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I guess it is time to update now that I know everything


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Hello Dear Friend,

Ihave finally gotten all the info from my late July scans.

Seems like everything from the neck down is still good. As for the other (my head) they said that I have some new lesions on my skull. Not inside, not on or in the brain, on the outside of my skull. First the Dr. wanted another MRI and she was supposed to get it in the works. 2 Days later I get a call from a different Dr. (whom I originally thought was the tech in the MRI suite) who told me that they did not really need a new MRI and that he was going to get me set up to take chemo again.

Chemo is set to start Aug 5the, like last month and this month could not be any worse and Aug. has just started.

Will try to check in more often than I have been

Dawn :cry:

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Dawn - I am so sorry to read this. My first thought was "better outside than in" but what difference does that make after everything this year has held. It's good to see you post in and know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow -


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So sorry to hear you got this news on top of all your other issues. Do stay in touch and tell us what chemo you'll be doing. We have people here who can probably offer help on most any chemo side-effect.

Forgot to offer good wishes on the birth of the baby. Wonderful about the open adoption. It must help some.

Judy in KW

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