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Can't believe this is happening...


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Last night my uncle (Mom's brother) died trying to save his 6 year old son. He had fallen or jumped off of their pontoon and my uncle went in after him. Neither were wearing life jackets. They were the only two on the pontoon. My aunt and their daughter were at the house when the 6 year old boy went running up saying, "I didn't want to wear my life jacket and daddy saved me." I am heartbroken for my grandmother. She is devastated. She had 4 children. One died when she was in first grade when she was run over by the school bus, then she lost my mom to lung cancer, then she lost my grandpa to lymphoma and now her son to this tragic accident. I am going to see her tomorrow and I don't even know what to do or say to her. How do you get past losing 3 children? I know this is a bit off topic as he did not pass from LC so I apologize if this post is misplaced. I am just shocked right now at the cruelty of life.

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no not misplaced at all ! My condolences to you and the whole Family! I know this is devastating and I can only offer up prayers and hugs!

That was a very heroic thing he did and I am sorry to hear this.

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I have been hearing about this tragedy all day on the local news. I had no idea til now that it was a relative of one of our members.

I am so sorry. He was a brave man and truly loved his son to lay down his life to save him.

You and the family are in my prayers.

Donna G

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Thank you. I think we are all still in shock. It is so sad. They tried for so long to have children and finally ended up adopting 2 from Russia. They were going through the adoption process when Mom was sick. They recently moved from the cities and were excited to start their new life in the country.

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