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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! I just lost a loooong post through a stupid move trying to check back on Tuesday's Air. This will be much shorter lol.

Got an invite to lunch today right here at Geiger Key Marina. Decided today will be ALL PLAY. Lunch out with a ladyfriend I've been wanting to get together with and a massage after that with Maggie! Oh Happy Day!

Judy, hope the neurologist comes up with a new plan for the spasms. Can't see you going thru that again. Oh, and the Yahoo Toolbar you directed me to (Annette you should know this before you check your Mom's) is not under toolbar but View. I knew it was there but there is no click for my old ATT toolbar. I can access it from an icon on the upper right corner so haven't bothered spending the time fooling with it yet.

Muriel, the CC company (USAirways MC) is still investigating it but can offer no explanation now as to how it happened. And Judy, they said they can absolutely charge it again to the new card number because it is a subscription. The CC company is still checking it out and we will have to keep disputing it until it's resolved. Bank Accts, SS checks and other CCs are not affected so think my identity is safe.

LaDonna, so glad to hear things went as well as could be expected for your Mom's services. Also, so glad you have the support system you describe. It sounds great. And if you stick around here awhile, we will certainly be the winners in that.

Bud, hope you get that garage door fixed at a price you can swallow whether you have to do it or not.

Eric, NYC can be challenging. The best trips I had were with a friend who knew her way around. I know the prices are outrageous but I'd give anything to see Jersey Boys. The shows (only 2 or 3) I've seen on Broadway were just magical.

Have a great day everyone. I know I will.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105. I notice that even Annette's neck of the woods has a 100+ degree forecast for today.

In doing my garage door research, it turns out that new home builders are routinely using a thin 27 gauge steel door with only a single spring for new houses, even on 16 foot wide doors like mine. This is what is on my house and what I'm finding the cheap advertised price for. If you want a door that will last for years and hold up to a garage door opener, this ain't it.......LOL.

KW Judy, I always open two tabs in my browser when I post, one for my post and the other to view yesterday's Air. That way, I can just tab back and forth and reply to different stuff without losing anything I've typed into my current post.

MI Judy, what did the neurologist say? I hope you can get the spasms back under control again soon.

Back to work for me. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone. I will open the air unless someone else gets here before I finish.

I am having a wonderful time with my daughter and granddaughter. The first night here we went to Red Lobster for dinner. We each had their$15 special. On top of that Lera wanted to try another appatizer so we were pretty full by the time our main coarse was served. We ended up bringing most of it home with a half dozen extra cheese biscuits. Myrtha hadn't been to Red Lobster but once and that was years ago and Lera had never been. We had a wonderful waitress. Lera was thinking about two different dishes and the waitress told her that she probably wouldn't like either of them. She finally ordered the coconut shrimp and loved them. We came home and sat outside and visited with my neighbors til nearly 9 pm.

Yesterday morning Myrtha and I went for a short walk. They just can't get over our weather. I would be a major change for them anytime but California really welcomed them with temperatures in the 80s and a great delta breeze.

We left here for a day of sight seeing. Our first stop was at the Sundial Bridge. If you are on facebook you have seen my pictures of that beautiful pedestrian bridge. We left there and drove out to another of our parks on the river. From there we headed up toward French Gulch where I used to live. On the way we stopped at the historic old town of Shasta. Many of the store fronts and some of the brick walls of the ruins have been preserved. That was the first town settled here when gold was discovered in this area. From there we drove on up to Whiskeytown Lake. We stopped on the way up at my place to fish. The lake is full and the color is such a beautiful blue and the green trees and mountains around make for some pretty pictures and Lera took a lot of pictures.

After we left there we went up to French Gulch and I showed them where I used to live and how the fire had devastated the area and still after nearly 8 years it has a long way for the forests to recover. I was disappointed that the old hotel was not open nor the bar. They are the only two businesses in French Gulch. They both are historical buildings and have many items from the gold rush era.

From there we stopped again at the lake. this time at the visitor center. They each bought a t shirt and got another view of the lake from the top of the grade. We were all hungry by then so we headed back to town and had lunch at In and Out Burger. There were so many people there but boy was it good. I hadn't been there but once or twice sense I moved here and neither of them had ever been. We left there and I took them to see another pretty area and then we passed by Big League Dreams, a baseball park with 3 stadiums that are replicas in a 1/10 size of major ball parks. I can't remember all of them. I just know one is Yankee Stadium and another is wriggly Field.

