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Thursday's Air


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Good morning all!

We are heading into a cool front for the first time in weeks! Mid 80's today, and heading into the 70's for the remaining week. Yeah! I can't wait to open the windows and turn the air off.

Today is the Cancer walk in the tiny town of Grattan. I am the opening speaker. I remember last year, when I was also the featured speaker. As I told my story, the tears were flowing (which was not my intention). But these folks are from a small town, and what they do with this walk means a lot to them. Last year they raised $13,000.00! This year it looks to be double that, all going to Gilda's Club. How cool is that?

It's early here, which is not usually my style :-)

But I'm up, so I thought, why not open up with the Air?

Eric, if you wanted to copy and paste your posts, I'd advise putting them in a Word document, and saving it on your desktop. But it looks like Katie did that for you on Facebook, so you may not have to do that. Safe travels my friend. We can't wait to read more of your travels.

Paulette, I hope you have a reprieve from the heat coming as well. Glad the money for the A/C was not much. I can only imagine how I'd react if my A/C failed in this weather.

Alan, my husband debated on what to do for my birthday coming up. He offered up King Crab with a small side of beef filet, which I thought was great! Then he told me, last night, that he was leaving work at noon, and for me to plan on a road trip! How fun! He's surprising me with the destination, which is awesome. I can't wait to see what he is planning.

Sara, I hope you had a good night of sleeping, inspite of the steroids. Thanks for your thoughts. The nausea is better! Still having symptoms of the infection, so may still call the doc to have a follow up though.

Can't wait to hear about the gathering in Seattle. What a great time will be had by all.

So, have a good day all. Hopefully this makes it in before someone else posts. If not? Just merge my post with the others.

Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 82 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 111. It was 109 degrees on my ride home yesterday again.

Bud, you really are a glutton for punishment. I worry you're pushing the envelope to far in that heat. I tell myself you know your limits but man....lol

Ah, but testing my limits is part of the fun. I do ride with a heart rate monitor, though. I've learned that in severe heat, perceived effort isn't nearly as reliable an indicator of real effort as heart rate is. Yesterday, though, I was feeling so good that I kept forgetting to watch my heart rate, and eased off more that once after catching myself with a higher heart rate than intended.

I used to keep a diary years ago. When I got cancer, I bought a beautiful book and intended to start again. It has maybe one or two entries. Don't know. Just can't get into it again.

I've been threatening to do a cycling blog forever. My story is unusual enough that I should have started one after I was diagnosed. I'm going to try and start one now. Maybe when I'm retired and have more time, I'll really get into it.

Glad your AC wasn't down for long, Paulette. My office here at work barely gets down to 82 degrees these days. Lots of AC units only seem capable of producing a 25 degree or so temperature drop, so when it's 120 degrees in the shop, it's not that cool in the offices inside the shop (but I still try and duck out of the shop and into my office whenever possible).

Glad you're feeling better, MI Judy. Are you going to record your speech for us?

I hope you manage a better night's sleep tonight, Sara. Have a great day, all!

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Good afternoon, friends.

Nothing much to talk about today but I wanted to drop in. It's hot, as usual, here and we're keeping an eye out to see what this storm may have in store for us. It's almost comical how panicky people here get after living through Frances and Jeanne in 2004. I was in the supermarket this morning and people were grabbing water and canned goods like mad. I just try to keep enough in the pantry at this time of year and avoid the mad rush. I am going to fill my car up this afternoon, just in case that we lose power.

Oh...also very glad that tomorrow is finally Friday. This has been a terribly long week for me and I am really looking for some R&R this weekend.

Hope everyone has a nice evening!!!


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Hi guys -

I was off in Boston for a few days with my daughters. We had a wonderful time - topped off by a walk off, slide into home, win for the Sox! Now, that is the best way to make lasting memories!

Now I am home - all alone for one whole day - and too tired to do much of anything!

It is hard to miss so many days of the air - so much news, so much to answer - but the sun is shining and the beach is calling so I will just say hi - and start fresh tomorrow!!

You are all always on my mind and in my prayers!


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I could have sworn I am currently sitting in Wednesday.thank goodness I have here to keep me right.Sorry still not keeping up properly with your posts,thanks KatieB,was a bit concerned about not having a record of my journey.To bring you up to date and myself for that matter,Tuesday eve after Stewart and Lynne dropped me off,I decided on a nightcap in the Brit Pub just a block away from my hotel,fell in with a group of guys on a works conference adventure,well we did share a couple of beers and Scotches,and some really good fun,think I went to bed after two in the morning.Seems I have volunteered to be host to a visit from one of them,who is coming to Scotland on holiday next year,a wee chance to replay the Americans for the reception I have received here,forget which guy it was,never mind they all have my details.Spent yesterday at the Guthrie Theatre and the Mill ruins,good experience in both camps.Well got to the station about 9.30pm last night,unfortunately the train didnt arrive until 12.45pm.

