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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! I know the weekend doesn't count for us folk that work at home whenever we want, but I need a break. I went to the healthfood store, the accountant's office (both involved dicey parking and/or street closings), the bank and the grocery store. By the time I got home and unloaded and put away groceries AND cooked for myself, I was aching all over and exhausted.

Bud, I got a good laugh at your bs comment. Was disappointed the health food store only had papaya and applejuice blend. Was able to get straight nectar in the grocery for goodness sake. Judy, don't know what your extreme in oral hygine involved beside brushing your teeth. My instructions says to avoid using mouth washes. I'm hoping the papaya and the bs and salt if necessary together with my regular brushing will do the trick. Don't know if any of it will ward off Thrust though.

Annette, hope you got Keith the perfect gift and had a good time last night for his birthday. Hope you didn't do the lizard thing again cause he really didn't seem to see the humor in it. Pissing himoff on his BDay doesn't sound like a good thing. A pool party tonight sounds excellent. Wish I could join you.

Eric, how I wish. Stan is working in PA and on his way to Indiana tomorrow. I'm here in KW and have not flown since 2007 when I caught pneumonia, probably on the plane. It's when they found my cancer and it's put a bad taste in my mouth about flying. Sooner or later....

Got to mention, the friend I went to lunch with brought me lane snapper. It's a common little fish here you can catch just drifting. I hadn't eaten it in ages. I cooked it last night and it was lucious--sweet and firm and tender. Good stuff. Know where Stan needs to take me when he gets home! It sounds like the kind of fishing I could handle now.

I probably forgot someone but need to go. It's time for a little breakfast.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just got my netbook all set up in my new hotel I booked at 3.00am this morning,well this time I have made a good job of it the room is beautiful as is the hotel,downtown Boston,across the street is a lovely park,and I am close to all Bostons ammenities?(sorry no dictionary to check spelling LOL).I will be going out to explore shortly,must find a laundrette,the hotel offers a cleaning service,boy think it would cost more to clean the clothes than to bin the lot and rebuy everything,eg $7.50 for one T-Shirt,socks $3.50,wonder if thats each?

I did get back to expedia,to inform them of my decision to move out of Best Western,when asked why,I told them I was misinformed about the hotels location,my expectations of any kind of a refund were extremely low,its just cutting my losses against over $200/day taxi rides.Well believe it or not,I asked them to check my recorded booking yesterday and you will hear me asking the location of the hotel and being told,in the City Centre,the rep said she would check to see if this conversation is still available and would get back to me,what do you know she phoned me back 30mins later and said,you are correct Mr Byrne you did ask and were told City Centre so we are reinstateing your money back into your account,hooray.

Well Judy,I suppose your fish was a baby mutton snapper?glad you enjoyed it,for dinner last night,something I didnt expect to find on an American menu,Haddock in breadcrumbs,a traditional Scottish dish,it is was delicious,washed down with a pint of UK Bass beer,I was a dog with two tails last night,and just to add to the pleasure,I asked the waitress if the TV channel could be changed over,from the baseball to the British Open,sure she said no problem.

Well talking of food,its just gone 9.30am and my tummy is beginning to rumble so I am off for a wander,to find somewhere to eat,and a laundrette.I will drop by later to see how you are all enjoying the weekend-Happy Birthday Keith,have a great one.Bye.

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I am up - earlier than I wanted to be. My daughter called to tell me they overslept and were just getting started. So I need a cup of coffee or maybe six or seven. Keith is getting ready to run out and try and find a board game for tonight. He wants to play Risk since we will have several adults here. I used to love that game when I was in the Navy - we played every night. Lisa is going to pick up a birthday cake. (You know Lisa Eric - always doing kind things).

Judy - I did not mean that Keith doesn't find the lizard stuff fun - he did - he just acted no amused to make me laugh harder. It's all in fun. I was sitting outside a while ago and he texted me and asked me what I was doing - I told him I was watching carma chameleons.... I almost ordered a TY Beanie baby from the jungle link you sent me - then I saw they had tigers and some time later I was ordering a stuffed tiger. I do like stuffed animals.

I guess I better get busy - need to move some of the breakables away from short peoples reach to get ready for the kids. I'm hoping that the twins (4 years old) get to come down and play too. They have some sidewalk chalk that everyone could use.

I'm off for now - I will try and get back to you later.


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Ah late morning for me. Can't believe I slept in this late! But it felt good, and it's hot and humid out so who cares?

Eric, so glad to hear it all worked out with your hotel! Boston is a lovely town, and I hope you get to see some of the amazing history surrounding it. I would love to sit and watch some of the British Open. Going to go see if it is on now. It is ridiculous what they charge for laundry in hotels, but it's all about convenience. I'd be looking for a laundromat too. That's what we call them here.

Sounds like a fun day Annette!

Judy, I can't remember what I did. My dentist gave me a prescription wash that I used from day one of chemo. He said it would help with delay the onset of thrush. It did. I still got it, but it was only for a brief amount of time. I feel for you, it's just nasty!

Well, I'm going to get going. It's about time! Its noon!

