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Dr. says it can be cured

Guest Retha

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Yesterday, we made our first trip to the cancer doctor hoping to get a prognosis, but the doctor didn't have all the needed tests. I'm confused because the doctor told my dad that if the sclc is limited, it can be cured. But, of course, if it's extensive, it can't. Nowhere, have I ever read or heard that any form of sclc can be CURED. Of course, I'd like to believe it, although we don't know yet which type my dad has, but it sounds misleading to me. Has anyone ever been told this.

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My Dr. told me at my very first visit that limited sclc can be "cured". He said he has had people who have remained cancer free for several years when caught early and treated. I don't know if that was to get MY hopes up or not but it has always ben in the back of my mind.

Prayers for you and your family.

God Bless,


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