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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 82 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103.

I got up yesterday morning and rode from home. I ended up with 93 miles. It was cloudy until late morning, but was getting pretty hot by the time I got home.

It sounds like the Seattle event went great, wish I could have been there.

Am I a regular?

Alan, at my age, regular has a whole different meaning...

MI Judy, I hope your foot is feeling better this morning. Have a great day, all!

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Wow it took me a while to read the last three days posts. I have been a little busy so havn't been here in a few days. I guess I am an off and on regular. One thing I think I have been on the board as long or longer than most have.

Bud sorry your lake is unfishable. That happened a couple of years ago here. All of the lakes were so low that they left the boat launches high and dry. We made up for it this past winter.

Judy you really need to be careful doing all of those running tricks. You are still young enough but I doubt in shape enough to be doing rodeo or animal tricks :lol: Seriously I hope you didn't do any real damage and will be as good as new soon.

Judy KW sounds like you are having a good vacation. Enjoy and don't over do. Don't you just love making cobblers? I made a plum cobbler a couple of days ago.

Alan I made up my mind a long time ago that I was not going to pay someone to scare me to death. I don't do rollercoasters. My kids on the other hand never met one they didn't want to try.

Katie I am so glad that you got to meet so many people and of coarse I am as upset as you about them always associating smoking with Lung Cancer. I tend to think it is a defence they use for themselves hoping it means that if they ddin't smoke they don't have to worry. I know you must have really enjoyed the weather in Seattle and going back to the heat must be a real drain.

Where is Annette?

Eric you have had an amazing trip and I think a lot of that has to be because you are an amazing person. I ride Amtrack every year and know that you can never be in a hurry. I will say that the Sunset Limited that I ride has changed a lot over the past few years. They won some kind of law suit with the freight company (Union Pacific) who owns the rails so the long waits on the side for the fright trains to pass are pretty much a thing of the past. At least on that route. Enjoy your time left in Seattle and have a safe trip home.

Stephanie and Sara and Paulette hope you all have a safe and restful week.

My son was supposed to have a job in San Francisco and come up to see me for a couple of days while he was close but the job was canceled at the last minute. That was a disappointment. I am hoping some other job will come up close and he will be able to pay at least a short visit.

I joined a site on Facebook with a lot of people who went to my old High School. How wonderful it is to share those memories after being away and cut off from all of them for so long. I was hoping to find my best friend from high school but she was not on there. I decided to search again as I have done many times over the past few years. It had to be meant to be because I found her in just a few minutes in the San Jose phone book. I called and we talked for nearly two hours. Oh the memories :!:

She told me that she had just read an old letter the day before. It was a letter I had written to her when I first moved to Louisiana in 1961. I had quit school to get married. She also told me that her horoscope for yesterday had said whe would be in contact with an old friend that she hadn't heard from in years. Emagine that. You know how you just know things are meant to be? She lost her husband on December 1st and that was just one day before 8 years that Johnny had been gone. She is also alone and struggling with her grief. Somehow I feel that I am meant to try and help her. She has invited me to go spend a few days with her. I just may do that soon if circumstances will let me.

I guess it is time for me to get off of here and go walk. I think this thing is tellin me this is too long because my words are bouncing around and hard to see. Have a great day everyone and please excuse any mistakes this thing is going nuts on me.

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Hi you guys,

I have a couple of years on you Bud so I get the regular thing. Only 5 days left with the kiddies, then back to normal. It's been interesting for sure. Roger and Tucker absolutely love the playmates. (they are my dogs). I forgot how kids can stay in the pool forever. I found myself checking to see if they were still on the surface. I mean for hours. Today they go back to spend a day with their great grandmary. She's 88. Hope she can keep them amused.

Just wanted to post something, gotta get them over there. I think an afternoon of napping is coming up. Rain all day into tonight, so stuck inside.

Man Mi judy, You didn't book that getaway did you? Things just keep happening to you. You really need a break. I don't mean any more bones though. Take it easy,will ya?

Eric, if you're reading any posts, let us know how your return journey is going to go. Where will it take you? Are you ending in Phila.? Your trip has been amazing to follow. What great pics. Your ability to make friends must have been a joy for you.

Have a great day everybody and be safe. Alan

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Morning all! Well, thanks for the good thoughts Alan and Lily. I must admit I'm worse for the wear today. I'm supposed to go to the foot doctor today to finally get fitted with new shoes, but I'm afraid it will be another X-ray. My foot is swollen again, and my ankle has a big bruise on it. My hip, elbow and hand are also bruised up.

I guess I need to change my middle name to DRAMA. It seems like no matter what I do, drama seems to be a component of it. I am hoping for boring and routine right now.

It's fantastic here! Low 70's, and just plain beautiful. I love the changing of the seasons, and we are just beginning that here. It's wonderful.

Well, I'm off to the foot doc!

Good to hear from the 3 of you!

MI Judy

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Well, I went to the foot doc, and thankfully didn't break anything else. He did fit me with an ankle brace to wear for the next four weeks.

I did something today that I've never done before. I've mentioned the troubles between R and I. This weekend was a typical one in our lives these days, with him angry with me constantly, and me defending myself constantly. I cried and cried last night, trying to figure out what we can do to stop this. We love each other! I think. Anyway, the only thought going around in my head this morning was "Leave. Go away for a few days. Get out of the situation." So I did.

