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Update to the Update


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Hello all,

I had my 1st 2 round of chemo today, and I actially saw a Doctor and not a fellow, And he also introduced me to one of the heads of the department. I got a kick out of their names, there was Dr. Weil, and Dr. Wong. ( Don't know why Weil and Wong tickled me, and I am still smiling thinking about it, lol)

Anyway back to the scans. This was just a plain old CT scans( which was a relief, I was not looking forward to another MRI). You could clearly see the layers from the brain outward to the muscle layer just under the skin, the lesions showed up black on the white bone structure. I could tell they were started from the outside of the bone nearest the muscle, with some showing just a slight indentation in to the bone. Some were a little deeper than others but none of them had erupted through the bone into the fluid or through the dura (the tough outer layer of the brain which is surrounded by the fluid) I had a bunch of pretty small ones and two to three larger ones. All in all this Dr. was the most informative one I have seen to this date as was Dr. Wong.

So every three weeks for six months for a 2 1/2 hr infusion of carboplatin and etopiside and 5 pills daily for 2 days after the infusion Don;t know the scanning schedule to check and see if the chemo is working but will be sure to find out at next appointment. In a weird way this to me was not the least bit scarey, and it made me feel that at least in this situation I could count on there being no initial surprises and this at least would remain the same and not throw me a big curve ball for probably for at least the next two cycles, as I expect them to scan after the third cycle.

That is the status as of today. I am worn out because of all the walking, and our lovely 110 degree temps and in need of the coffee I had to skip today.

Think I might add an ice cube or two.

Will do my best to keep you up dated.

Love you all!


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Hi Dawn,

Can you tell me what your first chemo regiment was? What are the pills you will be taking?



PS- I had a Dr. Wong when I was in the hospital at diagnosis. My sister and I liked to call him "Tumor-lysis man". Kind of like a super hero, he would walk into my room and start off by saying something about Tumor-lysis! LOL

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Karen, My first was just the same as this one except it was every fourth week instead of every three like it is now. The treatment was carboplatin and etopiside infusions, followed by 5 etoposide pile for 2 days following infusions. The pills have to be refridgerated.


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Dawn, I just read both of your posts for the first time and I want you to know that I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this , but I also want you to know that a you can count on positive vibes and prayers from my part of the world. It's just like you to look for a bit of humor and to deal with things in a positive way, What a fighter you are and you truly inspire me. I will be looking for your updates and praying for only the best of results.



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