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Hi All,

Well this post is at 1:45AM! I'm up so early this time for a completely different reason.

The plan was brats on the grill, and watch movies. Instead, we spent it at the Hospital ER! I was surprised yesterday when I felt strong pain in my right kidney. Tonight at 5:00, I felt acute, stabbing pain in both kidneys. My first thought was that this must be some kind of reaction to the contrast that they put in my IV for my CT. Never having kidney pain before, I was concerned, and in pain!

I asked R to take me to the hospital. They ran a barage of tests because I'm considered "high risk" with my health history. Took vials of blood, hooked me up to EKG, oxygen, and more stuff I don't remember. The IV for the pain meds knocked me on my butt, but also made me incredibly nauseated. Two doses of Zofran did not help, so I just closed my eyes and tried to not move.

After all of that, it was found that I have a kidney infection (not related to the CT contrast). Never had one of those before either. So they did an IV drip of an antibiotic, which took an hour and a half. I was out of there by 11:00 with Vicodin, a prescription slip for Cipro antibiotic, and a prescription for more Zofran.

Now I can't sleep because the pain meds make bizarre pictures in my head when I close my eyes. So here I am. Still nauseated, but no longer in pain.

He did say that the X-ray of my lung, compared to the CT scan that was done 2 days ago,does not show any new growth! But it is Xray, not CT to CT. We of course are very hopeful that this is true, but will wait for the Onc. (of which the ER doc is not) to give us his take on things.

So anyway, I'm going to find a boring book, curl up on the couch and hope to drift off to sleep. I saw lots of posts for yesterday. Thanks for all the support and advice. I'll probably pop back in later to check up on you all.

Randy's taking my internet card to the radio show tomorrow, so I may have to go to a wi-fi hot spot to get back on. We'll see how I'm feeling in the morning, to see if I'm up to that.

Take care all!

Judy in MI

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Judy I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I have had kidney infections before and they are no fun. I am sure with your health history it was very frightening.

I too was awake at 2 am. I seem to have caught a terrible head cold. My head was stuffed and my ears aching. I have a cough and irritation in my throat. I thought that was from the acid reflux damage but it appears to be from the cold. Not sure where I picked it up but will try to nurse it until I feel better.

I promised to take two of my neighbors out to the farm this morning before it gets too hot. I am up to going but not sure if I should be that close to them. They are pretty fragile. I think I may just cancel saying that I don't feel up to it. I would never get over it if one of them got seriously ill from a cold she caught from me..

I have a couple of hours so I will wait and see what comes up and how I feel.

I hope everyone else has a great day. Might check in again later.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Finally arrived at my hotel in Cleveland,it is as Stephanie said on the outskirts,$45 taxi ride instead of the $120 Boston Framingham? location,although I did ask the front desk,about the public bus link with Cleveland,all I got was vague looks,hoping its just because the staff have no need of that service,well its not that important since I will be departing for Chicago on Monday.

Well what can I tell you about since I brought you up to date yesterday in the shopping mall in Buffalo,well what follows wasnt the best of my holiday so far,I did find a nice restaurant for a beer,steak and french fries.Its leaving 9pm,stores beginning to empty,I discover it closes at 9.30pm,better get back to the station before I am left here-alone-in an out of town mall,I have a card for a taxi number,would you believe,battery is dead,search for a public phone,nowhere to be found,starting to feel uneasy,since I have no idea even to walk the 4 miles to the station,I dont know in what direction?anyway I enter a shop to ask if I can use their phone for a taxi,the young assistant says no problem-I use my phone for you-wasnt that really nice,he even refused any payment from me.Well relief taxi arrived as the car park was just about empty,arrive at the station,still 2 1/2 hrs until the train arrives at midnight,sitting in the waiting area,with a few other passengers,an annoucement is made,the train is running late ETA now 3.00am,oh no,not what I wanted to hear,I have been stuck in Buffalo since 1.30pm,thats going to be approx 15hrs total,I am really a tired bunny,I try unsuccessfully to get comfortable enough in my seat to get a sleep,thank goodness for my ipod and a copy of a rough guide to the USA,actually train arrives at 3.30am,the railway staff are wonderful at misrepresenting the situation,they are quite pleased to say,the train is only 30mins late,I had to remind them of the other 3hrs they had, ahem- forgotten.

Anyway,arrived at the hotel,I just flopped down on the bed and did I fall asleep?,just woke up now,had a shower now feeling much more refreshed.Think I will go now and explore the local environment.

Well not many posts in so far?hopefully more will drop by later.

