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Saturday's air


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Running a little late this morning but wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy and safe weekend.

Thanks to JudyMI I now have a new picture up. Hope it doesn't scare anyone off :lol: I also chnged my signature after so many years of leaving it as it was and most of the time off of my posts.

Weather here is supposed to be fantastic today so I plan on spending a good part of the day outside. Again have a great weekend everyone. Eric still waiting to hear how you are doing now that you are home.

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Good morning all,

Lily, I love your new picture. You look happy. I'm glad you sent it to me!

Well, I'm packed up and ready to go home. I have to be honest. I'm not looking forward to this. I didn't realize what a burden I've been living under until I left it for six days. I slept like a baby, and have had no headaches. I haven't slept well, or been headache free for a very long time. I thought it was as a result of cancer. It was not. 3 years ago my husbands businesses started to go bad, and I tried to be the cheerful one, always trying to lift him up. I didn't know that I can't lift him up, he has to do that himself. What is ahead of us is going to be hard work. If he is willing to do the hard work with me. If he is not, well, I just am not going back to living the way it was.

So we have a wedding to go to today. My boundary is going to be that he includes me in his conversations the whole time. Usually he disappears and I am left to fend for myself with a bunch of strangers. I won't accept that today.


I feel bad saying these things, when I do love this man. But a week has taught me a lot. So we shall see.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Judy in MI

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That radio interview was great.

You really do have interesting people in your life don't you? Early morning to very late at night. You take care of yourself now so you can keep on taking care of all of us! Just kidding. Boundaries my dear.

Missing the Heritage Festival parade. Beautiful day out there and I am inside.

New neighbor invited us to a pig roast tomorrow. She even raised the pig! Mostly warning us that the fire gets going at 2 am. I think we may have to stop by and meet their pit bull at least, right? So far, they've been good neighbors.

Judy - fingers crossed for a good talk and wedding.

Lily - Judy's funhouse photo work has left you a wee bit extra vertical, yes? Takes those pesky pounds right off. Interesting background too - where is that?

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Judy I am hoping that all went the way that you wanted it to at the wedding. Sometimes when you constantly have to be the one who does the trying you get to the point that it had better work or you just can't try anymore. I hope that you can meet somewhere in the middle I will keep you in my prayers.

Katie I hope that you feel better soon Just remember you can not please everyone. I know how much you want to help people especially those with cancer. Would I be way out of line to say that sometimes people who are not very nice get cancer too. I dont' mean to sound mean but I think you know what I mean. Cancer can change a lot of things but some people will still expect a lot of others to the point of being unreasonable.

Picture is a little long but hey anyway I can lose 5 pounds I will take it :lol: The picture was taken on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz CA. My granddaughter had gone down onto the beach. My sciatica keeps me from walking in the sand. I was leaning on the rail waiting for them to get back up when she took the picture.

Katie we have temperatrues in the mid to high 90s but the low humidity makes it feel about 5 degrees cooler. A breeze comes up in the evenings so I always enjoy the time some of us who are neighbors gather and and talk and enjoy the evening.

I am hoping that Judy is doing alright out and about on her travels and that Annette has time for a little rest between stacks of work and that Eric didn't find something at home that he didn't expect to have to deal with. Maybe we will hear from all of them tomorrow.

Good night everyone.

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I got home, we had a nice dinner, and talk. Went next door to the neighbor to roast marshmallows with the little ones. Four of them under the age of 7. It was nice.

It's now 2:00AM and he is not home. I left at 10:00 saying I was tired, and they gave me a golf cart ride home. He is still out there. I called the neighbor and no answer. I called his cell phone and no answer too.

I just turned off the lights in the garage and shut the door. I left the light on at the front door, and the door open in case the jerk does come home.

I'm furious. It's my first night back home, and he drank his brains out and is still at the neighbors.

So much for new beginnings.

Judy in MI or hell

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