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Morning All! We've been having stormy weather for a couple of days and--YEAH--some heavy rains. It's hot and muggy and overcast so far today but here the sun can pop out anytime.

Stan looked at his calendar yesterday and realized he has to leave again on Sunday. Neither of us were thinking it was that soon. He's made lasagna and the most awesome New England clam chowder since he's been home so I think I'll diet while he's gone this time lol.

We may go out to dinner tonight at a little Italian place on the beach that features a well-known pianist and drummer. Haven't heard them play together but they are both terrific.

Stephanie, I'm in a baking mode since I made cupcakes and will attempt an apple-something today. Found out with the cupcakes that my oven cooks way too hot (remember the burnt granola). I'm ready to try again now.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105.

I haven't made any specific plans for the weekend yet. There will probably be some bike riding and fishing involved, though. Who knows, maybe I'll go ride with the Fort Worth mayor on her Tour de Fort Worth.

I'm hoping to try out the new umbrella setup I'm adding to my boat, too. I'm not fishing under the shade of any bridges this summer, and fishing 100 degree afternoons with no shade isn't really all that much fun, so we'll see how the shade umbrella setup works.

MI Judy, the Lowell Community Wellness Center certainly sounds like a worthy organization. I hope you enjoy volunteering with them.

KW Judy, in my 60 years on this earth I had never seen anyone pop out an eye. That's why it was so funny to see a woman hand Rose a plastic eye the same week that Ann posted that joke.

Lillian, your experience with a timeshare sounds typical. It's funny how things that sound like a good idea to buy at the time turn out to be something almost never used. Most boats fall into that same category. That's not the case with mine though; it gets lots of hours on the water.......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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It is hot and muggy here - supposed to get lots of rain later - hope it stays down here and doesn't go north to Washington DC so Eric has a good day out and about. I did not even turn the computer on yesterday - trying to catch up on my laziness and taking this vacation thing seriously. Woke up this morning with a horrible backache but Advil appears to be helping. (I'm thinking it was all the exercise. I really only whined a little while we were out and about, but don't ask Keith and Eric they might say I did a lot of whining about walking a million miles.) Eric said his new sneakers made him feel like he was walking on air - my old sneakers felt like I was walking on nails). But the smile on Eric's face made it all so very worth it. I probably should have gotten a recorder so I could listen to some of his stories over and over. I could have listened to him talk for many many more days - such a gorgeous accent - absolutely brill. (LOL hope I'm using that word right.)

I posted a few pictures on facebook so if you check it out you will see me, Keith, Eric and my friend Lisa out and about. I will try and post a more detailed description of everything we did - later. Now I'm off to play a game and relax a little more.

I hope everyone is feeling good this week - I'm sure not wanting to go back to work on Monday!


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Hi All,

The Air has been slow this week! Where is everybody?????

Annette, I immediately went to FB to see your pictures. I loved them. Posted comments when appropriate. Will enjoy your comments when you have time to put them in. My imagination told the stories to me today and I won't share that. LOL.

Lily, I know what you mean. I absolutely know the time share pressure they will exert. They start out at the retail price, and then the but if you buy today you get XXX% off, and as you resist, they offer more and more off until it seems like such a great deal you can't turn it down. That's when they get you with the fees etc. That is why I feel absolutely no guilt over putting up with that to get my Google notebook. And in addition, since we're at this gorgeous place, Randy will take me to lunch on the patio and that will be very nice. So they will get some business from us after all.

Annette, I like your style of vacation, taking it seriously easy! Yes. Me too. My feet would have felt like yours too. LOL. Rest up. Reality will rear it's head soon enough.

Bud, I have to see a picture of your shade umbrella set up. Have Rose take a picture with you in the boat please! It's brilliant! I'm thinking fishing in the shade is a much nicer idea than the Tour de Fort Worth. That just sounds hot and like work.

Well, the forecast for Saturday is 88 and hot and muggy. And I volunteered to work in a booth for the Wellness Center?

This should be interesting.

Well, hope you all have a great rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Just had to post this. Only in Grand Rapids, MI. We are the 2nd largest city in Michigan, but not considered a "big" city. With surrounding areas, we have a population of a million, but that includes the suburbs.

So yesterday for the first time in the history of our city, a crazed man shot and killed 7 people, went on a police chase rampage, crossed the highways, going the wrong way, causing accidents, shot two people right outside the police department in the downtown. He drove around the neighborhoods to find the 7 that he killed, who were all friends, his wife and child. Tragic. They shut down the highways because of all the accidents which were all "crime scenes" and had to each be investigated. It was a big deal.

Today's headline? Two horses got loose from their horse trailer at a horse show being held at the arena. They were trotting downtown, and had to be corralled by the police and returned to their respective trailers.

Only in our Big, Little town. Irony.

Judy in MI

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Okay, so I went shopping to cook dinner tonight. Two different recipes in mind. First store, missing a key ingredient for either, but bought the rest. Second store, missing key ingredient for one recipe (and knew it would not have the needs for the other.) Came home, unpacked, and made myself a g&t with lots of fresh lime. We'll just have to eat out tonight.

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