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When did you "feel" like a survivor?


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The National Cancer Institute says you are a survivor from the moment you are diagnosed. Yep, that's great...but that doesn't mean you FEEL like a survivor, especially while you're going thru treatment or the uncertainty of next steps in your treatment plan.

I'm a 16 year cervical cancer survivor and I didn't "feel" like a survivor untill about 8 years ago. I wanted to "ignore" it and pretend like it never happened. It wasn't until I became a patient advocate that I realized how incredibly lucky I was and I realized my own mortality. I guess when you're young you think you live forever...

Anyway, just this week another survivor asked me this same question.....

When do you "feel" like a survivor? When will the skies be brighter, food taste better and I feel "blessed" for another day to be a survivor?

Well, I don't know if I ever felt that way, but I don't sweat the small stuff, and I appreciate how short life is and all that I still have.....

So, did you have a moment when you felt like a survivor?

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This has been a topic of conversation with my sister since early in the diagnosis. I told her then - every day you wake up, you are a cancer survivor! One day she asked our other sister what she thought, then said to her "Well, I'm not dead yet, so I guess I'm a survivor." :) She definitely embraces that concept, but I need to ask her was there a time when she went from thinking - well that's what my sisters say, to really embracing it. Now at our Livestrong Challenge, she's quick to ask me where her "I'm a survivor" bib is. She loves pinning that on her shirt!

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