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Morning All! Here I go again, I was certain I had posted yesterday. Was surprised when I read the thread this morning and found out I had not.

Eric, I check for news of you everyday on FB. Annette did some terrific pictures of your adventures. Look forward to hearing about DC.

Judy, I wouldn't put too much stock in the change in the spasms being due to the reduction in medicine alone. Manning a booth, walking the whole fair, going to a party and dancing later. Sounds like an awful lot of activity combined with the reduction. I think if you are going to get a fair assessment, it's going to require a moderation of activity. Just my opinion.

Had Stan wake me to have tea before he left this morning. That was a 5 am wake-up. I had breakfast at 7 and have been trying to get myself in the orchid room for a couple of hours. The timer came on and it watered/fertilized so I'm waiting til it stops dripping. We were slugs yesterday. Just laid around Annette, watching stupid TV with Stan knowing he'll be gone more than two weeks. Oh well, I could have gone with him but that would mean a 45-min drive from where we stay to a chemo in Corning NY again. I had to do the drive myself last year and hated it--up and down narrow mountain roads.

Have a great day everyone. Will try to remember to check in again later and make sure I was here LOL.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy!

I don't blame you about the 45 minute drive in mountain roads. Sounds good to just lay around being slugs watching stupid TV if you ask me!

I think you are right. I need to take the spasms into perspective. I did have a really big day yesterday, so I can't really say one way or another. Today was busy too!

We went to the resort for the sales pitch for the time share. I truly was interested in hearing their spiel because we ate at the restaurant last week and it was so lovely. Well here's what we got. The resort they were pitching was not the pretty one we went to, but the sister one next door, which is not at all as nice.

We were honest with them about our past experience and how it has soured us on time shares. I hoped to hear them dispel our negative situation and tell us how much better they have made the process, but that was not to be.

We did listen to their spiel, and then asked honest questions. I went into the "points book" and asked about how it worked, the fees, etc., and it's still a scam kind of deal. We spent an hour and a half there to learn about it, and we are not interested.

So we get our "certificate" for the notebook, and get home to check it out. Scam again. You have to send them a certified check for $15.00, certified mail, and they will send you an application in the mail. You have to fill that out and mail it in, and they will then email you with the "shipping & handling charges". Once you again, send them a certified check for the shipping and handling, then they will ship you the notebook.

SCAM! The sales guy at the time share said to be sure to "call him" if they tried to charge us $100 for shipping and handling. He said he'd take care of it.

This sounds like a hell of a lot of B.S. to get something that is worth about $200.00.

Lesson learned. The first time we did the time share thing, we got a free helicopter ride over Hawaii, and we did buy a time share which was a rip off.

2nd time, we didn't buy but did get ripped off again.

Never again.


Well, I'm going to lay low for the rest of the day and R E L A X. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Judy in MI

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Sorry Guys,I have just lost my post in for the second time,seems being here for only a few minutes,and my post vanishes and I am left staring at the index page,I also have problems logging in,my status is only recognised after several re-attempts,also having problems with my curser,keeps freezing and I have to force shutdown then reboot back up,grrr.Off to New York tomorrow morning,booked a hotel for four nights,seven nights would have been better,but even the cheapest ones would have been over $1000 incl taxes.I will fill you in on the WashingtonDC leg tomorrow if this blooming netbook will oblige

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