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Afternoon All! Oh well, it's Sunday. Not as bad as some of my friends, but had a little trouble getting to sleep again last night. Excited about the trip I guess. Didn't get up til 8.

Thought Eric would be opening this morning after I read his late-night Sat Air post. Never mind, I'm used to opening Sunday. Stan's fishing and I'm scheduled to visit my friend Maggie and her rabbits. And my allergies are already bonkers lol.

In the absence of Stephanie's scrumptous healthy meals, I have to say I cooked breakfast for lunch. I've been asking Stan to make raw fried potatoes with the goldens that are beginning to sprout eyes in the fridge. Did them myself, the most gorgeous unhealthy potatoes I've ever seen. Fried a soft-center-dippy egg to go with them and healthy whole grain toast lol. Hey, a girl has got to be bad sometimes. Been doing low energy things to get ready for the trip. Gonna try the bike to Maggie's. It's not far and no traffic. Don't worry Bud, I won't beat your miles for the week lol.

Off now to get ready. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. Good to see you Ron. You know that kind of swing in weather and temps is really hard on people. Will look forward to the pics of the crane. More about that later.

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Happy Sunday everyone. Judy, I had trouble sleeping too, I feel like it has been at least a month since I have gotten a good night's rest. I may have to talk to my doctor about something heavy to knock me out while they keep me on these steriods.

Speaking of healthy eating, my parents are driving here today and my in-laws are here so we are having a fish fry with fresh caught crappie and bass, home made french fries and corn fritters. We don't do that very often, so it is okay every once in awhile, right?? :)

Other than that, hot here right now, so staying inside in the air conditioning right now. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


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Good afternoon!

The potatoes sound DELICIOUS Judy!!

Both of my men (husband and son) just left for a week long mission trip and I am FREE!!!!!! and ALONE!!!!

I have not been alone ALL summer, because, oddly enough, the worse you feel, the more people show up to visit you :?

SO - I am very excited and having one of my very favorite, yummy, but not particularly healthy dinners - Macaroni and cheese made with Brie, tomatoes and lots of basil and garlic. AND Brownies with walnuts for dessert!!!! I am still on the steroids - so food gets me very excited! So far today I have had two breakfasts, a lunch, a half bag of fritos, and several twizzlers!

And Sara - I just saw you posted - dinner sounds wonderful!

As for sleep - I am the opposite now - steroids again I think - I couldn't sleep for the life of me for 4 1/2 years - now I go down at 11:00 like a rock - and sleep right through - but only til like 6 - and then up like a crazy person - cleaning and doing stuff! (I have always been a night person, and a late morning sleeper - so this is all very odd - but I am getting lots done!)

It is beautiful here today - the sun is shining - not too hot, nice breeze. The picture of snow blew my mind!

peace everyone!!

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Hi Everyone!

Well it's murderously hot and humid here. Our neighbors 3 little kiddos came by and asked Gampa Randy to fix their tractor. So he is working on that while I continue to enjoy the A/C. We are going to our friends on the lake today for a cook out and boat ride, but it's so hot! I'm supposed to not be in the sun while on these antibiotics, so I'll be hanging out under a tarp somewhere. LOL

Judy you sound fantastic! This is so good to read of your activities! And biking! You go girl.

All the talk of food is getting me slightly hungry. LOL. I've lost 8 pounds in the last week due to nausea from infection. Plus having it so hot does not help with the appetite. Managed to get a little egg and bacon in this morning, and hoping to feel better the rest of the day!

Janet, I remember the steroids, and the cleaning frenzies I went on! Could I borrow some? Just kidding.

Sara, your fried dinner sounds so yummy! Enjoy!

Paulette, it was nice to see a post yesterday. The garden sounds great. The pool even better.

Katie, good to see you too! Same with you Alan!

Ronnie, that snow looks so wonderful. Seriously. I am a cold weather person. I like that I can always put another layer on, but when it's 99 and humid, well....there's only so much we can take OFF without getting arrested. LOL

Judy in MI

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Sara, it is absolutely o.k. to go not healthy once in awhile. I am debating making the whole day bad or switching to healthy for dinner lol.

Janet, I am so glad I only take steroid pills for three days around the chemo and a bag with chemo. I gained 20lbs after my dx and am just starting to shed some 3 1/2+ years later. But the energy rush is terrific. Enjoy that alone time. I totally get it.

Judy, the bike ride didn't happen. I knew I had low tires but ignored it. Got on the street, started with one or two pedals and knew the back was flat--then suddenly I was flat on the street. LOL I fall good, only got a scraped up knee and elbow. My husband has started talking about a three-wheeler for me again!

