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Tuesday's Air


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 86 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 111. Today will be the 32nd straight day of 100+ temperatures and people are starting to talk about the unthinkable, breaking the 1980 streak of 42 straight 100+ degree days. It had been widely assumed here that that record would never be broken. Yesterday's 107 degree ride home was my hottest ride on the bike this year, but it sounds like this afternoon will be hotter.

Laurie, great to see you on the Air. Good luck with your colonoscopy. The worst part is already over.

KW Judy, I hope the bruises and scrapes from your fall have healed. One of the nice things about the recumbents that I ride is that you don't have as far to fall.

Sara, how was your fish fry? We have a couple of other recipes for our crappie, but fried is still my favorite. We do use a lot healthier oil for frying these days than we used to though: rice bran oil.

Alan and Janet, I know just what you mean about cancer eating your wallet. Between the VA and insurance from work, my cancer wasn't very expensive, but my wife's cancer was a different story.

Stephanie, I hope that Avastin isn't causing too many problems. MI Judy, how's your foot? It should be lots of pretty colors by now.

Have a great day, all!

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Good day you guys,

ts, the neices will be here then. Their dad is a coast guard commander and relocated to Seattle from Anchorage a few years ago. He had other choices and picked there. The pictures are beautiful that they send. Whales swim past their house at times. We were supposed to go last thanksgiving, but there was that blizzard and we had to cancel. Can't wait for another opportunity.They reserved a lightkeepers house on the southern tip of the island for us. too too bad for us.

Today is Susan and my 39th anniversary. She just wants to stay home and cook out, maybe enjoy a bottle of wine. Next year might be a bigger deal at 40.

New neighbors fought like cats and dogs last night way out loud. I thought a new house would be exciting and fun for them. We wanted to take a bunch of flowers from our gardens and greet them like new neighbors. There were alot of "F" words flying around,so maybe another time. (or not). I swear that house has a curse on it. We've been here and watched as families come and go. The last 2 ended in divorces. I hope they're not doomed.

Hey Eric, what's the next leg of your journey look like? Across Montana and the northwest? I flew over it once. The pilot pointed out the good stuff like Mt. Hood and St. Helen's and other stuff. It was fantastic. Will make for a long rail trip though. It'll go fast as you will be glued to the window. Have fun.

Gotta go do my outside work. Seems it never ends. Bye all.

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Good morning all!

Thanks for asking Bud. The foot is quite painful, and you are right, lots of pretty colors now. I figured out how it happened, because it almost happened again! We have a pocket door between our bedroom and the bathroom, which should be shoved into the wall unless it's closed. Well, R left it out about a foot and I (sleepy) hit it full on. It was that way last night, and I realized that is how the door jam jumped out at me. *sigh*

Anyway, still need to call the doctor. I am still battling big time nausea and have no idea why? You'd think the kidney infection would be gone by now (day 10 of antibiotics). Something is still not right, so I'll call the doc again.

Heading out to Gilda's Club. Selling T-shirts and hot dogs for "community day". It's supposed to be 100 degrees and humid. This has not been a fun summer. Bud I can't imagine the temps you talk about. You are a stud to be biking to work everyday in spite of it. I'm a wimp. Give me AC!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Alan and Susan! 39 years! We are at 19, and planning on something fabulous to celebrate 20 years too!

I hope you get to take that Alaska vacation. Our vacation there was the best vacation of our lives. Fantastic. If you do get to go, make sure you take a couple of days at Denali National Park. It's unbelievable.

Your new neighbors sound like a nightmare! Oh my goodness! So sorry about that.

I'm looking forward to Eric's next update! Hope he and Donna G got together.

Have a good rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Hi all!

I'm not doing much today - just hanging around the house. Hubby is out cutting grass. Too hot for me to be out there.

Judy MI - I hate that you still have the nausea. I hope you find out what's causing it soon so you can get rid of it. Don't get overheated out there today!

Alan - Happy Anniversary to you and Susan. Our next one (2/14/12) will be our 30th.

Bud - you absolutely amaze me. I just don't know how you ride as much as you do much less do it in the heat! My hero!

I guess I was lucky with the $$$ for my lung cancer. We have insurance through my hubby's company and the year I had the surgury and chemo we had to pay out $5000 total but all over that was paid. I think now I have to pay $125 when I have a CT scan and the doctor's copay. Next Feb I will turn 65 (OMG) and Medicare will be my primary insurance with hubby's being my supplemental so I don't know how that will affect what we pay.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Goodness - I would have sworn I posted already today - maybe I didn't because I'm having a really bad headache day and the little people did not come in overnight and take any of this work away. What is up with that. (Not to mention it is only Tuesday, the Bachelorette picked wrong and I lost a bet with Keith.)

Congratulations Alan - wow 39 years that is awesome.