Hi JudyMI,what on earth are you doing-putting children on thr grill,I am going to report you,(brats-indisciplined children?)Sorry to hear about your kidney infection,hopefully will clear up soon with the treatment prescribed.Good signs from the Doc making reference to your previous scan seemingly unchanged,well I am sure this will be confirmed by your oncologist shortly.

Hi Lillian,Really sorry to hear about your head cold,you are absolutely right to pass on driving your friends about,take things easy,I am glad you had a super time with your daughters nad family visit,shame these visits pass so quickly,bit like my holiday,the days are just rushing by,well certainly hope any more days like yesterday,will LOL.

I will stop by later see who subsequently turns up,have a great weekend everyone.Bye.

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Afternoon All! Have been mostly moping around waiting for Stan to get home. He's hit a lot of traffic and the worst was he was bringing lunch It's 2:30 pm now and I hope my hoagie gets here soon.

Sounds like nobody on the Air is having a great time. Judy, that's awful about your trip to the ER but good about the dr's thoughts on the x-ray. Eric, so sorry about the rough time you had. Curious, how many hours did you sleep when you finally crashed lol? Lily, sorry about the cold. Do you have allergies. I know you spent a lot of time out in nature with the family. I love being out but when I overdo, I often go on allergy overload. Whatever it is, hope you kick it quick.

I'm off to watch out the window to see if my hoage ie coming, lol, just kidding. I ate two carrots with dip and a few M&Ms to tide me over. Not good.

I'm having horrible mouth issues. Am trying everything but nothing does more than just take the edge off for a little while. Last night was awful but my own fault. I ate spicy food and paid for it. None today. Stan was telling them not to put anything spicy on my hoagie.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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We just got back in from going up to Saxon shoes. I have been itching for a new pair of SAS Shoes (San Antonio Shoes) - I have had my current pair for 10+ years so I am more than due. I found a pair of shoes - sad to say they don't make my favorite color anymore - guess I should have gotten 3 pairs instead of two when I ordered them 10+ years ago. So I got a different style. Then the girl brought about 50 other pairs of shoes and I found another pair that I just loved - $200 - wow - a little more than WalMart which is where I usually get them. But - my birthday is coming up so I now have new shoes thanks to Keith. (I may have to wear one of each on Monday to work - what do you think!)

Interestingly enough - my daughter called me right before we left for the store - and she spent the night in the ER - unlike Judy she has constant Kindey infections, Kidney stones, etc. This is another kidney infection. So I hope that it doesn't come in threes. Judy with the antibiotic you should be feeling better by tomorrow! Then Wednesday (isn't that doctor day) - everything will be better because well just because!

Lillian - I am sorry to hear about your cold. The only thing good about it is you got your great family time without it. I agree though don't spread it and take it easy - don't overdo.

Sad to day - I now must turn to work. I brought a huge box of stuff home I need to read and do a spreadsheet on - it is so hot outside it makes you want to nap.

Hope everyone is doing well - where is Judy KW - are you feeling okay today -


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Judy I do have allergies and forgot to take my medication the morning the girls left. I had to have them at the place to catch the airport shuttle at 4:30am and hadn't slept but a couple of hours the night before because of my sciatica. I think it was a combination of those two things and change of weather more inside than out. At my nephews it was comfortable but I am used to sleeping with a window open and fan on. At home I have fan and air conditioner and in the car the air was blowing on me. Like Annette said, at least it waited so I could enjoy my time with them.

I have been staying in most of the day. I did go out to the farm this morning but only two neighbors went with me. The most fragile didn't want to face the heat so she stayed home. I have had a sinus headache all day but think I will try reading for a while. Watching the ball game but need something to do with my hands and need some yarn before starting a sewing project.

Eric glad you finally got some rest. Sorry about the late train. I have had quite a few experiences like that. The past few years it has been better. The freight lines own the tracks so they always took the right of way making passenger trains late. They lost a major law suit a few years ago so the one I ride has been pretty much on time this past few years.

Well my chair is calling me so guess I will get off of here and settle down in front of the tv again. Have a great night everyone.

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Had a sleepy day today after yesterday. Didn't sleep well all night. They asked me "are you having burning?" Nope. Have your "habits" changed recently? Nope.

Then last night all night was burning, and up every single hour to go pee. Sheesh!

Today I got up, ran some errands, got home, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and crashed. When the alarm went off at 3:50PM, I was dreaming I was on a boat, and the alarm sounded like an explosion on the boat! Scared me silly!

But I got up, we went to friends house on another lake, and enjoyed boat rides around the lake, and dinner at a restaurant at the lake. They were going to head out again at 9:30PM, and I asked R to just go home, he agreed, and how I'm getting ready to settle down before church tomorrow.

Life! Crazy stuff huh?

Judy in MI

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