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Missing my friend


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I have an email folder file with her emails in it. Today I felt strong enough to read thru them.

Exactly a year ago this week she was sending messages telling my daughter how great she looked in her new glasses and wishing both my kids a great school year....The week before we sent her a video with the kids singing her happy birthday....she had just lost her dog and had adopted a new one.....she was talking about having SOB and not feeling that great but making me think that it wasn't serious and that all was well....she'd be gone about 6 weeks later.

I miss her like crazy...this time of year is twice as hard for me....the anniversary of my dad's death is about 2 weeks away, this is the month of C's birthday and for 8 years she always made a big deal when my kids went back to school--because I didn't have parents or anyone but her....and she always sent cards and called and gave me a gentle shoulder to get thru missing my dad......gosh I miss her like crazy.

Gosh I miss her and her friendship....I hope like heck I was as good a friend to her as she was for me.

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I can't tell you how hard it is to NOT have anyone to talk to....

When I lost my mom--my BEST friend...I was so lost without her voice, her support, her encouragement and her advice....we talked several times a day--about everything.

My friend, C, stepped right into that role...for 4 years she became my sounding board and a great supportive friend.

Since she has been gone I've had no one to chat about how I'm feeling...stressful days...venting...issues with my kids....

I feel so bottled up and full of anxiety over these things.

My son is going thru some issues at school, procrastinating, not staying on task...I'm frustrated and need to vent....I can almost hear her telling me to calm down "fer christs sake" and giving me perspective and talking me down off the ledge- so to speak..,

I miss that. I miss having a friend like that...... Usually it's me who spends 24/7 supporting patients, my kids, my spouse....it can be exhausting not having a way to release what I hold inside.

Thanks for letting me vent....I felt as if I would explode had I kept it in any longer.

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Katie, I always say the best thing is to go outside in the evening under the stars and have a long talk with your favorite Beverage!! Don't hold back that's the beauty of the theory! you might feel better! I always do. you know where she is right over head!

Hugs and prayers for Peace and comfort

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