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We got together today, as we do every year around this time, to celebrate my mom's life. The entire family comes to spend time together. What started as a beautiful day ended with two people in the ER. One being air lifted to the hospital. My sister was leading my cousin's wife on our horse when the horse took off running. My sister pretty much got plowed down by the horse and by cousin's wife fell off and hit her head so hard that she fractured her skull and has a brain bleed. We had 3 ambulances, police, fire dept. and a helicoptor show up. My sister went to the local hospital to get a scan (which showed up clear) and some stitches in her chin. My cousin's wife is still in the hospital and will have further scans tomorrow to keep an eye on the bleed. I am terrified for her. She doesn't remember the incident at all. I just pray that she will be ok. This family cannot take any more heartache and I am so tired of hearing our family's story on the news. Please pray for my cousin's wife. That she heal fast and the bleed stops. Please pray for my dad too who feels responsible and is beside himself with worry.


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I can't imagine all that you have been through lately. May the new year be peaceful and without incident. New year - either based on the educational system, or the Jewish New Year comes soon - either way - sounds like your family could use a fresh start!

Take care.

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Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I am relieved to report that both family members are going to be ok. My cousin's wife had a small brain bleed, fractured skull and a bruised lung. A follow up scan shows the bleeding has stopped and that she will be ok. She doesn't feel ok by any stretch of the imagination though and will be in the hospital until she can keep food down and her headache goes away. She is on morphine and it isn't even really touching the pain. She gets migraines and is telling the doctors the pain is worse than her migraines... :( But thank God she will eventually be back to herself. My sister is sore but ok. So scary though. Seeing those two laying on the ground motionless was terrifying. Sometimes I feel like there is a dark cloud over our family. It needs to move on already! Sunny days ahead.

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Jill, I'm coming in late but glad to hear your family members will be o.k. What a freaky event. You are not alone in a series of family crisis and I'm with you at hoping an end to it. Want to see this year out and a new in. Stephanie gives us an option to waiting until Dec 31.

Judy in KW

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