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Tuesday's Air.


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Morning All! Still in my chair. Read the paper, had a few cups of tea, played in Farmville. It's Tuesday but half way thru Monday was certain it was Tuesday. With Stan gone, seems like I lost my anchor lol.

I upgraded my IE to 9 and Yahoo has taken over my internet. Can't find my stuff and am really aggravated.

Found some bogus purchases on my CC yesterday. Had to spend hours on the phone getting it straightened out. Turns out they are "subscriptions," one for Sears Roebuck telephone to the tune of $135.00 a month! Got the two charges off my current bill but have not been able to reach anyone at either of the two number my CC company gave me to cancel the subscription. One more try to the CC company today but won't they be unable to charge it next month since that card has been cancelled?

I know Bud talked about fishing not being great yesterday. Bud, is that typical summer or is fishing in general changing. I know it's not like it used to be here. Much of the problem has been fishing during spawning season. We were guilty in the beginning but needed to be educated. Not enough people even care.

Lily, hope you have a great time with family. Maybe I'll catch you on FB or you'll bring us up to date here later.

Annette, hope you get caught up on that pile of work. I know it must be hard coming off the excitement of vaca with Eric. Good excitement and bad excitement is stressful and fatiguing. That's why sometimes we have to get back to work to rest up after vacation lol.

Wow, I just lost this whole thing and did a Control X and got it back. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but I'm not pushing my luck. If I forgot anyone, sorry but have a good day all.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning Everyone,

Still having fun chasing not lizards but my cursor,must get to a pet shop and buy a mouse,also need to find a laundrette,the dirties are beginning to pile up.

I visited Times Square last night,it was very impressive,too easy to get lost though,I just cannot figure out the street ID system,always as last resort,hire a taxi,mind you,walking is quicker.I also rode the subway,I got a return ticket to Times square,couldnt use it on the return leg,since I had forgotten the name of my original station,drat.I wandered the streets of broadway,I want a ticket for the Jersey Boys,Wicked,and War horse,well found the venue for the Jersey Boys in 52nd Street,but no show on Mondays?tickets priced around $120,well knock me down with a feather,the most expensive show I have been to was Chicago in London,I am sure not more than $45.I have heard of bucket shops that do ticket deals for unsold tickets same night,think I will try that out.

Well returned to my hotel area early evening,looking for somewhere to eat,found a nice local bar,and ordered,steak strips and salad,what a pile of food,goodness gracious,and me still on my diet,I stayed the whole night there,chatting to a New York young couple,we really enjoyed each others company.Oh I got to watch a bit of baseball on TV,not that I understand in the slightest about its rules etc,but this one was different,8 guys have just got to hit home runs,10 misses and you are out,good fun,would have loved to have had a wee shot myself.Think the British open starts shortly,maybe already has?need to find somewhere I can watch this-really amazing your soccer girls have beaten Brazil in the quarter finals of the womens World Cup.

Well just received a phone call from Jessica,she works in the New York office for LUNGevity,she inroduced herself yesterday on my cell phone offering me a ticket to see the David Letterman show on Wednesday Evening,she has also arranged me to go with one of her friends,since she is off to Philladelphia tomorrow.Jessica has now offered to meet with me today for lunch,arent I the lucky one?.Well better get on,getting a wee bit peckish,now where can I find a nice place,oh my hotel dosnt do breakfast,dont think this is a hotel, actually I think its a gulag,dont tell them I told you.I will drop by tonight,have a good day everyone.Bye

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Judy - I noticed a later Air posted by Eric - so if you are around do you know how to combine them?

My mom was telling me the same thing. She is so upset that yahoo has taken over and I didn't understand. Maybe I will try and see if I can get it off hers and let you know. Of course, her computer might just be revolting because of all the...pet names she uses for it. LOL I don't think she is ever alone anymore because she just talks and talks to that computer. Now me, it's a good thing there is not a window in my office or there may have been two or three million computers on the ground outside!

I have to jump on a conference call so i will check back in later.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105. I notice there are 15 states that have cities with highs forecast higher than 105 today.

Annette, I did the merge. I average doing about one merge a week.....LOL.

My plans yesterday took an unexpected turn. When Rose was leaving for work, she pushed the button to close the garage door and the door folded up like a cheap tent.

With a bass boat and collection of bicycles in the garage, she didn't want to leave with the door open, so I rode home, got the door closed, then drove back to work. So now I'm garage door shopping. I can't find one to install myself that isn't $200 higher than what several companies will sell me one installed for. What's up with that?

KW Judy, crappie fishing is usally very good in the summer, with stable and predictable patterns for catching the fish. Benbrook is just a tough old lake. But it's closer to home than anything else, so I fish it sometimes.

I have to use IE on this work computer, but there's no way I'd ever use it at home. I browse with Firefox.

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Hello all, busy day here!

Judy, at the top right of your browser is a tab that says tools, with a drop down box. Drop down to toolbars, and you will see Yahoo checked. Uncheck it and it will go away. They have a sneaky way of asking you to make them a part of your tool bar and all of a sudden you have all kinds of complicated stuff up there. My husband is famous for doing this to mine, and I just uncheck them all because all I want is IE plain.

Firefox is another good free browser.

Wow Bud. That's crazy about the garage door! But, if you can get one cheaper that is installed, that sounds like a bonus to me!

Annette, same with Mom's computer.

Eric, you will find in America the street ID system varies depending on where you go. In my city, it's easy because the city is divided by grids of NW, NE, SW, and SE. The dividing line is consistent, so it's pretty easy to get around. Other cities, not so much. Especially the really big cities like New York or Chicago, or LA. You are pretty brave just getting on the subway like that! Just always write down your origination point!

