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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Stan is home and cooking for me again. That means humongous will power if I'm going to maintain my current weight loss which is 7-9 lbs under my average the past year or so. Second night home, first night cooking, he made pork chops and mac and cheese.

We leave for Orlando in two weeks. Then on to a job in Portsmouth OH, then to NJ. I've been very conflicted about my annual pj party. It's been the bright light on the horizon of my life for the past 8 yrs. Now I don't know if I want to go or not. It has something to do with how long I've had LC and how much my circle of friends and family are all connected in some way or other to LC. The women I party with at the Jersey shore can't relate and I feel like I have to "fake it." I mean fake still being the happy-go-lucky fun person I was. Not that she's not still there somewhere. It's just that she surfaces spontaneously now. It's getting harder and harder to have her make a command appearance.

To heavy for the Air. Need to go back and post in Nick's thread.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 107. No daily high forecast in the 10 day forecast is less than 104.

I rode to Benbrook Saturday morning to join Fort Worth's new mayor, Betsy Price, and 20 or so others for a short ride. Mayor Price is an avid cyclist, and has led a short ride every day of the Tour de France, calling it the Tour de Fort Worth. By the time I rode back home, I'd gotten in 53 miles.

Rose and I went out with friends Saturday night and got home very late, so I slept in Sunday morning, and settled for a short afternoon fishing trip to Lake Benbrook.

Rose spent another night at the sleep clinic last week, and it looks like the breathing machine they tried on her helped a lot. They're saying she has the type of sleep apnea that weight loss would probably help. It looks like I'll be eating lots of salads for dinner for a while.

Back to work for me. Have a great day, all!

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Judy (KW) - we have big shoulders and sometimes when you spread the weight around it makes it easier - everyone here must realize how big those peaks and valleys are - and mine are small compared to others so lean on my shoulder!!!

Bud, I have been eating a lot of salads at home too - we have had salads 3 days over the last week. (Of course, I'm not sure last nights counts since it is "taco salad" - made with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, crunched up doritos, taco seasoned meat (hamburger, chicken, etc.) and thousand island dressing, YUMMY!

I'm feeling tired today and have an enormous amount of work to get done last week. (LOL did you get that) Now I will have to take a couple of hours off to go be blindsided by Social Services at a family meeting tomorrow - (before court Thursday). Just because I know he won't be coming home doesn't make it easier - and my mom is in wicked denial.

I am into another murder mystery thriller after finishing the romance yesterday. I am so happy to be really reading again - there was a long time there where I was just going through the motions cause I love to read - even though I wasn't retaining anything about the story - Now I am reading like a crazy person. (So many books so little time!)

I'm back off to work now, I'll check back in later.


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Hello all!

Need to be quick this morning. I'm picking up a girlfriend that has a doctor's appointment. She is on some meds that make her feel woozy, and she does not want to drive. So I'm heading out to take her to the doc.

I slept in until 11:00 this morning, KW Judy! So I'm being a good girl in getting rested. I responded to your post today in Nick's post. I understand.

We watched the movie "Hall Pass" last night. My girlfriend said it was hysterical. I didn't see the humor in it. I tried, but I thought it was just sad that two guys want a hall pass from their marriage, and well, it just was not funny to me.

But the sun is shining, I hear the humidity has lessened, and life is as good as it can get for today. Right. One day at a time, and just for today I'll make it the best I can.

Judy in MI

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I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk!

Well this was a sad day today. I took my friend in, knowing she is struggling with medications, and mental illness. Her husband met us there at the Mental Rehab Hospital. She convinced him that she needs to be "committed". They convinced the doctors, and I drove out of there without her. Breaks my heart. Mental illness is as misunderstood as lung cancer with huge stigma attached.

Anyway, I didn't share that I broke my pinky toe this morning. I jammed it into the doorway as I was hurrying, and I think it is broke! Not that they can do anything for it, but I was going to my foot doctor tomorrow to get fitted with some special shoes. Since I'm there, I'll have them look at it.

