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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! It's 6:09 and I'm already on the computer. It's going to cost me today lol. I woke early again so got up to see Stan off. It will be a long day because I've scheduled myself to do paperwork.

Wasn't yesterday fun. It took an earthquake to get us all out. I was wrong about the evening news, it was up to date and we heard all about Washington DC but not Richmond where it started. Glad we have a pipeline here. We're in the loop wherever disaster strikes. Glad everyone was safe.

Now it's the hurricane. I heard Key West was going to be fine and I heard it was going right over us. Called the neighbors last night and they reported we are not in danger. Don't even expect to get much wind. I'll go with that.

Hope you all have an eventless day unless it's a grand one. Haven't heard from Eric but he's probably still catching up on sleep. At the pace he traveled, I imagine he has more than jet lag.

Judy in Eastampton NJ

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees this morning as I rode to work. Forecast high is 106.

Glad no one was killed in the earthquake. Let's hope we're as lucky with the hurricane.

Not much going on here, just another day at work. Have a great day, all!

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

What excitement,I heard about the Virginian earthquake on our news yesterday,good to know from the posts everyones OK,I never knew that the east coast of the USA was in such a zone? I only knew about the San Andreas fault line in California.

Well I am settling into a routine at home again,been doing lots of visiting of relatives and friends, all of them wanting to know of my adventures in the USA,its been fun bringing them up to date.I am just back in from visiting Bill and May,May has been brill with Sally,popping in regularly to see her whilst I have been away.Monday I went out to get my haircut,later decided to visit a car supermarket called motorpoint,just for a wee wander round to see whats on offer,no intention of course to buy anything,however I just happened to see this lovely blue car-Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi -its diesel,never had one before,but does 70mpg,which will balance out a bit the cost of fuel here,so I just bought it,I pick the car up on Friday,Jennifer is delighted since I didnt trade in my current car against this one,I have decided to pass it on to her,well it may encourage her to drop by Airdrie a wee bit more often.

I am off to Edinburgh tomorrow,a National Health Service Department has invited me to their offices to discuss some oppertunity with me to become involved in some scheme regarding improving support for cancer survivors,not very sure what this will entail,but I did check out this group online and they have many prominent medical professionals on their board,I will update you of course tomorrow.I wont be driving,you dont drive in Edinburgh,its a nightmare,I will at last get to try out the new train link from Airdrie.I will be taking my camera to make a complete day of it,since the festival is now in full swing.

Oh great excitement in Glasgow these past two weeks,the city centre has been transformed into Philadelphia,Brad Pitt is shooting a film here called World War Z,apparently Philadelphia were asking for too much money from the film company so they decided to shoot it here instead,the shooting will continue into late September.My sister Dot has taken a lot of pics of Glasgow streets showing them completely Americanised,every detail is complete,street names,vehicles,street crossings (walk/dont walk)buildings with American names and Stars and stripes everywhere,I must get downtown and get some pics myself.Annette your pic of Glasgow's City Chambers will figure prominately in this film,so you can show it off to your friends and neighbours after the film is released.This is second major Hollywood film to be shot in Glasgow recently, the other is the new Batman movie.

Well thats all folks,havent got back yet to gyming and swimming,promise,l will start again next week,just been so busy doing nothing.Enjoy the rest of Wednesday.

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Bud, I'm not missing the fact that you are still going to three digit temps--106, that's hot! Any rain at all?

Katie, sorry you are not feeling well. Stan and I are not doing well with allergies here in Key West. I am so tired of burning eyes which is my worst symptom. I'm also sorry about the cancer Buddy thing. I don't get it when people get focused on a one-on-one when we have such a great support group here online. I don't talk on the phone all that often. My family and friends are all at a distance from where I live and that's about all the phone talk I can handle. I think people are cautious of being a buddy and getting many and lengthy phone calls.

Well Eric, just like that you go out and buy a car. That blue must have been calling your name. Lucky Jennifer. Sounds like my daughter lol. Nobody has to tell you to enjoy your retirement!

Judy in Eastampton

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Wow what crazies are going on everywhere this week. Must be a full moon.

First let me say that I am glad that all of our friends survived the quake with only their nerves shatered. It could have been much worse.

Bud there should be only one more month of real summer weather so it should get a lot more comfortable for your rides in the not too distant future.

Judy KW glad that huricane is not hitting your home but hope you are paying attention to it's movement toward where you are now.

Judy MI. I am glad that you had a great day with friends. I hope all else is better. Need a shoulder let me know. It would be long distance but sometime that is the best.

Katie I am sorry that you are having problems finding buddies. I did sign up to help but really my best efforts are in the area of grieving. I have severeal friends that are needing that help right now but if it comes up I am available by phone. I do have limited minutes during the week but unlimited on the weekend. Sometimes I get to doubting how much I can really help then I get a comment like my neighbor made a few days ago. She said that after her husband passed she doesn't know what she would have done if I hadn't been here to talk to. That makes all of the effort worth while.

Eric good luck with the car. Sounds like a winner wth that gas milage.The price just stays up no matter what world conditions are. I think it is just because they can. The don't need a reason. Get caught up on your rest. Sounds to me that just in every day living you get a pretty good workout :!:

Alan , Ginny and Annette Hello! Hope you are all doing well after the big shake and Annette hope you can get caught up and have some time for R+R.

Things have been really nuts around here this week. I have been having TMJ headaches that go from one place to another but I am handling them for now anyway. Sunday our managers were in church when he had some kind of eprsode and they had to call 911. He was in the hospital until last night. That same night one of the neigbors put the plug in her sink because she thought a bug had came through the drain. Then she accidentally hit the spikot and turned the water on. Didn't know it until she walked in water. They are working on drying it out and fixing the damage. She and the neighbor below her had to move out for a few days because of the heaters they had drying and the repair work that will be done. Not to be out done another neighbor ended up in the hospital yesterday for most of the day. That is a whole other story. I will just say she comes to me for everything and there are times I want to shake her. You just can't help someone who doesn't want or know how to help themself :roll:

Also learned that one of my neighbors passed over the weekend. He had only lived here a short while when he went in the hospital in April for surgery. You guessed it Lung Cancer. He was in rehab all of this time but had either a stroke or heart acttack. Not sure witch, appearantly it was not the cancer. Also another neighbor was taken to a nursing home because her one daughter was her only real care and she was ready to colapse. Hospice only came for a few hours. Not sure what is going on at the home but her medication isn't right for some reason. She keeps screaming and calling her for daughter.

Well sense that seems to cover the bad things I will say that I am still enjoying reliving things with people I went to school with. It is amazing what comes back from 50 years ago when you have someone to share those memories with :D I am making tenative plans to go down for a few days the end of September. I can visit my brother and family there and spend some time with my best friend from school after so many years.

Oh I have just about written a book. I am far too long winded even if it is with my fingers :oops: Have a great day everyone.

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Well it's really late here. Didn't realize I didn't get in before. I got up, prepared my speech for the Rotary club, and took off for that meeting.

The speech went great. I was worried because of my allergies. I got up and took Zyrtec, then Sudafed, my normal Advair inhaler, and flonase nose spray. Two hours later, I took two sprays of my Albuteral, some Vicks nasal spray, and cough medicine. I was so worried I would not find my voice to speak.

But I did. I spoke for 35 minutes about cancer, and what to say and how to say it, and what to not say to people that never dealt with this disease. It was very gratifying.

Katie, I think I've told you that I am willing to be a buddy haven't I? I am a lung cancer mentor here in my town, but certainly have time to help others around the country. My cell phone does not know long distance, so it does not matter where they live. Let me know if I can help.

Going to bed.

Judy in MI

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