Have any of you seen the commercial that just came out, I think, for Taco Bell? They show the foreigners slapping this giant burrito, laughing at how huge American portions are. Eric writing about his dinner last night made me think of that. Our portions are gigantic. I never finish even half of a meal out, and the waiter gets all concerned that I didn't like it. I assure them that it was fabulous, but that I'm not a big eater.

Eric, I love that you found a couple to befriend. Baseball here is a passion. I did watch the end of the quarter final of the World Cup and it was awesome, wasn't it? Those women are so amazingly athletic!

And yes, the British Open is this week! I can't wait! It's my favorite golf tournament. And your scottish lad will be in it for the first time. Rory? I can't remember his name. So many amazingly good young athletes in golf these days, and most of them are not Americans. That's fine with me, I just admire their talent and skill.

Had to look up Gulag. Ew....must be a not nice place you are staying in. New York is extremely expensive. If you tried to find a cheap hotel, you are probably staying in a Gulag. LOL! Oops sorry. Does not sound nice.

Hope you have great fun today. I totally enjoyed reading about all of your adventures, and can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing. Made my day.

To finish up, I am calling the neurologist today. The spasms are back. My leg muscles are twitching, back spasming, feet spasming, and can feel a lot of my muscles beginning to fire up. On to the next adventure in the mysterious world of Judy in Michigan's body. LOL

Judy in MI

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Judy (MI) - I hope you get rid of those spasms - I remember when you were first having them and was so glad when they found something to help - there has to be something. And thanks for the toolbar tip - I will go over tonight if I get this letter I'm writing for an appeal to the School Board done. I am hoping inspiration strikes and I can reward myself on the way home with a trip to the nail salon - almost 3 weeks still holding up but I need them trimmed my typing is slipping.

Eric - I wish we had hunted for the hotel in New York - I cannot imagine staying where you have to share the facilities! If you were here I would gladly offer my washer and dryer! Although no one drives into New York it might have been cheaper to find a hotel outside of the city and taken a train in. I've never stayed there just been a couple of times on "day" trips - or driven through on my way to Connecticut. I hope you have a wonderful day and that the ticket house gets you a good price. I've heard of those too and know people that have gotten pretty good deals. Keith and I saw Beauty and the Beast here in Richmond and tickets were $65 can't imagine paying two times that - but the shows are special so it may be worth it. Please give me a call if you need anything we will do out best to help you out.

Back to work for me - check back later.


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Good whatever it is (afternoon, I guess).

Eric, I do hope that you look for better housing today. I really don't like your description of the gulag. I think everything in NYC is expensive - food, hotels, theater. To get around NYC more comfortably, buy a street map. Parts of the city are easy to understand, tho. The "avenues" run E to W, starting with 1st Ave. You can kind of estimate where something might be on an avenue by how large the Ave. number is. The streets run N-S, with lower numbers closer to the bottom of the Island. There are also some named streets south of the numbered ones.

I hope you enjoy your theater experience. Yes, I think the price is too high for tickets, too.

Annette, I've forgotten what happens next with the kid. I hope he isn't sent back to live with you or your mom.

MI Judy, hope your spasms get better. There must be something to help you. I suppose that's what you are thinking, too. BTW, did you get my response to your pm ?

Bud, I don't understand why an installed garage door is less expensive than one you install. We're thinking about replacing our door also, and that news is frightening.

KW Judy, I hope you get your CC problems straightened out. How do you think that happened? What did the CC company say?

Hope everyone has a good day.


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I'm back. Judy I meant to address the CC issue. If you cancelled the card, they can't charge it again. You don't even have to cancel the subscriptions if you never signed up for them. If the card is inactive, they won't charge you again. However, I'd be very concerned about identity theft and how they got the card # in the first place.

Muriel, I didn't get your response until today! I was so glad when I saw you mention it here in the Air. I went and read it and appreciate your feedback. I will PM you back to address a couple of things. Thanks so much!

I agree with Muriel too for Eric and his accomodations. It feels to me like Eric is in a dangerous place without much security, especially if he is sharing rest room facilities. I'd feel much better if he found new accomodations in a "real" hotel.

Judy in MI

Judy in MI

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I think I've used this each time I've seen a show in NYC - maybe not the show I planned to see, but always enjoyable. Similar to the place in London.

http://www.nytix.com/Broadway/DiscountB ... kets/TKTS/

I stayed in a place with the restroom down the hall in Florence (yes, Italy) and while it wasn't luxurious, it worked and the price was right. Not ideal these days. (It was only in 2004.) Gotta do what you goota do. Stay safe!

All of you in 100 degrees - stay hydrated!!!

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Good evening everyone! Well everything went well with my mom's visitation and service. The hardest part was telling our kids that Momo was gone, but they are doing ok. My dad is doing ok. I think he was ready for some time by himself... My brother is headed toward the east coast. He was living in CA before he came in last week and is moving to NC now... That just how he does stuff...

Well we have had a great time since we got home. We had a water leak out front, the tire on the car was flat and the router is down... Welcome Home!

I have to say that I have found a wonderful group of friends the last couple of years. My Eastern Star sisters really stepped up to help me out last week. My first meeting as Worthy Matron was last week and we had a major event that I was suppose to be Master of Ceremonies at Saturday. I had one of my ladies drive in from NM to put together centerpieces for the banquet and get them to the the others that were working on the weekend. I had one couple drive the four hours down there to my mom's visitation just so they could be there for us. Then the lady we were having the banquet for on Sat came to the graveside service on Monday. That is a wonderful group of people and I don't know what I would do without them.

I'm going to try and get on here a little more and get to know people. I know we have a long road ahead, and will never get over loosing Mom, but having such a great family and friend support system around.


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