Judy in MI

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Eric - hooray! Sometimes those recorded calls come in handy. I'm so glad to hear. I posted on yesterday's air that I stayed at that hotel in 1983 and loved it.

What I did not post was that I wandered up to the desk in mid afternoon, no luggage in hand, and asked if they had a room for a couple of nights. I was just a punk in my twenties at the time. They booked me a room high up, overlooking The Commons, without a blink of the eye. I believe the Democrats were having a convention there at the time, so I was lucky there was a room available. I went back to my cousin's apartment far from the city and brought my luggage to the room and had a great visit. I had just met her the week before and it was a spur of the moment thing to go to Boston rather than back to NYC for the remainder of my trip. She offered a place to stay, but it turned out to be rather uncomfortable and far from the city center.

I've also done the rebook at 5 in the morning. Was working out of town for three weeks and the company booked me into a remote motel, dark, small, and dingy room - and I was sharing a car with another employee who had booked himself elsewhere as he already knew when he arrived that this was not reasonable (but didn't bother to leave a message for me! Days before cell phones.) I ended up walking distance to the main part of town, in a room with a sitting area and kitchen, plus breakfast and happy hour for just a little more than the bad motel. The company did not even question it.

So, another wet and cloudy day here. One of the biggest weekends for summer events and, well, welcome to the PNW. Maybe a movie this afternoon or tonight?

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Eric, am so glad how your room fiasco ended up. It's so nice to be surprised when we are certain we are going to be screwed. Stephanie, if I ever go to Boston again, I'm going alone and checking with you before I book a room. I picked the 5-day trip without thinking that Stan doesn't like cities. I booked a room in a convenient location but he bitched the whole time that the street noise bothered him. This from the guy who travelled all over in country and out. I still loved Boston but wasn't there long enough.

Annette, sounds like a second BDay celebration for Keith? Family, friends, food, board games and little ones--how can you go wrong. Have fun.

Judy, sounds like a good day to sleep in. Wish I could sleep in later than 7 am--rarely do but then I go to bed way too early. It's a vicious cycle. And I used to be a night owl.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just woke up after a nap for an hour or so,had a shower to freshen up and got dressed for a night in the town.I have had a super day,out looking for a laundromat (thanks JudyMI),couldnt find one,well I didnt really try very hard,found a city bus sightseeing trip ,I asked the driver when he was stopped at traffic lights where I can board,a real gentleman and wit,he opened the doors and let me board,got a ticket? he asks, no, I reply as I take the seat sit at the front of the bus, opposite him,well he says,there is a variety of combinations of rides,two day ticket,plus extras like,a cruise,visit to Harvard at Cambridge,$400 for the two days,he says,I gulp,thinking about getting off the bus at the next stop,he and the passengers have a bit of a laugh on my account,he then says $38 for the two days,well I had the most enjoyable bus ride in this drivers company,he just knew so much about Boston and its History,including Harvard graduates,some like 60 living billionaires,goodness how many since passed away,also famous drop outs,Bill Gates,and the guy who invented facebooks-oh not forgetting Matt Damon.Well I did go to visit Harvard,apparently,if you are a graduate of this Uni you dont say-I have been to Harvard,you say I am familiar with that place.

Well the bus trip has given me a chance to identify,places to visit with my camera,oh the pub Cheers is just across the streeet,got a pic of the front just as shown on TV,surprise,surprise,the prog only used the image of pub front,all the episodes were filmed elsewhere.

Well I now know why the Hotel is called the Boston Park Plaza,the park is just a block away,Stephanie what a co-incidence you have also been here?,I am on the 14th floor,maybe its even the same room I am in?.Well just to continue,after my bus ride,I went into the park,snapped away at everything that moved,cannot wait to review the down/up loads? to my netbook,oh there was a bridal party there getting their pics taken,I asked could I take some too,this to the groom-sure go right ahead,and I did.

Think I have rambled on long enough,you deserve a break,so its goodnight from me,as I venture out into the Boston nightlife. Byee.

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I am exhausted! My grandsons are almost 2 and 4 - and they took every ounce of my energy with them when they left. I went with my daughter and son-in-law when they arrived and put $5,250 worth of appliances on my credit card (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer) - they couldn't get the credit because the house is already on it -sigh... but they said they will pay the bill so - I will try one more time. They invited us to spaghetti dinner on the 31st right after they move into their new home - how exciting.

The boys were great - chasing the 2 year old round and round the pool - he is a little daredevil and actually jumped from the baby pool into the big pool like it was nothing. The older one was scared to death - they had been to the beach where he told the water it was bad for knocking him down. Christine and I were sitting on the porch and the oldest got his hands on the key - pushed his brother out of the way came out and tried to lock us out - funny fun day.

Christine said she can't wait til they are both in school and gets a call "your son was in a fight"... with who... "his brother"... are they friends again..."yes"... then don't worry about it. The little one can hold his own - but when big brother gives him a kiss he kisses him back - they don't like to be out of each others site - and oh my when mama walks out the door without them...wow they are loud!

Going to hit the bed and sleep good tonight - sun and fun. Hope everyone is having a good weekend like us!


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