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CDC Anti-tobacco Commercial Call to Action


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The CDC called asking if I would post this. They are trying to find a person with lung cancer that fits this criteria for a paid television commercial.

I think if you fit the criteria and want to particiate you should have the option to choose to do so.

Here is what they are looking for.

A woman under 50 ( well 51-52 would be ok) has had a lung removed recently do to a tobacco related illness must be able to get a Dr affidavit saying tobacco contributed, and does not smoke anymore

It shoots in NY August 16-19

It does pay and pay travel, they are open to someone who can not travel yet....

It is an anti tobacco commercial that will give a quit hotline number at the end.

Please free to post to your Call to action site! anyone is free to contact me with questions or concern. Sorry such short notice !

Have a nice day :)

Leslie Rhoades


Mimi Webb Miller casting


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