I went to the big City, and checked into a place that has charming little suites, quiet, and nice. I asked for one as far back as they could get me from anyone or anything, and they were able to accomodate me. It is wonderful. It has a little kitchen, a sitting area, bedroom, bath, and free internet access. It's perfect.

I am relieved right now.

He says cancer changed me. Yes! it did! My priorities today are 1000% different than they were before cancer. He says I'm not the woman he married. No kidding? It's been 20 years, and you'd hope we'd mature and evolve in that amount of time.

Anyway, I left him a note saying I just needed a few days away to read, think, and pray about what to do next. I told him that his discontent seems to be coming from somewhere that I don't understand. I even wonder if it is because it's the first time in 20 years that he's working in the Corporate world. Perhaps being exposed to professional women, in the middle of their careers, is making him disappointed in me. I reminded him that in my day, I was those young women, accomplished, achieving, dressed to the nines every day. But I'm older now. I don't want that world, ever again. It's not important how much money I make. It's important to live every single day as fully as possible. My work now is helping others. I love that work.

If he is ashamed of that, it's his problem. At his company picnic, all these women, in chatting, inevitable asked me what I "do". I explained that I retired after a 30 year career in sales, and was quite involved in volunteer work now. I'd get a disinterested "oh" and they moved on.

I don't know if that is the problem. But I do know I am relieved to not have to deal with him for a few days. Hoping and praying that he'll feel my absence, and realize what he is missing.

Or not.


Judy in MI

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Judy in MI,

Just letting you know I am hearing you. I first thought you said you were given an ankle bracelet - I was thinking house arrest! But you've literally flown the coop. I hope things work out well. Enjoy your solitude and soul work.

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Good Evening Everyone,

I am sitting in a diner having dinner,my hotel charges $15 for being on line/day,so over here is free,no choice for a Scot ?LOL.

Well I have been a busy bee these last couple of days,went along with Paul to the Boeing Factory open day to see the new plane,sorry no pics,cameras and mobile phones were banned.We managed to board the new plane,it was fitted up with all types of equipment for testing its flight performance,so it will be a little bit longer before it comes into operation,its very impressive,maybe get to fly in it someday?.

Well,Boeing also provided for us some eats and drinks on picnic tables arranged just outside the hanger,so a very enjoyable visit.I few blocks down the road is the Boeing Museum of flight,what an interesting place,spent ages here,aircraft from all eras of flight,commercial and warplanes.There was also an actual Concorde sitting outside,I have always wanted to board one of these aircraft,and I did,goodness was the plane narrow inside,just wide enough to negociate yourself to your seat,felt a bit claustrophobic to me?,however it did take only approx 3 hrs London-New York,suppose you couldnt have everything.

After leaving Paul at the Hotel later,I had some dinner,one beer and a wee whisky on the rocks,I felt so tired,I decided to go upstairs to bed,at 8pm,boy I am getting old.Well I must have needed the sleep,I was out like a light until after 7pm this morning.

I was a bit concerned about my flight times for going home,I mentioned to Paul I only have a one hour window in Philadelphia to transfer from one plane to the next to Glasgow,since Paul also mentioned,half of that time,the boarding will be closed in preparation for take off,well I was re-assured at the flight desk,there will be no problem with the transfer.I decided to explore Seattle today,I travelled on the lightrail system,its cheap and an excellent service,some stages are elevated over the freeway and add to the fun of the ride.I went to the famous Pike Market,I just loved this place,the buzz of the crowds of shoppers and the stallholders,took some pics of the fun,I managed to pick up some prezzies to take home,incl 3 film posters for Jennifer,I just know she is going to love them,Pulp Fiction,Breakfast at Tiffanies and a Charlie Chaplin one (forget the title).

I think my choice of finishing up in Seattle is a good one,the climate is as Glasgow just now,cool and cloudy,the air so fresh to breathe.Boy this sea air just seems to hit me for six,I think its going to be another early night for me.I think I am going to pass on an attempt to reach Victoria and Vancouver,I seem to be running out of energy,best I just take things a wee bit easier for my last couple of days,I just cannot face another Amtrak journey into Canada.

Sorry guys,didnt crib the posts for replying,but I did manage to read them today.See you tomorrow.Bye.

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Afternoon All! Got to get to Katie and tell her I had a brain f#rt. I kept trying to login with my email address instead of my logon name. DuH!

Bud, I feel so bad for you guys in Texas. I see the cattle and ruined crops and the soil all dry and cracked. It's a tragedy really. Hope you get some relief soon.

Judy, glad nothing broken. Hope you enjoy your little retreat and things smooth out when you get home.

Stephanie, are you recovered yet from all the excitement? I know I'm arriving in NJ later today and hope I'm up to it this year lol.

Eric, I think your body is finally saying "enough." Good you decided to cruise into your departure. Sorry you didn't have some of those Amtrax delays at the airport. Sounds like Alan and I might have swooped into see you. I'll be a distance from the airport and wouldn't want to count on a window that small.

Alan, kids will wear you out won't they. Hope someone is there to buffer for that poor 88-yr-old great grandmary.

Lily, it's great reaching as far back as high school for old friends isn't it. I even went to grade school with some of the ladies I meet with at Sea Isle every year. I just hope I have the energy for them this year.

O.k., now I'm getting worried. I tried calling Annette today. Just her answering machine. Did she tell us she was going on vacation or something? Don't know.

Have a great evening everyone. I may be AWOL for awhile catching up with family and friends.

Judy in KW

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