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Mom got more bad news....I want some good news


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Hi Friends,

Mom got more bad news last Friday, her SCLC, mets to the spine, okay did radiation on that area, took chemo, counts went into the toilet, couldn't take it for 2 additional weeks cause so sick, experiencing more pain in her legs and hips, found out from MRI, her pelvis and both femurs are loaded with bone tumors.

Restarts chemo tomorrow, doing 1 day each week for 6 weeks instead of 3 days on and 2 weeks off, Dr's say it is a more gentle approach on the body, changing her chemo to tox something cisplatin.

Will my Mom ever have good days again, gosh Im so worried and I just want my Mom to have some good news soon, to get her spirits back up. I see Mom losing her strength and her abilities to get up and down and sometimes even walk.

Any suggestion for certain foods that are good for her right now through chemo? She has lost alot of weight about 43 lbs. Doesn't like the ensure stuff, would rather have real food, any suggestion that helped yourself or a lovedone.

Okay, I need to go and rest, my eyes hurt from crying so hard tonight.

Love you all,

Beth Ann

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I am so sorry your mom is having a rough time. We are going through some very rough spots right now also. I have been giving my husband anything he wants to eat. Nothing ever sounds good to him so I just give him a normal meal with several different foods and he always eats something. I offer him food every couple of hours. He can always eat applesauce and pudding. He does like smoothies sometimes too. Just keep giving her anything that she might be able to palate. Don't lose hope. . .she may just need this milder chemo to get her back on track.

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Well, it's not "real" food, per se, but this has worked for me. I lost 45 pounds in the months just befor my diagnosis. Somebody here mentioned a "power shake" and I was not only able to stop my weight loss, but have put back on 15 pounds. Here's the "recipie":

1. Weight Gainer 2200 Gold (can be found in most chain drug stores like Rite Aid and GNC and comes in a variety of flavors)

2. Your favorite flavor of ice cream.

3. Milk (or Soy milk if you, like I am, are lactos intolerant)

Mix everything up in a blender. To make it thicker or thinner just use more or less ice cream.



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