My achy brain can't remember the posts anymore - maybe I need to go back to taking down notes so I don't forget anyone.

I had the greatest phone call earlier (well at least til I found out why). Turns out I saved my grandson's life. I missed a call on my cell phone and got a voice mail. So I listed to a little voice say "I love you grandma" (honestly I listed to it several times!) So I went outside to call my daughter - who told me that she used me as a bribe. They had not "4 year old proofed" the downstairs bath of the house they bought. So the boys (2 & 4) locked themselves in the bathroom. My daughter asked if Michael wanted to talk to grandma and out he came.... the two year old did not want to be removed from the toilet. .... Yep he's a water baby. (I happen to have a very nice picture of my daughter in a toilet at about that same age...interesting.) Silly monkeys!

Back to work for me,


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OMG, earlier today I came back and did another post. It's not here lol. I know what happened. I remember seeing my post and thinking, that was quick. Now I realize it was the one with the message telling you someone else had posted before you. You have to resubmit. I've done it so many times but today....

I've been very busy. Took stuff out and stowed it away in the coach. It's so much easier traveling if you're organized when you leave. Then I did a sh#tload of ironing. It's something I don't often do and hate as much as I hate cleaning but IT'S ALL DONE!

Can only remember two things I said this morning:

Laurie, I was giving Stan the business about not going to WI where it is cool. He used to talk about doing it all the time. Now he says he doesn't have a customer there anymore. Point made.

Stephanie, this is the third time I've done this post but still want to ask if you have time, will you post your fruit crisp recipe. Wasn't happy with my last one and I plan on getting lots of fresh peaches on my trip.

Bud, I know you do this all the time but 107! Too much heat. Happy Anniversary Alan, 39 is good. Can't believe we're heading for 48 yrs. Judy, hope you get to the bottom of that naseau soon. It's the worst, and a sore toe too. You've earned a day on the couch. Paulette, someone alerted us to signing up for a supplemental plan within 6 mos of going on Medicare. If you do, they can't turn you down for pre-existing condition. We got a good one that picks up all our co-pay. What a relief with my situation. Annette, that kid story is funny. Have a feeling you should start a diary of those boys antics. It will be fun to read to them when they are grown lol.

O.k., out of here again. Will copy for sure. Have a good rest of the day.

Judy in KW

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Judy in KW - I was disappointed with the crisp - it wasn't crisp and it was pretty tart. I did use raspberries and blueberries along with peaches, but that was the only change. I remember it being better. I'd probably look for a Martha Stewart recipe on line. Say what you want about that empire, the recipes are always very good. Many an evening saved by making her asparagus quiche for dinner.

Happy Anniversary Alan and wife!

Paulette - my Dad uses Medicare with a supplemental survivors insurance from my Mom (since '83?!) and he's out of pocket for maybe $20 a month for prescription copays. And that's even with 2 or 3 ER visits a year and plenty of medical attention.

Judy in MI - did they culture that bug? My Dad was started on an antibiotic inthe ER recently - they called after the culture was done, two days later, and had him switch to a different antibiotic - the culture came back resistant to the first one.

Annette - did you like sad sack Ben better than beaming JP or did you think she was drawn to the winemaker lifestyle? (Yup, I'm sucked into that show. Shoot me now.)

Bud - I helped sweep out the back a truck today (M and a hired hand filled and unfilled it with some soil for the yard.) That was it for me and it was still cool out. Not sure how you acclimate to 100+. So far, Avastin has been easy for me. I do wish I knew if it was helping at all. It's not trouble free, so I am watching carefully.

Time for lunch. I think I'll make a tuna sandwich and drive the kitties crazy.

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Stephanie - I liked Ben (even though he could use a haircut) - i just thought that the "fun" was important. Not as over the top as her sister but I think the age thing with JP might be an issue. (They all had such good teeth!!!)

Just checked the tv listings and I am in big reality show trouble. What are they thinking stacking Master Chef with Take the Money and Run and America's Got Talent - and I already have last nights Mater Chef and He'''s Kitchen to watch. And I just started a new book that I am having trouble leaving on the edge of my desk - somehow the way the papers are stacked the darn thing keeps opening and forcing me to "turn a page".

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Annette - 8 years is a pretty good spread. I know quite a few long lasting marriages that are all 7 year spreads. M and I are 11 years! (And he is the one running 5K or more 5 or 6 days a week.)

I kept wanting to finish Ben's sentences - too slow for me. Besides, I'm a sucker for a Long Island Jewish Construction Manager. And that smile.

Thankfully, that is the worst of my bad tv - somehow watching paint dry seems more reasonable (HGTV) as does Project Runway and ANTM. And Top Chef in all it's permutations.

(Cat begged just a little for tuna - he'll get kitty tuna for dinner.)

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