a ride. It was a barbecue place where you go through a line cafeteria style. One of my friends, just ahead of me in line, grabbed a glass of plain ice, then explained as he paid for his food at the end of the line that he was just getting water in it. Then, after putting his food on our table, he walked back to the iced tea dispenser and filled his glass.

That would be one way to pay less for a restaurant drink, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to do that. I'll just drink water.

I forgot to mention that on Sunday, while we were swimming, Rose got to talking to a woman who it turned out had lost an eye two years ago. She popped out her plastic eye and handed it to Rose. After that, as they talked, I just could not keep a straight face, thinking about that joke that Ann posted last week.

After we got home and everyone had left, I got online and read that joke to Rose. She just howled. "You just happened to catch my eye." LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Bud, I'm a "former" also but it is interesting to see little things today that may be hangover influences. I drink water at restaurants most of the time for the same reason. Even coffee and ice tea cost a bunch. And I couldn't do the get ice for water then switch thing either.

OMG, Ann's joke was funny but do people really pop their eye out and show it to people. Don't think I'd handle that too well lol. Rose is a good sport!

My cleaning lady is here so Stan and I will be heading out to the coach soon. We hate being under foot.

Can't wait til I have to put make-up on again so I can take a pic of my new hair-do. Better do it quick before it falls out. I got tired of waiting and cut it (again, I'd already done some last week). I did the front and top and today Stan did the back. Think we did a pretty good job. Will make it my new avatar. Hey what about new do and no make-up. That will be real lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi everyone,

Hope you all have a nice, honest day today! LOL

I'm feeling slightly criminalish with the time share thing. LOL. Not. I agree with both of you about the iced tea thing. That's just not right.

Can't wait to see the new doo Judy! I'll bet you look adorable, as you always do. You remind me a lot of my Mom. Not that you are old enough to be because you are not! But you have a lot of similar features that she had. Cute, cute, cute.

Well my phione says it's sunny and cool. But the outside the window says very cloudy, and not so cool. I'll go with what the outside says.

Today is Gilda's, so soon I'm off to get ready, and stop at Bob Evans (as I do every week) for a light lunch, and then to the club until 9:00 tonight.

I wanted to find something new to give my time to, and I think I found it. It's the Lowell Community Wellness Center. Their goal is to inspire the community to live a healthier life. They have a Weight Loss contest every year. They do Zumba on the River. They sponsor lots of health conferences. And most importantly, they receive a good portion of money from the community to help those with cancer. It can be in the form of help for groceries, or a doctor bill, or other emergencies that come up as a family deals with the disease.

This Saturday they are having a Wellness Fair in the downtown area. There will be a blood drive, and booths like Gilda's Club, and other health organizations there. I'll be helping in their booth. Praying for it to NOT be hot and humid. I can't wait to get started!

So with that, I'm off! Have a fabulous day!

Judy in MI

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I don't think it is just a Catholic thing. Most people have some lines they won't cross but when it comes to sales pitches I think we earn the right to be rude sometimes. I know when they call on the phone trying to sell they are beyond rude sometimes and that gets my hackles up.

We did the time share thing at campgrounds. One time we got a gas grill that we never used and another a black and white tv that we did use in our first camper. Another time they kept dropping the price. Finally from over $2000 it went down to $400 so we bought into it. That was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Yearly dues always seemed to have extra charges for storm damage. We we divorced I left it along with much more to my husband. He used it a few times then Katrina came along. After it was up and running again it was used to keep the FEMA people and insurance adjusters. When Denis died they started sending me the bill. I gave it to my son and eventually he quit using it and quit paying. Nothing from them so far but not sure it ever got back up. Nearest campground we could use with it was several hundred miles a way. I learned a valuable lesson and understand why Judy would NOT feel guilty. Those places feel no remorse believe me.

I would never do the tea thing. I usually just pay for the drink or go to Chinese and get the hot tea in the price of the meal. I love hot tea. My grandson has another solution. He and his wife go out and when they ask about drinks they request water with lemon. They take both lemons and squeeze them into the water and add sugar and share a cool lemonade! Most of the time they bring the water with lemon without asking so really not doing anything dishonest.

Well off to my sewing group. Didn't walk this morning. For some reason I just didn't want to. Being lazy I guess or maybe it was because it was humid. Not used to that anymore.

Four more days until my daughter and granddaughter are here. I will be on pins and needles now until they get here.

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