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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! So good to see so many of you on Friday's Air. I'm getting very tired with the packing cranking up. Today is the last full day. We leave early in the am tomorrow.

Was so tired I went to bed earlier last night but those minutes waiting to fall asleep have been about the trip. I'm anxious about pacing myself and worried about being able to say no to people. After last year, I'm worried about overdoing. I don't want to lose the ground I've gained. I'm already have a little more stomach issues in the evening but I'm figuring it's eating Stan's cooking. I do better that way when I'm by myself. But his cooking is sooooo good!

Bud, so good to hear your plan to take it easy Sunday.

Alan, your attitude is super. Hope the kids enjoy the visit.

Lily, happy to hear you've backed off from "doing it all" when your community has an event.

Annette, I appreciate your appreciation of Leos but come on, Aquarians have their own song--Age of Aquarious for those to young to remember lol.

Judy, poor little squirrel!

Stephanie, I haven't bee exercising at all and vow to walk while I'm traveling. But I am so jealous of you seeing LCSC members for your walk. So wish I could be there.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi you guys, I,m doing this on our little tiny itty bitty very small miniscule undersized and hard to use tiny computer. Not used to it at all. Like my big giant enormous screen. Anyway, took the run to BWI at 4:00 am to pick up kids. They could have flown into HBG but would have to change in CHicago. Parents did'nt want that. Raining all day today. they are asleep with time difference. Good for me.

Judy KW have safe travels. RVing has to be the be the best way to go with your own bed and facilities. Again, I'm jealous of everybody. Beaches, Fishing, Traveling, Working haha to you.I eat well and feel good though so I,ll maintain right here.

Got a call yesterday from the cancer center to see if I could go down there to visit with a new patient. Sounds like he's a bit frazzled with all that is before him. Happens alot. I offerred to go early next week, see what happens. Seems there is no family willing to make the trip. How sad. The least any of us can do as survivors is offer a hand whenever possible. As this site proves, sometimes an ear and open heart are that it takes to make someones day. You guys make mine everyday. Alan

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Hi All,

Alan, that is awesome, going to help someone else out. I totally agree about "paying it forward". How nice.

Judy, I hope you have a nice, quiet, peaceful day today in preparation for leaving tomorrow.

Here? It's pouring rain. It seems that this summer has been one of intense heat, very intense storms, and torrential downpours. It is just pounding out there with thunder and pouring rain. We just undo the damage to the gravel road, when another storm rolls through and mucks it all up again, literally and figuratively.

I was hoping this was a pass through storm, because of dinner tonight with R's brother and wife. The restaurant we are going to is an outdoor, on the lake, kind of place. It's so charming and quaint, and it kills us to think we'll have to sit inside. But all I see is grey dark clouds, so am thinking this may not pass. Oh well, it will be good to see them!

We went boating and BBQ last night, as I said. I'm very concerned about the wife of one of R's best friends. Every time I see her she is tanked. When it got to about 10:00PM, she was stumbling and could hardly walk. She is 53 years old. Makes me sad to think that this is what she calls fun. I don't mind a couple of drinks, but slurring speech, not making sense, and stumbling all over is not, to me, a good time! I have a lot more fun if I temper what I drink, and just laugh and have fun on my own brilliant sense of humor. LOL.

I told the 3 little pigs joke that someone here posted a couple of weeks ago. Wee, wee, wee, wee.....all the way home. LOL That joke totally cracked me up. I like nice, clean humor.

Well, I'm going to jump off and get some laundry done. Still battling nausea. Hoped the antibiotics were still kicking in, but it's been a week and it's not better. I'll be calling the doc on Monday.

Take care, have a good rest of the weekend.

Judy in MI

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Good afternoon everyone,

Just as we were leaving to go and visit the nephew ERIC called - I could tell it was him by the accent. He wanted me to let everyone know that the "wifi" service in his hotel is not really working so he may not be able to post in until Wednesday or Thursday. I'll let everyone know if he calls again. I suggested he try and take the little computer down to the lobby might get better reception. He wanted to go out and check on bus tours since he's in Montana and the great outdoors thing would be better attempted on a bus.

Good visit with the kid. Although some of his attitude showed through. Anyway, now I'm off to work a bit (or play) whichever comes first. Let's see. www.facebook you get the idea right - work - Saturday... hard to make myself do it.


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