Arrived at Grand Forks about 8.00am this morning,only reason for being here was to break my train travel into short 4-6 hour pieces,well its turning out 7-8 hours is the norm.It also gives me an appreciation of small town America as well as the major cities.Well think I should have stayed on the train,I arrived at the hotel to be told they dont check in until 3.00pm,which seems to be common practice in the USA,I am sure that in all my travels through the UK and Europe,you checked in whenever you arrive,well what really ------me off the receptionist refused to check in my luggage also,so I had to search out the nearest restaurant (1 mile away)dragging my luggage,receptionist completely indifferent to my predicament,its not my fault Amtrak train schedules dont match up with hotel check ins.The hotel is illchosen by me,looked better on the net,its very basic,they are not the Americans I am used to meeting,eg,I asked a man in the street where the nearest eating place was,he replied he coud'nt help me, he was only out for a walk and wasnt carrying any money on him,I must look like a vagrant,lugging my cases with me.I have made my mind up,no more small towns,straight to Glacier Park,on the first available train out of town,probably means 24hrs on the train? and I will lose a couple of paid up hotel board,but I would rather feel comfortable about where I am,and I am not here.Strangely the station here only opens midnight to 8.00am,I dont think I am going to get a place on tonights train,I usually book my train ridewith Amtrak two days in advance,but I am going to try.

I will post in later,let you know how I am doing,hopefully I will be riding a train tonight.Bye

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Oh Eric, that stinks! You should be able to get your money back on the hotels if you cancer 1 day ahead. I'm surprised they were so rude. Usually I try to sweet talk them into contacting the house keeping staff and getting into a room they already cleaned. They start cleaning at 7:00AM, so surely there was a clean room! Also, they usually allow you to check in your bags too. How rude. So sorry about all of this. Makes me want to hop on a plane and fly out and give someone a piece of my mind.

Janet, sounds like you had a great time! Now it's time for rest.

Ann, we get that panic buying with snow storms. The longest any of us have been "stranded" is maybe 3 days. Surely the average person has 3 days of food in the cupboards. But they hoard milk, bread, eggs, the perishable stuff. It is funny.

Bud, no recording. LOL

Judy in MI

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Oh Eric, that stinks! You should be able to get your money back on the hotels if you cancer 1 day ahead.

Ok, that gets my vote as the worst typo of the day...

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Hey you guys, late in the day, but some funny stuff, had to respond. I might cancer happy hour today.

Eric, some small towns are depressed areas because all the jobs are gone among other things. Still a slice of America that you're lucky to see. You might not think that now. People are disgruntled and react stupidly sometimes. I bet they were smoking too. Get to a good place and hoist a pint. this one's on me.

The new neighbors sure like to party. I got up at midnight to let the dogs out and they were singing along to the radio. Both at full volume. The place is so neglected, I hope they wake up one day soon and begin to clean it up. It needs one of those TV show guys to show up with a landscape crew. Oh wait, that's what I need. Their celebration continues.

Still cloudy here with some much needed rain. That's the weather report from me. Not much to say, I already purged on another topic for today. Must get busy. Be safe everybody and peace back to you Janet. Al

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Alan - had to reply to your neighbor dilemma. We live in a shoreline community, the population of our town doubles in the summer. The house directly behind us seems to be a "starter beach house" getting bought and sold every couple of years.

The thing is - whoever lives there - is on vacation. And they forget that we all - are not! SO - this summer we have a bunch of karaoke crazies who sing Karaoke til 2 in the morning at the top of their lungs - mostly Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You - and then a lot of rap with really really inappropriate language!

I always wonder who raised people like that - didn't they have a mother who taught them manners?! :D

I try to be patient - but my husband did go over one Sunday when the music was extra loud and the words were extra disgusting to ask them to tone it down.

Anyway - just got back from the beach - I am going to "cancer" my plans to clean the house and sit back with a beer in the garden!

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Pin back your ears,well ,and your eyes also, you are going to love this one.Well being very discontent with my hotel and the people to boot,I decided to book the first train out of town and forfeit my money spent,surprisingly Amtrak had no problem booking me to Glacier Park West,so I shopped around on my netbook for a local hotel to the Amtrak station,found the ideal hotel,yes again ahem-the lady asked me for my station arrival time (6.45pm) she asked was I sure,this is not the usual time the train arrives,usually a good bit later?well I am glad she did raise this one,since when I rechecked with Amtrak I was told they are only stopping at East Glacier just now.great isnt it?depending on the people at the wheel to give you accurate advice,when its all baloney.So still yet to find a suitable hotel in East Glacier now.

Back to my hotel now,I tell them I will be checking out at approx 2am tomorrow,sorry but the hotel is unsuitable,eventually 3.00pm arrives and I ask for my room,I am told there is no booking in my name,thats not right I insisted,I booked this online yesterday,well one good thing,means I wont forfeit,3 days hotel money for a place I didnt like.

Here's the punchline,I phone the taxi firm that brought me here this morning,to come and pick me up,after waiting outside for 20mins,the taxi firm phones to ask me where I am?America Inn of course,taxi man he say-oops my driver has gone to the wrong America Inn,Eric says, you mean theres two America Inns?thats right he replies,Americas Best Value Inn and AmericInn Motel and Suites.Pennies dropped ,when the taxi arrives,I tell him to take me to the AmericInn Motel,yes Eric is booked in here,and its just beautiful,sadly I have to tell them I have my train reserved for leaving at 4.00am tomorrow morning.The girl said no problem we will only charge you for one night and not the three originally booked,this mistake has happened so many times in the past.I had given the taxi driver,a note with the Hotels name and address,he oviously gave it only a cursory glance,we were also giving a lift to another person at the station to share the fare so maybe he was a bit distracted taking note of the other guys hotel?,I never noticed the difference in titles.

Isnt life just fun?now to find somewhere nice to have dinner-Roamin in the Gloamin on the bonnie banks o' Clyde,sing up everyone,I am happy again.Byee.

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Its me again,

Just for the record,its not-Not so Grand Falls-its actually Not so Grand Forks.Why do I keep confusing myself with all these names?.I this chemo brain effects?.

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