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hello everyone. I guess it is time to pop in for a few minutes. I have been staying in pretty much fighting the effects of a head cold. They always lead to problems with the TMJ and Acid Reflux. That is why I always dread having a sinus attack or a cold. Feeling a good bit better but still staying in out of the heat. I get that little tickle and start coughing and can't stop Sciatica is still causing problems too but I have made up my mind starting tomorrow I will go back to exercise and try some walking. Not doing those things makes me more of a target for the muscle spasms.

Judy I hope you didn't have any injury from your fall. I give you a lot of credit for trying that bike. I haven't ridden in years and would be afraid of breaking something. That 3 wheel sounds good but here I would have no place to store it. Not sure how that would work going uphill. I can just picture myself going back down backwards. lol

Sara you really got my attention. There is nothing as good as fresh fried fish especially any species of perch. I consider Crappie just a big perch and boy are they good. It is alright to cook them other ways once in a while but really isn't frying the only way they are really good?

Judy it has been really hot here this past week but is supposed to cool down into the 90s over the next few days. I know that sounds hot to all of you but really without the humidity it is much cooler than what you are having.

Janet I am an early morning person. I usually go to bed around 10:30 and sleep from 11 to around 5:30 but this week I have slept more. I think I am catching up from all of the running when my daughter and granddaughter were here and I have had that cold so I guess I needed the extra sleep. Just enjoy your good sleep but don't overdue on the cleaning. No need making yourself too tired.

I guess Bud is out having a good fishing trip and Eric is out sight seeing. I hope they are both staying cool. Well I guess I will run. I may just take a short shut eye. Have a good evening everyone.

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Hello all!

Judy KW - when do you and Stan go on your trip? Up to NJ and PA again? I can't wait for cooler weather so we can take the RV to the beach again. Everyone asks why we don't go now since we have AC in it but I tell them that if I'm going to have to stay indoors because of the heat and humidity then I might as well stay home. Your fried potatoes sound yummy!

Sara - Your fish fry sounds just as yummy and I'm not on steroids! I remember when I was and telling my oncologist that I was eating everything in the house except the furniture. He told me that your oncologist is the one doctor that will never complain about weight gain. Here I am 2 years later and I still haven't lost what I gained.

Janet - I know what you mean about being happy to be alone. It does seem that when you least feel like having company that's when they show up and while you appreciate them thinking of you sometimes you just don't feel like "entertaining".

Judy MI - Is Randy ok after the radio fiasco?

Lilly - I hope you get to feeling better really soon. That cold has been giving you fits for a while now.

Ronnie - great picture of the snow. It seems we spend all summer complaining about the heat and all winter complaining about the cold or snow. lol

Katie - I'll try to do better - lol - love ya!

Eric - hope you made it to Minneapolis okay. I enjoy reading about your trips and seeing your pictures.


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Wow!! Sunday must bring out the munchies. All that food talk. Now we're talkin. Not to foul up stuff, but we ordered a pizza. Too much Friday and Saturday. Needed a day off. What a great weekend. Sorry about all you worker bees looking forward to another 40 hours. There were years and years that I couldn't wait for Monday and some more challenges. I'm still not really used to not working so hard. Eric, You are doing retirement in style. I don't picture you slowing down either. Cancer ate my wallet. Still waiting for the ship to arrive.Well, have a good week everybody. Enjoy the heat. It only lasts a little while. Alan

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Alan - I am with you - I loved my job, but really I LOVE being "retired" and having everyday be a Saturday - but people are always asking why I am not traveling and doing things - when you get cancer they don't give you money - they take it! :roll:

Maybe I should start playing the Lottery!

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

What a pleasure to see so many contributors in the post today,particularly at the weekend.

JudyKW,I dont know how you do it, but you are so intuitive regarding me,I really think you can read my mind.Last night post midnight,I sat down to open the Sunday Air,half way through,though, I was getting so sleepy,I decided to abort and get some shut eye,I was off as soon as my head hit the pillow,these long train do make you weary.

Saturday 2.15pm,I boarded the train for St Pauls/Minneapolis,settled into my seat,donned the ipod earplugs,and commenced reading up- Montana-in my Rough guide to America book,as the train leaves Chicago,an elderly gentleman takes the seat next to me,his wife just across the isle,my first thoughts were to offer him my seat,to allow him and his wife to sit to-gether,for whatever reason I didnt,and as it turns out it was the better decision,his wife an avid book reader was content in her own company and her book.I switched off my ipod,as this sprightly 77 year introduced himself to me -Stewart,fine Scottish name, laddie,well who would believe,we could lose 8hrs of train travel,in conversation,I swear we did,never a dull moment.Stewart was your ideal company on such a journey,interesting,intelligent and full of fun.As we arrived at St Pauls,Stewart and his wife insisted that they would drive me to my hotel,they had left their car parked at the station,well we exchanged details,and hopefully we can meet up before I leave for Montana on Wednesday,what can I say? America you have continually done me proud-thank you.

