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I'm up early, and getting ready to head out to the hospital to whoop some butt. Yes, Randy, I'd like to have a 2nd opinion. The daughter is afraid to put him through that, but I don't see any other options. If we just accept the diagnosis they gave, this man, who is 71, is going to be doped up and tied up in bed for the rest of his life. He is too young for this!!!!!

I asked her if it would help if I spent the day with her as she made these tough decisions, and she was elated that I would do that. So I'm about to hit the shower, and head out. I will try to get her to understand that 2nd opinion's are not bad, and that if she does not do this, she may have regrets for the rest of her life.

Weather here is supposed to be soupy today. Very hot, and very humid. I've got the house closed up tight, and the AC on.

Have a good day my friends!

Judy in MI

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Judy I am so glad that you are there for your Uncle and Niece. There is a certain mindset in this country the past few years that once a person reaches a certain age or has a certain disease that they just be left to die or worse. They would have to money spent on the less fortunate go to the ones who are healthy and young and the he&& with the ones who helped make this country as great as it is. Thank God there are still some people and some doctors who don't think that way. You go get them Judy and don't let up. It is so wrong and it is time that people start standing up for what is right again and forget about what is profitable. :x

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Happy to say that even though I did not sleep all that well last night, I woke with no side/rib pain and no headache. So, things keep coming, and thankfully, going. Makes it less likely that the lung cancer is causing the problem, but more difficult to diagnose or solve. Had some mouth sores, scalp issues, and other minor side effects of late as well. These didn't happen on the triplet, why on Alimta alone? Unrelated? My current frame of mind is to 'believe' that I am experiencing a healing crisis as my liver tumor dies. Can I hear an "hallelujah" to that?

Realized I can't stand onions right now. That's a new one. M says, no problem, he can adjust his cooking. I know it is important to eat - and I can tell from my jeans that I have not been doing a good job of it the last week or so, despite the homemade chocolate chip cookies. I finally left the house yesterday to run some errands (and of course, forgot the main one), and almost passed out. Grabbed a Kind Bar (anyone else use these as instant food?) and that helped, but even that took some time.

Group today - and then we are going to attempt to go hear "A Night of Treme" jazz. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can do both - and that the music isn't too loud. Where did I just see those earplugs in this house?

Happy September all. It was 54 this morning, and we are looking at 72 for a high. Still rooting for ripe tomatoes and plums - it's happening.

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But Katie why not brag? After all here on the West Coast we have the best weather in the country.

Annette not sure what your problem is but praying that soon it weighs lighter on you.

The bad thing about have such a big " family" and mine always seems to keep growning first on here and now re connecting with people from my school years and other distant blood family through ancestry, is that my prayer list is so long now that I have to just say a prayer that is for all I know and love. Hey come to think of it maybe that is not so bad after all. Maybe if it would catch on and everyone do that we may someday see a more peaceful world and a cure for all kinds of cancer and other diseases. If nothing else it is really great for the spirit of the one saying all those prayers.

Nice temperatures here today but the heat is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I have enjoyed having my air off and windows opened for this one day anyway. It should be great out this evening for our lasso golf games.

Have a great day or I guess I should say evening now. If anyone wants a real trip down memory lane of both the bad and good of the 50s and 60s go see what I posted on facebook and while you listen don't be ashamed if the tears fall. Each time I watch it I am like a blubbering fool :oops:

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