On our way out to the farm I had a chance to show them a view that takes my breath away each time I see it. From one spot you see the pastures and orchards with the hills behind them and in the distance the Sierra Nevada's with Mt. Lassen dominating. At the farm we bought some of the biggest juicy peaches you have ever seen. The old barn they sell out of is in the middle of a walnut orchard and neither of them have ever seen one. We came home a different way that is all country farms and orchards. We passed through the small town of Palo Cedro about 6 or 7 miles form here where Merle Haggard has his Ranch.

Once home we had a peach then settled down to rest but that was not for long. My daughter got a call from my granddaughter, my son's daughter. She wanted to be on speaker phone so she called Myrtha's Iphone. Her news was that she is going to make me great grandma again. This will be my youngest son's first grandchild. She also asked Lera to be Nanny, godmother. She was so happy that she was crying and we were all pretty excited.

We had our left overs from Red Lobster for dinner and while eating my neighbors called to see if we wanted to play Bunco. I had forgotten and was going to skip it. My girls played with us and we all had a great time. Unlike the night before I slept like someone who was drugged!

Bud I and all of you I wish I could share our weather with you but that is not possible so I will enjoy sharing with my girls. They will be going back to the heat and humidity far too soon.

Judy KW I hope that you get all the computer problems worked out. Like Annette there have been many of times I have threatened to throw mine out the window here next to me.

Eric I try to read of your adventures and wish you could have better experiences with lodging and travel. Maybe now that you have a friend from Lungevity to help it will make your last few days in New York more enjoyable.

Well I have written a book and I know forgotten many of you. We are off to the bay area tomorrow for 5 days. Will be checking in on facebook with my phone. Other than that will see you all back here in a few days. Have a great weekend everyone and Bud save some fish for someone else to catch!!!

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Is it only Wednesday - goodness I need a vacation!

It is hot hot hot and muggy - another high 90s day with a good chance of showers this afternoon. Which is just great because I have to drive all the way from my work to the School Board office (doesn't make much sense to me since the majority of the county is on this side of Richmond but it loops around and winds up in Egypt!) Then this evening it's a 30 minute drive to go see the kid in the detention facility. I don't know what to hope for Monday at court - I sure hope they are doing their jobs and finding an in house rehab facility. I really do not want him back - I have taken over my computer bench in the extra bedroom and I don't want to repack it - but family... can't with live them...

I goofed off all day yesterday writing a 6 page expulsion appeal letter based on the "facts" that I dispute. Hard to stand up for the kid when he has messed up several times since the incident - but I'm a sap for his good self - and he talks the talk - just wish when he was walking the walk it wasn't on a balance beam over shark infested waters. (Balance beam = teenager, shark infested waters = drug dealing brats! and grandma's that can't lock up the drug cabinet..sigh)

Sure do wish I fished or something similarly relaxing - none of that exercise stuff for me. I have been reading some really engrossing murder mystery thrillers lately. BC I read like crazy - now I am finally able to concentrate and enjoy books again. May be resignation to fighting a constant battle for the kid and needing to find an outlet - doesn't matter just love to read.

I hope Eric is still having a wonderful time -

Judy - have fun with your day out.

Judy - feel better - I wish I could take some of the spasms for you I can't imagine how frustrating it is to get no relief.

Lillian - hope your visit is going well with family - my daughter said my grandson was spelling his name last night and got distracted...M I C H I J K L.... (Michael) - They close on their first house next week - so very exciting for them.

Stephanie - time is counting down to your visit with Eric - he is absolutely wonderful great people and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Sara - hope all is well with you today - I can't help but smile when I see your avatar - such a gorgeous picture - you are in my thoughts.

I know I am missing some new folks - I have been remiss in catching all the posts. I didn't even turn my computer on last night and with the outing I probably won't have a chance tonight. This weekend is Keith's birthday - so I am trying to figure out what to do with him. I used to plan all this junk far in advance - now it's all I can do to prepare just days ahead.

I rambled - sorry - I will check back in later. (Stay cool everyone)


I know I am missing

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Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks for all your advice in understanding how to get about New York,the penny has dropped,twice yesterday I was able to map read from point A to point B successfully,particularly gratifying when I set out from SW to NE of New Yorks districts,I also walked from 52nd Steet in Broadway back to my hotel,mind you what I saved on taxi fares I lost to sore feet LOL.

