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When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I went into mad internet research mode. Between all the clinical information and scary stats I ran across, I found several cancer survivor blogs, and really appreciated the stories being shared in them.

It made me want to do a cancer blog myself, but I knew that if the surgery left me cancer free like it was supposed to, my cancer story was going to be way too short to bother with a blog. So I never did one.

But, I have finally gotten around to gathering up all my writings and posts and doing a blog that suits me better, a cycling blog. It's still a work in process, and a lot of the cycling posts need more added to them, but I don't think most of those posts would be of much interest here, anyway.

But my cancer story is there too, in more detail than I've ever posted in any individual place. For anyone who wants to read one more cancer story, just follow my blog from December, 2007 to May, 2008. It's at uneasy-rider.com

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Bud, I've read through the diagnosis, and chemo treatments. All I can say is that you are one tough and determined man. Wow. I need to get moving.

I've been sedentary due to lumpy feet, and hernia repairs, and of course, lung surgery. But I can at least get muscles moving. I am going to start lifting weights again. I'm quite weak, but I can start with 5 pounders, and work my way up. You have inspired me. Seriously inspired me. Your story is an amazing one, and I can't wait to read more.

Judy in MI

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