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Feeling Down Today


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I may have made a mistake by taking myself off my antidepressant medications. I am just so tired to taking drugs everyday.

I am feeling very low - I started working for my company in 1985 (technically before I was born since I am only 29 - LOL). One of my bosses' wife had breast cancer 16 years ago and had a lumpectomy and radiation. I found out yesterday that they performed a double mastectomy last week because the cancer was back with a vengeance in both breasts. They won't be able to do radiation because of the damage done the first time. I don't really know what the follow-up to surgery will be - but it just sucks because she is a wonderful person.

I told her husband that everything will be alright because since he retired 4 years ago he has been volunteering for the cancer center and driving patients to get chemo. He said he has a new understanding of how hard it is to deal with the disease (cancer) with support - much less with no one to go with you. He doesn't have to sit with them as part of the volunteer program - he just does.

If you have a few extra prayers I'm sure that John and Carol would appreciate them.

Thanks for listening...


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Annette, I am sorry you are having a rough day! I will say a prayer for your frineds also.

If you want a chuckle to pick up , I have a female friend in williamsburg area who is 29 also!!9Again) and we went to high school together so I must be 29 also!!! LOL!!

Hoping you feel better tomorrow!

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Annette, I am so sorry about your boss's wife. I'm sure she's wonderful, but what he's been doing....This just isn't fair. I hope you didn't know this when we were talking and felt you couldn't share this sorrow. Be sure I have big broad shoulders in spite of my own cancer. I can always help carry a friend's distress of any kind. Sending healing thoughts her way and hopes for strength for her husband.

Judy in KW

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Prayers sent up for your friends.

I would just like to give you advice from someone who has struggled with depression many times in the past. I came to a time in my life that I accepted that I needed the antidepressant and that's okay. Please, reconsider your choice about stopping your med. We need to keep ourselves as up as possible to fight this beast. If drugs (legal :lol: ) can do that for us, then Yahoo!


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