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Tuesday's Air


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Moring All! The cash register is still running on my At&t Mobile but wanted to check in and say all is well with us. Lots of saddness around though. Lumberton where a school friend lives is flooded. Not far from where we are. Also Pemberton just a few miles away. We were almost land-locked at my cousin's place. All the little creeks surrounding the entrances to anywhere were flooded. We did get out to the grocery early but Stan said he wouldn't want to do it later. We didn't lose electric but my sister on a road behind the field parallel to us did. My niece on a road running perpendicular to that had trees come down on two vehicles! Damage was spotty but watching the news is so sad. Every town in Vermont flooded. Who would have thought. When we returned here to the trailer park yesterday, we were dry but the section to the left of the entry road was flooded.

Can't answer everyone. My sister is coming to take me to chemo, ugh! Stephanie, I'm feeling for you and hope literally feeling for you. I'm having much less intestenial problems but significantly more under my breasts in the area where my malignancy is. I'm also finding my breath catching hard in my chest and that and sneezing or anything causes pain. Hope it's not progression. Take care my friend and take it easy. I know I'm always worse when I exert--easier said than done taking it easy huh.

Bud, I check out Texas everytime I see a national weather map. It's awful for your state but they say in a couple of days you'll be out of the 3 digit temps and maybe even get some rain. Crossing my finger for you.

Alan, we were going to evac to Kutztown PA but changed plan at the same minute. See there was some problems in Berks (where we would have been) and Lehigh (nearby) counties.

Have a great day everyone. Will check in in a few days.

Judy in Eastampton NJ

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Good morning all,

Judy, what timing! I laughed when you last wrote that you left Florida to go North to experience hurricanes and an earthquake. How strange it all is. I pray you get out of there safely. I pray chemo is kind to you today too.

We miss you so much when you are not here. I just want you to know that Judy. We understand that you are on the road, and that air time is expensive. But it's so nice to see you here when you can be.

I hope everyone gets a chance to read Kimmie's Introduction today. It is compellling.

Well, I'm heading to the hospital. My Uncle Bill (throat cancer survivor) is having strange symptoms that they can't figure out what is wrong. He's acting like he has brain mets, but they can't find any. There is definitely something wrong in his brain. His daughter thought maybe he might respond to me as he always had a special place in his heart for me. I'm hoping he will respond positively as well.

So, I'm hoping to see lots of folks here that have not been for a while. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Bruce? It's been such a long time since he posted and I'm worried about him.

Have a lovely day.

Judy in MI

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I don't know what is up. I can't predict what is going in your lives. All I do know is that I miss you. So many of you used to post daily. I miss you.

What kept me at this place was the daily "Air". I love the other topics, but the AIR was my way of staying connected,.

I loved hearing about your daily lives, how you were coping with life after cancer. So much more.

I miss you. You were the reason I was here every day. Without you, there is no reason for me to be here anymore. That makes me sad, but I can't come up with compelling topics in the other forums on a regular basis. I try, but it can't be done.

I miss you. Your lives, your stories are what kept me here. They inspired me and helped me cope with my issues.

Judy in MI

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I think weather and mother nature problems may be at work right now! with all the nastiness on East coast a lot of folks are either without power or might be cleaning up ! Hope I am right Judy!! Take care and have a great day.. I always read but not always post unless I feel it is needed info!!

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