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Sunndays Air!


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Since no one has started one today I will! I am always here as a few people know! I read a lot and post if it is pertinent! Sometimes even if it is not I post up! :shock:

Its a warm Balmy looking day with tropical storm lee meandering around and just making us aware that its there and also Katia is somewhere out in the Atlantic! so we might get rain if I go wash my car we will get rain! thats the weather!

Me, I have been in slowdown mode due to someones misfortune and my good fortune I guess! Some of you know I have worked 2 part time jobs for a while and one of them the bakery I worked at for a year has closed! so only 20 hour work weeks! Luckily I have multiple options available! thats a good thing!

Any how, I am always around here reading and posting and cleaning up nasty things people leave around, Like Spam and Yuckky posts!

I hope everyone is getting some R&R this labor day weekend. Me, I have to labor today around the house and tomorrow at the restaurant so not a lot of non labor day stuff for me! Just want Y'all to know I am here always and sometimes posting mainly!

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Morning All! Randy, I'm always happy to see you pop up whenever. I just had to come in to do some online banking and couldn't resist popping in. Some days I just say "money smoney." The heck with it.

A computer work day for our company (MEI) yesterday and today. Hope to be done just past noon to go get Italian hoagies at one of Stan's favorite spots in NJ. Then we are on to the Apple Store. I don't expect to buy but want to get a hands on experience with what they have.

Hope you all have a great holiday. We'll spend a couple of hours at my sister's son's house. See him, wife and kids and get some tree grown apples from the trees split by Irene.

Judy in Eastampton NJ

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Hi you guys, Hey Randy, Morristown, N.J.? I spent 2 years at prep school in West Orange. That's not too far, right? Patterson got hammered with flooding. Judy KW, you must be somewhere in that area too. My old school was closer to the Caldwells.

Anyway, it looks like a rainy week ahead and we'll ptobably miss out on our ball game in Phila. I have to be there anyway for that CT scan. Maybe we can still go. Who knows. See you guys later, just checking in. Alan

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you must have been at Seton Hall Catholic Prep school Then Alan!!

My Heart goes out to Katie and My at off also! I am sorry that you had to embark on this journey the way you did, But I know that your father and mom are and all of us are so thankful for all you have done for LC research and awareness!

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