Well up early this morning,decided to head off for Mall of America,It seems I have left my "American" Cellphone charger back in Chicago,I really must get a replacement,en route to the tram that goes there, I approach a church,its a fine old building,OK I say to myself if its a Baptist one I will go inside for the service,if not-straight to Mall of America-the church comes fully into view -First Baptist Church,I really think these things are meant to happen,well as I entered the building and introduced myself to those at the entrance,I couldnt have been made more welcome,I got a guided tour of the church,a description of its long history,remarkable that the evangelist Billy Graham started out on his world wide mission from this very church.I really enjoyed the service and the music,really glad I stopped by,I suppose it was a bit like getting my batteries recharged as well as my cellphone.Definately would have been my church of choice if I were a resident of Minneapolis.

Well I eventually arrived at the Mall of America,I had never heard of this place just couple of days ago,its every serious shopper's dream,I just loved it,theres nothing that gives me more pleasure,than being amongst so many shops and people,it just makes you feel so alive.Well of course I got lost in the building about five seconds after entering,I did stumble upon a Verizon shop,the assistant even offered to charge up my phone for me and call back later,I had to decline his kind offer,I didnt give myself much chance of navigating myself back to his shop later.I spent a happy few hours wandering about,having a fine lunch (and a Beer)taking pics buying a couple of prezzies to take home.It certainly was a good first day out in Minneapolis,wonder what the next couple of days will bring.

Ooops too busy talking about myself,I forgot to take notes of your posts,sorry,my holiday has gone to my head,normal service will be resumed as soon as possible,enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone,bye just now.

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Alan and Janet,

I just got back to reading your posts after I have posted in.I really think that receiving a dx of lung cancer is unfortunate enough for Americans,without having to face the double whammy,of being put into a financial disadvantage also.I have the benefits of the UKs National Health Service,and my lung cancer treatments have been comprehensive,as well as not costing me a single penny.The UK is not alone in providing this kind of health care,it is available, certainly throughout the EEC,and other developed nations throughout the world.

My hope is one day that the whole health care system in America,is completely overhauled and rebuilt on a foundation that access to health care is a right for every citizen,available by need and not on ability to pay.My health care is provided by deductions from my salary called National Insurance,I dont mind in the least that others may benefit,incidentally this deduction was never a arm and a leg,typically it would have been approx £250 ($375)/month from my salary.You pay a precentage on what you earn,so those on higher incomes would pay progressively more.

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Been out all day - a long day for me. To watch scattering of ashes at a well loved bay. Very irreverent, but lots of love. The deceased bought us a bunch of porterhouse steaks for the grill, we brought a wonderful watermelon/cucumber/feta salad and some excellent bread from the Farmers Market. I baked a crisp with market fresh peaches, blueberries, and raspberries, topped with vanilla ice cream. M's Mom - who passed away late last fall, but this event was more for a summer day. The sky even pretty much cleared for the afternoon, though it rained almost the whole drive there.

Eric - most Americans are upset if they have to pay anything for their health insurance. It used to be employers footed the whole bill for many. Less so now a days, but some complain even if it is less than $100 a month. A fine mess we got ourselves into really. Our premiums are based on where you live, if you smoke or not, how old you are, and what amount of coverage you want. It becomes a bit too complicated.

As much I wouldn't mind seeing Glacier National Park, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and all that, I'm leaving your plans for those areas up to you! I've found from past experience that I felt unprepared for how to manage that trip (must be my 'city girl' orientation). No doubt, some ranger or rancher will adopt you for a week and you'll be riding horses through the park or getting an astronomy lesson under the stars. I've seen a few photos - beautiful country.

Mall of America would make me crazy - but some of those rides would have been so fun, about 40 years ago!

Good night all - thanks for the tales of the country - or shall I say, of the world!

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Well, Happy Monday everybody. Eric , I'm glad you ate that dog in Chicago. The Navy Peir a perfect place to enjoy that. I'm also glad that tour minglings with the natives has been a pleasure for you. 1 wrong turn in some neighborhood could offer up completely different results so maintain your vigilence.(sp)? anyway, keep the pics coming. You're doing a great job of that. The part of the country you're enjoying now is the beer brewing capitol of our nation. Enjoy some varieties and some microbrewers too. Some have their own pubs and have great menues too. My sister lives in London and has for 40 years. She can't understand the healthcare situation here at all. What you described and how the fund is fed to cover all citizens sounds like plain common sense. Our govt. doesn't understand the term "common sense". A complete overhaul is in order for sure. I hope it happens for generations to come. Off the soap box.

Have great day everyone, get some sun. Alan

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