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http://www.mamabracelets.com/Lung-Cance ... _c_34.html

Mama Bracelets (http://www.mamabracelets.com) was contacted by Breathe Deep Naperville in mid-July seeking a bracelet design that would provide long-lasting quality coupled with deep meaning for those affected by lung cancer as well as those who simply wish to support the cause. Mama Bracelets responded by designing 2 women's bracelets, one men's bracelet (which is considered gender neutral) and included a necklace charm design as well.

"Our goal with these designs was not to leave anybody out. We wanted to reach a wide audience," explains PR Director Michael Casten, "and we wanted to create products that have options within them as well."

The two women's bracelets are strung on flex wire with toggle clasps. One has a silver circle and the other boasts a silver rectangle, each hand-stamped with an awareness ribbon and the words, 'Breathe Deep". The silver plates are surrounded by Swarovski Crystals of clear (representing lung cancer) and light amethyst (representing cancer in general). In between each crystal you will find daisy and silver ball accent beads. Options include sterling silver accent beads or silver-plated bronze as well as offering the circle plate as a 'silver filled circle plate' or 'sterling silver circle plate'.

The men's bracelet, which is advertised as gender neutral, is strung on a thin leather cord with a rectangle plate; which is also hand-stamped with an awareness ribbon and 'Breathe Deep'. It sports a strong magnetic clasp for easy on and off maneuvering. Options include having the plate made from sterling silver or nickel-silver.

The necklace charm is a single open circle, stamped as the other products are and carries two Swarovski Crystal beads (one clear and one light amethyst) hanging in the open part of the circle. This delicate design can hang on an 18" sterling silver ball chain. Options include purchasing the necklace without the chain.

"I was really excited when I finished designing these products for Breathe Deep Naperville and LUNGevity." owner Lindsay Casten remarks, "These opened up a whole new avenue of designs for our company...we're looking forward to great success with these products."

You can find these items exclusively on the Mama Bracelets website at http://www.mamabracelets.com/Lung-Cance ... ness-_c_34 ...

Mama Bracelets will donate 30% of their profits for the first 10 items sold, 40% for items 11-49 sold, and a generous 50% for 50+ items sold. In addition, Breathe Deep Naperville and MB are considering keeping the items active after the Nov 5th event to continue benefitting LUNGevity.

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