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Thanks to whomever created this forum


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I just discovered this forum and am so thankful to whomever created it and to all who post their questions, comments and responses.

I'm a 64 year old guy, married to a great gal. Between us (2nd time around for each of us), we have 6 "kids" and 10 grandkids. The grandkids are my motivation for doing whatever it takes to beat this challenge.

About 5 months ago, I was dx'd with COPD. The pulmo doc scheduled me for tests and biopsy which revealed State IIIB NSCLC.

I started chemo in September 03 and had 3 sessions of Cisplatin. All that did was halt the growth of the tumors. In December, I started on what will be 6 sessions, the first 2 being with Taxol, and the rest to be with Taxotere.

I've been pretty fortunate regarding side effects. Very little nausea, very little discomfort, etc. However, my energy level is always very low and my hands and feet are about 60% numb (feet worse than hands). My hair is gone (hey, I was already about 1/2 bald anyway), but I sure miss my beard.

I have a great support team around me. Also, I have a great many friends and former co-workers (haven't been able to work for about 2 months) that are praying for me.

Let me confirm that PRAYER WORKS! I'm a walking testimonial to that.

Again, thanks so much, all of you, for participating in this forum. I'm happy to add you all to my support team.

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make sure you tell your dr about your symptoms. Maybe he/she can do something for them. You can look up "peripheral Neuropathy" - it is the tingling caused by chemo. I think there are some new drugs (not sure if they are approved yet) that may help treat it, but it is supposed to go away after the chemo stops.

You *might* be feeling tired due to anemia or low red blood cell count. EPO can be given to treat anemia

or it might be just your oxygen (have the dr check your blood oxygen levels)

In any case let the dr know

Take care

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John...thanks for your recommendation. I met with my oncology doc yesterday (for lab work) and discussed my "tingling". She did a few little tests on me and advised me that, hopefully, the change from Taxol to Taxotere will make a difference. Additionally, she's recommending that I start on Procrit to assist in my red blood cell count. Now I have to wait for my insurance company to approve it.

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Glad you found us! (though I'm sorry for the REASON you had to seek us out).

I realy like that attitude! An appreciation of life, no matter what the immediate circumstances may be, is, in my opinion, an absolute.

Looking forward to hearing from you around here for a LONG time!


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You are going to find this forum very comforting. There are so ma ny kind, caring and knowledgeable people that are on this website. If you are not aware, there are chats on Tuesday and Wednesdays. I believe they start at 7:00 EST or it maybe CST. You may want to visit the chat. I also had tingling and Nueropathy in my feet and hands. I was receiveing Taxol also, I am taking vitamin B-6 and it seems to help. Speak to your doctor before starting anything new though. Hope this helps. Prayers for you...

God Bless


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Thanks to ALL who have taken the time to give me such a warm welcome. I knew I wasn't alone, but you all have given me further confirmation.

My oncology nurse started me on B-6 last week for the numbness, but after a few days, I had a reaction to it and broke out all over my head and shoulders. We stopped the B-6 a few days ago and I'm taking Benedryl to clear up the rash. So far so good.

I'm fortunate, I guess, that I've always been a "glass is half FULL" type of person, so it's been easy for me to maintain a positive attitude through this challenge.

I've had people ask me if I felt deserted by God and I could only respond that He must have felt that I could handle it better than someone else, or that He gave it to me rather than a child who has a whole lot of years ahead of them.

Thanks again, y'all.

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Wel South Florida welcome. If it gets to cold up north, east or out west, we may all come down and pay you a nice welcome.....haha.

So sorry you have to be hear to but it is a great place for knowledge and support. It sure sounds like you and your family all have your heads on straight and ready to fight for fight it does take.

Don't forget, if you have problems returning to work, ck out Social Security.

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Welcome pplinfla,

You did the right thing in joining the board. I joined recently and have found a great bunch of folks here.

I wish my husband would join too, but he is the quiet one and leaves all the chatting to me. He says I do a much better job of it than he could! :)

Best of luck with your treatment,


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