It hurts.

Steph, 60 degrees sounds heavenly right now! Letter to the Senator, loved that! You do deserve a reward for this.

K, I'm outta here again.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone.

Finally got to my hotel room in Chicago,these last days since leaving Niagara,have been really difficult for travelling,15hrs stuck at Buffalo,waiting for the train to Cleveland,no sleep that night,little the following day.I managed to pick up a cold yesterday,and it it now taken a hold on me.Again the train to Chicago was an overnight one again,I cannot sleep sitting upright,3.30am departure from Cleveland,we arrived in Chicago one hour overdue 9.30am,apparently held up by rail frieght movements,really tired,sore throat,running nose,I arrive at the Holiday Inn,only to be told they do not check anyone in until 3pm,not what I wanted to hear.I had breakfast in a corner Pizzeria,I went back couple of hours later and asked for a beer,sorry we dont sell drinks unless you also buy a meal,whatever happened to the saying the customer is always right,but I am not hungry after my bacon ,sausage,two eggs,potatoes and toast,just recently.Well managed a sleep for three hours,going to get a shower and get dressed,go out and find a quite place for a beer,still not hungry.Wonder what Chicago has to offer me this week,I know absolutely nothing about this City,the windy city I am told,so I am not going to wear my kilt,well actually I am going to wear it to visit the LUNGgevity office here,along with my Breathe Deep T-shirt,if I can find out where it is.Well enough about me and my moans and groans,what are all you getting up to,sorry I am not keeping good track of your posts,so forgive if I am a little vague on your adventures.

Hi JudyKw,with all thats you have been through recently and still going through,I really dont think you have anything to reproach yourself for in meeting up with friends,when you are not feeling at your best,relax,you dont have to fake anything with friends,if they are friends,everyone understands what you are having to deal with,just be yourself,and enjoy youself .

Hi Bud,what on earth-still cycling? in this weather,phew I have enough problems dealing with the heat just walking the streets,and I am not in Texas.Nice to hear you have moved up in the world,hob nobbing with the Mayor,well done you,you will still post in to us ordinary mortals?.

Hi Annette,Hows the new shoes,$200? these are not for wearing,you put these in a glass case and then into the display cabinet.Best wishes for your Birthday,I would have loved to share it with you and Keith et al.Good to hear you are getting back into your reading stride,I was always a good reader,just dont seem to have the patience for it anymore,maybe this will return.

Hi Judy MI,Gosh you and JudyKW are always up to something healthwise,now you have broken your finger-ouch-hope finally this is your last health issue.

Got to go,bye everyone,see you all to-morrow.

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Sorry to hear about the cold and tough travel days. Those ladies were right - you need a day off. Take good care of yourself.

Chicago - I have not been but top of my list would be a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright houses. There is a self guided walking tour, based out of Oak Park. Also, Millennium Park is a new hot spot. See what is left from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition - maybe just the building housing the Museum of Science and Industry?

I don't think you can absorb every city's MS&I, aquarium, zoo, fine art museum, and botanical garden. So pace yourself.

Hopefully, the LUNGevity staff has some good ideas for you.

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Just a quick note since Bachelorette is on -

Eric - I am so sorry you have a cold. You should find a drug store and get some Nyquil and get a good nights rest - on top of the cold the lack of rest is adding insult to injury. Rest just a bit!

Judy (MI) - Let's see - kidney infection (yep you and my daughter). Then earlier today my daughter called me and said "daddy just broke my finger" - Of course, I said what did you say since her dad passed away in 2003. She is packing to move into their house and she dropped the container that had his ashes and when she tried to catch it broke her finger. Now you tell us you have broken your toe. Both of you need to stop it. No more, the next thing you guys have to tell me is that you saw a falling star made a wish and it came true - something good!

All that aside, Judy - I hope all goes well at the Podiatrist.


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