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your Anxiety Monster...


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If you have been affected by lung cancer in some way and DON'T experience anxiety from time to time, you are a lucky rare-breed of human kind! :wink:

The rest of us, well, let's just say I've ended up in a basket or two....

Anxiety. It's a monster that comes out late at night or during the quiestest of times...

It's there. It lives underneath every scan or check-up...every twinge or pain that you can't explain away....it pops up when you think about next week, next month, next year......

It's normal. But it can be debilitating.

How do you handle anxiety? Do you have tricks or coping skills you apply when these times of anxiety arise?

Whether you are a patient/survivor family member/caregiver--you have had anxiety.

Share with us how you deal with/combat your anxiety monster...

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you're a case Alan...LOL

I will say that I heard from the social worker at Vanderbilt and she said when she called her patient (your new buddy) he was just thrilled to have connected with you and very positive about having you as a support buddy!

I think THAT is one way we combat the anxiety monsters...having someone to go thru the dark times with always helps.

Thank you again!!


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Thank you Xanax! - Very low low dosage but - like a placebo it helps. I went for 5 months and now I'm 8 days out from a scan and had to take one today when I glanced at my calendar. Yikes!

I will say that over the last two years I think that I have dealt with the anxiety better. Even sharing the upcoming test date is a tension reliever - goes out the fingertips and everyone here knows what you are going through.

Scans are tough - waiting for results tougher!


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Think I'm getting worse at combating anxiety/depression as time goes on. I keep hearing myself saying I've got my eye on "five." That's five years. I've lost so many people in that three to five year span that it's actually increased my anxiety as I move into my fourth year as a survivor.

I have a low dose Ativan that I use when needed. When possible I plan distractions like having lunch with a friend. Since my internet time has been limited the past few weeks, I am really really missing my support system here.

Judy in KW

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Getting support, giving support. Paying it forward. When I'm volunteering in the capacity of giving support, I feel like I'm empowered and a part of the solution. That helps me a lot.

When they told me "it" grew, and I had to go back for the next scan, I asked a really good friend to come with me. We went to lunch, gabbed and laughed, and just having her with me was a huge help.

Judy in MI

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