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Tuesday's Air


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What the heck! I'll open the windows today. Though around here windows open is not a good idea with the rain. Yeah. Rain. Cold front. Cooler temps. Bring it on. Supposed to be a high of 82 and low of 60. I love this.

Have a doc appt. this morning, so had to get up early. Way too early for this girl. But I'm up and at 'em.

And as many of you hve already wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook, thank you. It is my birthday. I'm so curious. Hubs said he'd be home by noon. He said to be prepared for 3 adventures. Bring comfy shoes. Dress casual. I can't even imagine what he's cooked up. But I'm so excited I can't stand it! LOL. I love surprises, and can't wait to see these today. Happy Birthday to me.

Being cancer survivors, birthdays have a lot more meaning don't they. Celebrating another year is amazing and gratifying.

Well, I'm going to leave the opening at that for now. Don't know if I'll be back today. Who knows what my crazy man has cooked up?

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Have been a bit self-centered lately. Guess scananxiety has been lurking just beneath the surface of my mind. I kind of went into drama mode when I was running around Orlando Regional and adjacent MDA yesterday trying to figure out where to go. They keep changing things. I swore no dramda this trip. Some old friend at the desk on 5 took one look at me and offered to take me back ORH in a wheelchair after I had my port accessed. I kept protesting and she kept offering so kindly I finally agreed. I met up with Stan and things went smoothly after that. We finished the day with a fab dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.

I can't possible keep up with individual responses to posts just know I read them all. And happy belated BD's to Judy, Annette, Rose and anyone else I missed. Bud, I didn't miss that you took 3 days off from biking. Good for you. You deserve it. Eric, sounds like you are hitting an upswing again in your travels. You'll be in Seattle soon with familiar people. Hope Paulette is staying cool in WI soon. And Lily, hope you are taking it easy in spite of your low humidity.

The weather was awful here yesterday. Humid, humid, humid. Then you're freezing in the hospital. Oh well, back today for my results. Am trying not to be too excited because I think they'll be really good. Decided yesterday to go for good instead of awesome. I hate to be disappointed.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. Judy was submitting with you and couldn't remember how to merge so just pasted mine here and delete the redundant one.

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Good morning all! I'm back home from visiting my sister. We had a blast without doing much of anything but we did go visit a couple of our older cousins that I hadn't seen in at least 10 years. And we went to eat at Red Lobster. Yummy!! Judy KW I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for good results for you today! Judy MI - did you finally contact your doctor about your nausea? Hope you're feeling wonderful today for your special day. Katie - did you leave for Seattle yet? When you meet up with Stephanie, Sara and Eric will you give them a big hug from me?


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 82 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 109.

My fishing trip to Benbrook yesterday after work didn't work out. I arrived at Mustang Park just after 3:00 pm, only to have the gate attendant there tell me the last boat ramp had been closed that morning. He said there are now no open boat ramps on Benbrook, which is over 9 feet low. So any more Benbrook trips I make in the foreseeable future will have to be kayak trips.

Happy Birthday, MI Judy! Best wishes for great scan results, KW Judy! Have a great day, all!

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Well, I just got home from the doctor appointment. They said I don't seem to have a bladder infection anymore. Huh? I'm not making the symptoms up. Going to do a culture and see if there is anything there. Good. Again, I am not making this up. If anyone knows here about not wanting doctor's attention, it is all of us. So we'll see.

Judy, I'm praying for good scan results, no, excellent scan results. That darned anxiety gets to all of us doesn't it?

Thanks for the birthday wishes. He will be home soon. The weather is now spectacular. The rain moved out, the sun is shinning, and it's 70 out. Perfect! On facebook, there's 56 happy birthday posts already! Oh my gosh.

Bud, I was just curious why they closed all the boat ramps to one of your fav lakes?

Judy in MI

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Happy Birthday Judy in MI! Hope he hits this surprise out of the park.

Good scan Judy in KW

Cool riding Bud.

Paulette - thanks - how do we hug you back?

Katie - partly cloudy and cool...keep breathing.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Relaxing today,nothing much on.I have posted the Glacier Park pics into facebook from yesterday,forgot to lift the facebook link to paste them in here,now I cannot find the link,what an idiot.

Following dinner last night I dropped into the local-yes again-two nights ago I was having fun with the regulars there ,mostly young kids,I happened to mention I had brought a kilt with me,well they all encouraged me to go back to the hotal and come back wearing it,well anything for a laugh,so I did,well the bar put on Scottish musc for me when I arrived,Scotland the Brave etc,think everyone had a good time,I certainly did.Last night same place, bit quieter,I got chatting to a girl-Amber-she works at -you are never going to believe this- making hand carved wooden spoons,she runs a craft shop with her Mum and Dad,she invited me to come and see her shop today,which I did,what an amazing variety of spoons made in all different kinds of timbers.Amber invited me to meet her Dad,we had a nice chat,I have been invited back up when their shop closes to share a beer or two.Beaver has just asked me to meet a historical author of books on Native Americans ,he has visiting the Inn at eight tonight,dont think I will make it unless Amber might want to come along,need to play this one by ear.

I am a bit restricted in mobility,I can hire a car to get about, but I have two problems,one obviously, driving on the wrong side of the road,the other I have driven a car for over forty years but never a automatic,maybe better I dont try than risk having an accident.Walking about here is also a bit is very tiring for me in this heat,be easier if there was a bit more of tree cover to keep in the shade.

Hi JudyMI,Happy Birthday,I love surprises too,hope you have a great day with Randy.I also agree every birthday for al of us here is something extra special,may everyone here have plenty more of them.

Hi Bud,Sorry to hear about you not getting access for fishing,I am not surprised at the 9 foot drop in water levels at your lake,when you have temps over 100 degrees for weeks now,hope you get some respite soon and of course some heavy rain.

Hi Judy,Seems wishing you well in your tests is a bit repetitive recently,you just have more than your fair share of them,I never stop thinking about you at these times and will always be hoping the feedback is good.Hoping this lot,are the last for the forseeable future.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,sorry if I missed out mentioning anyone,its not intentional.Bye.

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