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Hello: My Cancer Journey:


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Hi everyone. My name is Kimberly. I am 46 years old. I am a mother of four children, Merideth 25, Joshua 22, and my twins, Avery and Alonzo who are 13.

I lost my mother to lung/bone cancer on November 29, 2006. She was dxd. on 11/4/2006. She died three weeks after she found out she had cancer.

On November 4, 2007 (yes, one year later) I was a pretty healthy 42 year old woman. I worked as HR Manager. November 4th, 2007 I was on my way to a Saints football game and decided to stop at the sporting goods store and grab a jersey. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot my right foot went numb and as soon as I parked my car my whole right side starting shaking. I had a grand mal seizer right there in my car, in the parking lot.

Well, lets just say after I got to the hospital, got 2 CT scans the news was: You have two brain tumors and they are not priamary, there is cancer somewhere else. Ok.. three weeks later after many test the dxd was Inoperable Stage 4 metastatic Lung/Brain Cancer NS, adenocarcinoma. By December of 2007 I had a port inserted, the BEAM ME UP SCOTTY button as I called it. 18 rounds of cyberknife radiation to the brain... January 2008 I started 39 rounds of radiation to my chest along with two different types of chemo once a week. Basically, my medical team aggressively kicked my butt with treatment expecting me to live maybe 3 months (so I was told 2 years later) I never asked how long I had... I was still grieving the death of my mama and I remembered so vividly the doctors telling my mama she had 8 weeks...she died 2 weeks after that.

Chemo and radiation was hard.. but I survived it. My body finally had enough by July 08.. many hospital stays, blood fusions, low platelettes, you name it... My dr's took me off chemo and put me on TARCEVA in September 2008. My PET SCAN on December 2008 showed NED :) Now, lets go back to the two brain tumors that radiation did not work on.. Since now I was lung cancer free my brain dr.s did brain surgery on January 2009 to remove the two brain tumors. It left me with a mild drop foot but I survived. March 2009 one tumor came back and I fought it since 2009 with more cyberknife radiation and 18 months of chemo (Avasitin). July 2011 the tumor was still growing and it is in a place that controls the right side of my body. It had to be removed. On August 4th 2011 I underwent the 2nd brain surgery to remove the tumor and it was sucessfull., however I am right now at home recooperating. I was paralyzed for over 7 days on my ride side. But with God's help I am now walking and my right arm is working! This is just a short introduction :) My journey has been long, but what I do now is share my story to give hope and faith. The Day you are diagnosed with cancer YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. I am a walking miracle. I kept my sense of humor thru it all.. found the blessings in it all.. and happy to be here to share and also be inspired. I'm not the same person anymore.. cancer changed not only my life, but it changed "me".. good and bad. The one thing i believe every person needs after a cancer journey is a complete makeover.. my hair used to be straight.. now its curly.. mouthsores ruined my teeth because I was not able to get dental care due to mouth sores and low platelettes... etc.. How do you start over and gain back what cancer takes from you? I do know I am grateful, thankful and blessed to be here today and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Hi Kimmie and welcome. I know what you mean when you here you have lung cancer, it is a tough journey. You are amazing and your story will give so many some HOPE that we all need.

You say you were stilll grieving the loss of your Mom when you were diagnosed. I wonder if you would qualify for the study that KatieB told us about- for people that have had several family members diagnosed. She said you could get to it at


Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


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Hi Kimmie, Holy cow, what a story. You sure have been through it. I had 5 Cyberknife sessions. 18 is alot. My cousin has a brain tumor and they wouldn't use Cyberknife. They opted for a longer program of lower doses of radiation. I also thought that Gammaknife was the preferred brain radiation. Every case is different and you can't take all you read on the internet as gospel. I'm glad that you decided to share your story here.You are sure to be an inspiration to a great many people. Maybe you could share your method of being still for Cyberknife. Mine was in the form of a pill prior to treatment. Did you ever get your jersey? The Saints ought to honor you at one of their games. You are my new ultimate cancer fighter. Welcome. Alan

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Good morning Kimmie,

Wow. Welcome to the place that no one wants to be at, but is glad it's here. Your story is amazing. Inspiring. And more that words can not describe.

I love your picture.

How do you start over and gain back what cancer took from you? That was a question you asked. I'm four years out from treatment, and all I can say is that you gain what cancer gave you, and you let go of what it took from you. Cancer makes us survivors, some of the toughest survivors I've ever known. It gives us compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and so much more if we allow it.

For me it gave me an appreciation of each day in a way that I never appreciated before. Colors are brighter, smells are sweeter, sunsets and sunrises are the best I've ever seen. I relish my relationships so much more than accomplishments, or buying new things.

I admire you greatly, and am thankful you found us and shared your compelling story. I look forward to getting to know you.

We have a board index called "Just for Fun - Off Topics" where we write about our day to day lives. It was the place I found to get to know people quickly and better. Plus it is a lot of fun when lots of folks post in there. Please feel free to join us there too!

Judy in MI

There's another Judy here to, so we say where we are from so folks don't mix us up!

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If I can be of any help, let me knwo! I am over in Greensboro!! Welcome congrats and sorry you have to be here but glad you are!!!

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Hi Kimmie,

What a story-Wow-I was glued to my seat reading it,you have come through so much and with such distinction,I am not worthy-Thank you for sharing,this brings so much to everyone here,hope and determination to beat this dreadful disease.I am so looking forward to getting to know you,as JudyMI mentioned- just for fun- is a great place to be each day,also as Judy mentioned I love your pic.

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Your story is really amazing and inspirational. I can not even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster you have been on much less the health issues you have dealt with. I am sure there are many people here who can take hope from your story and your attitude.

Like the others have said please join us in just for fun. As for the Saints I remember when the fans wore bags over thier heads so no one would recognize them at the games. Still they never stopped going or gave up and finally after 40 years they became winners. Every year I go spend the holidays with my children and grandchildren in Houma. Sounds like you don't live far from there. The family get togethers are always noisy but when the Saints play I am sure the noise carries all the way to New Orleans.

God Bless you for sharing and wanting to give back. I hope you have many good years ahead with your family and to spend enjoying life. Lillian

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Kimmie, I've been out of the loop traveling with limited internet time but am so glad I got on today and read your post. What a trooper you are! I don't think I've read a more inspiring and courageous story. You are getting it all back and will resolve the cosmetic issues in time. In your picture, you already look great!

My natural optomism has been slipping lately but I'll use your post to help boost it up. Hang in there. You are truly amazing.

Judy in KW

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am still finding my way around on the site...THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE WARM WELCOME.. Made me tear up but I am a cry baby anyways :) As I read each of your profiles I was truly inspired and amazed... I think I emailed replies and then found the area where I could post. Ya'll be patient with me!

Regarding the SAINTS...No I never did get a jersey nor go to a game but that might be something I look in to. MY KIDS WOULD LOVE IT! I did have two tickets in my purse when I had the seizer in front of Academy... when the ambulance was getting me out of the car I did give one to the man that was parked next to me, he was sooo upset... I told him TAKE THE TICKET! haha I do still have the other ticket.. it stays in my bible.

Thank you all for INSPIRING ME.. I look forward to getting to know ya'll...


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