I visited the Crysler Building,also thought yesterday I would visit the Empire State Building,its only a few blocks from my hotel,well unfortunately,I think half of New York decided to join me,finally got to the observation platform when my cell phone rang,it was Jessica wanting to meet me at a restaurant,phone link was poor,but I did hear her say,restaurants location details have been emailed to my netbook,so having spent only a few minutes taking some pics,it was back to my hotel,to get the details.Well we finally met up,shared a lovely lunch and conversation,this young girl was such a pleasure to share some time with,attactive,intelligent and a natural talent in fundraising,she is off today to Philladelphia to help organise another fundraiser for LUNGevity,we really are so lucky that LUNGevity has her on board.

I have another date today,just confirmed with Jessica's friend Kathleen to meet up in 53rd Steet/Broadway at 3.00pm to attend a recording of the David Letterman show,afterwards we are getting a wee tour "Backstage",who knows might even get an introduction to the man himself,would'nt that be something?.I bought a mouse for my netbook yesterday,couldnt wait to get back to the hotel to try it out,removing it from the packaging revealed a round plug with several pins inside,drat, my netbook,has a rectangular socket,so its going back to the shop today to see if I can get it replaced.

Bud,sorry to hear about your garage door,what a strange world,when self fitting a new door is more expensive than having it installed by a company?.

Well I will now re-attempt having a shower,it was occupied when I tried half an hour ago, thats Hotel Gulag for you,remind me to upgrade when booking my hotel in Boston on Friday.Bye for now,I hope to drop in to-night,have a really good day everyone,bye.

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I LOVE Ctl A, and Ctl C, for my post disappeared. But now it's back again!

What a disjointed Air today! One of you moderators need to combine the others out there. Poor Eric and Lily are hanging out there like a sheet on a clothesline! LOL.

Judy, it sounds like you have a fabulous day planned. I am loving seeing you feel better by the increase in activities. Go girl! My computer is brand new, so it probably acts differently than yours. hope you can get that figured out. That sucks about the CC. Wishing you the best in getting it all figured out.

Annette, I hope they find a place for him. Your analogy of the balance beam over shark infested waters was awesome. You have a way with words. Me too. We both read voraciously, that's why!

Sara, I've been praying for the chemo to be gentle on you sweetie. Hang in there.

Bud, that makes sense about the garage door. Did you find what you want?

LaDonna, it was good to hear from you. I echo Judy in that we'd love to hear more from you.

Lily, hope you are having a wonderful time with the daughter and granddaughter.

Well, I guess I'm off to read Eric and Lily's posts. LOL

Great day here. It's 70 and a nice gentle breeze. Like Bud, I could copy and paste here. Hot and muggy. Severe storms. Nice and cool and breezy. Over and over, all summer long. I'll take it. The storm did a bunch of damage though. A lot of folks without power, lots of trees down from straight line winds, etc.

Oh, and I held off on calling the neurologist. Thought I'd give it another couple of days. No spasms yesterday, so we'll see.

Judy in MI

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Eric, I hope someone moves this to Judy KW's entry.

But wanted to tell you to make sure you ask for a USB connector on the mouse. You got a Din connector which is for really old computers! Good luck.

Sounds like Lungevity is taking good care of you! And how awesome that you get to see the sights! Sounds like you have it all figured out!

Hint on the hotels. They are usually rated with stars. Four stars means very posh and nice, but expensive. One star is obviously a Gulag. I recommend 3 star or 4 star if you can afford it.

Have another great day!

Judy in MI

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Wow, three Airs today; I think that's a new record. I'm in mad man merge mode...

Those of us with Netflix got bad news today. Their best monthly plan, unlimited monthly streaming TV plus two DVD's per month for $9.99 has been scrapped. This happened, of course, less than a month after I signed up for it.

As of September 1st, it's $7.99 a month for streaming, $7.99 a month for DVD's, or $15.98 a month for both. We'll probably just do the streaming thing, and get a Redbox DVD now and then for a newer movie.

I've probably never mentioned this, but from the time I got a satellite dish in 1988 until I first got a DVR a couple of years ago, I never watched a single network series. Not one. I'd just had my fill of commercials, and decided to never watch them again (so when y'all talk about a commercial, I have no idea what you're talking about, because I haven't seen it.....LOL).

So Netflix streaming, with all its available TV series, works great for me, since I haven't seen any of them. But here's a quiz for you. With the incredible number of series available on Netflix, and after checking ratings and watching the pilot of a few, guess which one Rose and I got hooked on the most and have been watching (to the exclusion of everything else) ever since.

