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Thursday's Air


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Wow, it's after 11:00AM and no Air yet! I'll be happy to open, and if someone else that is a moderator beats me, please merge mine. :)

Yesterday was fantastic! We had the picnic for R's new job, and they had it at this fabulous Zoo type facility that just opened two weeks ago. It is out in middle of nowhere, and has been rescuing exotic animals for years. There was any kind of African creature you could expect that lives there. The facility was very clean and so interesting.

They had a Steve Irwin Croc type hunter come out. He was actually good friends with Steve. He did a show on the reptiles, and fed the alligators. It was very cute and educational as well. I loved all of it.

Still waiting to hear from the doc on the infection. It's not gone, and the side effects are a bit irritating. Hoping to get on a new medication that will flush it out of the bod.

Sun shining, windows open. gentle breezes, mid 70's. It does not get any better than this. I have a Gilda's Board meeting this afternoon, then group in the evening. Have not seen anyone in group for 3 weeks, can't wait.

Well have a blessed and full day.

Judy in MI

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Afternoon All! Don't know where everyone is Judy. Glad you enjoyed the picnic and are having such grand weather. Looks like the heat may have breaken up here too. At least it was cool in the am.

I've been riding the hills of WVA and it's wasn't computer friendly. I'm in OH now but I've been on awhile now reading and posting and catching up with email and my stomach is feeling so well so I'll cut this short.

Good to see you on Annette but sorry you're so busy. Hope your dinner was great.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 82 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 106.

I've been working on my blog when I'm not working on machinery, and just haven't taken time to stop by.

Not much else happening here in the blast furnace. Have a great day, all!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well it seems so long ago since I have posted in here,it has been a bit of a bind not having wi-fi in my hotel room,so my visits to the reception area have to be kept to the minimum,however,I have found this diner that has wi-fi and dont seem to mind me sitting here online.

Bags packed again,moving on today to Seattle,the train leaves here to-night at 6.45,give or take a few hours,I have discovered Amtrak timetables are only there as a rough guide,think their timetable should just read sometime today.

I had to spend a few hours online yesterday searching out a suitable hotel,Stephanie was right seems all the downtown hotels are booked all over the weekend.I did find one-The Kings Inn,it ticked all the right boxes for price,location and the web page showed a pic of an attractive hotel frontage,so I booked in from Friday until I leave for home Thusday next,well afterwards-yes I know-wrong way round-I clicked on the previous guests comments box,what a shocker,not one guest had anything complimentary to say about the hotel,small rooms paper thin walls,noisy,dirty and smelly,oh dear,took me ages to find how to cancel,but I did,I just could'nt risk staying in such a place,seems I have been charged for one night,but what the heck.I found another one bit out of town,but it seems has good public transport links,can you believe I have a friend booked into the same place-you might know her- KatieB?-isnt that just fun?,I am so looking forward to meeting her.

Well since I arrived here,I have been to a Pow-Wow,a rodeo and visited Glacier Park.Think I have mentioned meeting up with a lovely girl called Amber,been spending lots of time with her,nothing romantic,just two people hanging out to-gether having fun,she has a boyfriend-Patrick,who is a really nice guy I have shared a couple of beers with.I was invited by Amber to meet her parents a couple of nights ago,so we spent a pleasant evening,sitting outside their home just chatting.

Evenings,really not much else to do but have a couple of drinks in the local pub,usually with Ambers company,all the regulars have been so friendly towards me,the local is a bit frontier landish,but it is such a happy place to spend time in.Last night they had organised a goldfish race,two lengths of plastic guttering were taped to the surface of a pool table and filled with water,well two teams- one to each gutter ,one of the team drop a small goldfish (1/2 inch long approx)into the gutter their partner using a drinking straw,blows into the water behind the goldfish to encourage it to the other end of the gutter,by a process of elimination,there is a final winning team,oh forgot to mention,one member of the losing team has to swallow their goldfish,fortunately not me.Its all so rediculous but this is Americans having fun,well when in Rome.

Meeting up with Amber shortly,she is taking a bit of time out from wooden spoon carving this afternoon,I am going to miss her when I leave tonight,she has been such a friend to me,my stay here has been so much enhanced by her company.Gosh another destination to return to next year LOL.

Got to go,next post will be from Seattle to-morrow evening,sorry I have'nt been keeping up with the posts properly,but things will get back to normal when I return home next Thursday,I cannot believe how quickly this vacation has passed,I swear I could easliy just continue my journey on and on,its been so much fun. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,Bye.

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