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Ok Judy, I will be brave and open. As I have said before I come here everyday and read. But 8/18 was the 7th anniversary of Earl's death, so I really have very little lc information to contribute. But as I have said often I feel like I know so many of you.

Irene slid by my house with no damage, although the house 2 doors down got 3" of water in her basement. These are townhouses, so how did that happen? I played golf on Monday and although it was 'cart path' only, the course was really not that wet. I live on this golf course.

Bud, I walked about 3 miles on Monday and felt like I was the champion exerciser of the world. What you do on your bike is just amazing.

A guy here in work is walking from outside Phila to ground zero in honor on the 10th anniversary of the twin towers. He is hugely (haha) overweight and we are all extremely worried about him. Also, he is walking up Route 202 which is an extremely busy highway. He plans on walking 15 miles/day. The most he has every walked at one time is 10 miles and then he needed a few days to recover.

Days are warm, nights are cool, snow in Montana last night, please stay around summer.

Hope this post makes it.

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Hi you guys, Well, almost back to normal. Power is back on in most of our area. some still without, can't beleive how little it takes to incapacitate a community. We just got brushed by it. Poor Vermont, what a mess, can't imagine being slammed like that. Hope all of you readers are OK.

You are welcome Katie, It is so rewarding to hear that a little help like a simple phone call means so much to someone. We as survivors and caregivers alike should be happy to be "buddies". It's as good for me as I hope it is for a new patient. When I was first diagnosed and going through the initial treatment, I never heard of a "buddie" relationship. Looking back, I can see why it is so important. I don't think i ever felt so alone and lost in what was happening to me. After a while it got better . It was those first days, I'm sure you can all relate. So, just do it..

I have my 3 month CT next week. All the regular little aches and pains feel like monsters right now. I hate that. I know it's nothing but there it is. I'm positive the scans will show no new anything, they'll move me out to 6 months and send me home. Someone back in the beginning told me to always stay positive. I try but don't enjoy curve balls. We'll see Alan

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 86 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105.

Katie, I never know what to say for support over the phone. I just listen, tell of my own experiences, and try to be positive, which is pretty easy for me, considering how well I've done.

Ginny and MI Judy, I know what you mean. My treatment was brutal, but short, and I've been cancer free now for more than 3 1/2 years. I feel a kinship with everyone here, but often don't have a lot to contribute in other parts of the forum

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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I had just written a very long post explaining why I have been MIA for a few days and trying to comment on everyone. I hit the wrong key and it sent me to ancestry and I lost my post.

Judy KW glad you made it through all of the unexpected disasters so far from home. MI Judy sorry there was no one here for you. I am glad that is looks like you are finally getting a few things going in the right direction. You are always in my thoughts and prayers because I know what a toll those emotional situations can take.

Randy I often just don't take the time to post but I do try to read every day too.

Alan and Ginny I am glad that you and everyone of our friends made it through with little or no damage.

Katie as I said before, I know little about the treatments today but I do know about caregiving and grief. I am always available to listen or share if you find someone who needs support in those areas. I really do intend to get back to reading the other forums. Sometimes I really need a break from the emotions and also I am learning to take time out just for me. That is something I never really learned to do until recently. I just need to learn how to balance the two now.

I have been spending a lot of time reconnection with people from my school days. It is so good to have that bond. I lived so far from my home for so many years and had no one who could share the same memories I have. It is really great. I am planning a few days down in the Bay Area at the end of this month to meet them in person at a picnic and spend some time with my best friend from high school. We hadn't talked or seen eachother in nearly 50 years. I can also spend some time with my brother and other family I have there. I also feel the need to go walk down Castro Street, the main street in Mountain View where I grew up. It has changed a lot but there are still some of the old buildings left and I need to know if it still feels the same. Silly I know but I was gone for so long.

One of my neighbors was knocking at my door before I had my first cup of coffee this morning. The doctors office had called for her to go get blood work done this morning. I took her there and then we stopped so she could get some groceries. She has a heart problem and gets very nervous about going to the doctor. I told her I will take her when she needs to go. It is just too had for her to be riding the bus and walking.

Anyway that go my day off to a very slow start. Now I will do my dirty dishes and fix some lunch and later I will watch the game on tv. I still love the Giants even if they are in a slump right now. I know they have some of the best players in baseball and even if the didn't I have been a fan for 52 years sense they moved to SF from NY. I am not about to stop now.

Have a great day everyone and Judy MI you asked for posts and I am afraid I gave one longer that you asked for. No one has ever accused me of being short on words. :lol:

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Hey all,

Glad to be here. Spent much of the day at the hospital.

Hate that the options for a 71 year old are so limited. Do we move him to psych care, or back to the other hospital for another opionion..

I think it sucks that when you get elderly, they put into a classification, one is dementia, the other is mental failure. Both are crap. Yes he is having manic things going on. But it is not dementia, and it is not mental failure.

I'm so pissed. Sorry for the language. He is a throat cancer survivor. Now his brain is not working right. I fear he has cancer mets causing trouble. I do not think he has dementia.

I am so angry. I feel my Uncle is not getting proper treatment. I am just so sad.

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