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I can't wait to hear what you are streaming Bud. I read that news about Netflix this morning. My DVR overflows so I was seriously considering ordering it...now I will have to think about it. My daughter loves it and has used both - wonder what they will do.

She has absolutely fallen in love with a BBC show - I think it is called Dr. Who. (Eric knew about it - has been around on and off since the 60's. Now my daughter is trying to get her hands on all the older episodes.)

I will guess...

The Amazing Race as your series - how long do we have to wait until you reveal?

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Bud, I've been gone most of the day and didn't know about the 3 openings. LOL Thanks for the merges. I haven't done it in awhile and hope I can still remember.

Judy, Ctrl A, C and V only work every time if you do it throughout your post. I'm lazy and only do it at the end. Bud, I have done what you do but then I forgot how. Tried to do it today and forgot to open a new tab. My brain is mush after three years of chemo. I'm just grateful that I can still do the paperwork for our business. Stan won't even turn the computer on and check an invoice. I could bop him sometimes when he interupts me to do it for him.

Eric, I'm so sorry about you sharing the shower. I remember Stan and I stayed at a motel in Key West when we arrived in the middle of the night in Feb 1965 and there was no room in the inns. We had to share a bathroom at the end of a hall and when I got there, the light didn't work. Oh, what a night. We only stayed one night.

Bud, I'm going to have to go back to Firefox. I was using it awhile back. Don't know why I switched again. I just remembered I tried it and Opera. I was able to get the windows side by side once upon a time, but with this new computer and IE, I have to alternate them from the IE icon at the bottom of the page. It won't let me do side-by-side. It's annoying. Maybe when I did do it, I was on Firefox?

Annette, reading is a great distraction. Glad you found

there you go, post disappeared but this time Ctrl Z brought it back--sometimes it works sometimes not

anyway, back to you Annette, glad you found a book to hold your interest. You need and deserve to chill. I'm sure you'll think of something to make Keith's BD special. As for Marco, what will be will be. I think it's out of your control now.

Judy in KW

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Well - it is my first day back at work today. Have to say I haven't gotten a whole lot done today. After everything that has happened and just being out for 2.5 weeks a lot of people have been coming by. Several were surprised I was already back, but I really couldn't miss much more work. We've had a lot of sickness this year with us and the kids as well, so I missed quite a bit the first part of the year as well...

I'm hanging in there pretty well. As long as I stay busy I'm pretty good. The hardest part is going to be on my drives home, because I used to call and talk to Mom once or twice a week the whole way home. She's always been my sounding board about everything... That was an adjustment that I have slowly made over the last couple of months though because she was getting to where she couldn't really concentrate to talk on the phone that long anyways...

At times, I feel bad because people can't believe how well I am doing and that makes me feel a little guilty. But we spent all week last week, and realistically the last 6 weeks, preparing for what was going to happen and went through a large part of the grieving process then. It still hits me at times, and I know that will continue to happen, but I'm tired of crying! Is that bad?

Bud - I just don't know how you ride your bike in the heat around here. The morning I can understand, but do you ride home in the evening too? I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym now that everything is calming down. I had been doing so well and was down just over 50 lbs until a few weeks ago... put a few back on with everything that is going on. Hopefully it won't take me long to turn it back around!

Judy - I recommend Google Chrome browser! I really like it, but there are a few things that don't work just right in it... It is much more light weight on your system though...

Hope y'all have a good day! I'm back to normal routine today. Going to line officers tonight for Easter Star. Can't wait to find out how the roundup went over the weekend.


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LaDonna, I understand your guilt at being tired of crying. I so remember those days with my Mom. I cried, and cried so much in the months, even years before she died. And then I didn't want to cry anymore. I cry tonight as I write about this, but I do understand.

I just want to give you a big giant HUG. I understand.

Judy in MI

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I know it's Thursday but I had to post to LaDonna - I remember when my grandmother died - 24 years ago now - every once in a while I still wish I could pick up the phone and call her. The memories are good ones now, mostly - but sometimes you just have to think of family. Especially family you made you who you are. I just think that you have to carry on the way that best fits you. The only thing that matters is that you realize you can go on simply because you are blessed with the good memories that count. Now you just have to take moments to think what would your mom say, how she would have smiled as you told her things or like me called to ask silly questions because we all know moms know everything. In fact, she knows how strong you are and you have nothing to feel guilty about.

I hope you fill your time with the busy and take the moments of "missing her" as memory moments.


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