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You'd think that after almost 3 decades, you'd be "over it". It was 1983, and my little sister was in the room just across from the room that Uncle Bill is in today. She died, December 1, 1983. I walked that hallway yesterday to see my uncle, and relived that time. In addition, I had so many memories of my Dad here on this floor, and my Mom. All of them on 5 East. The "cancer floor".

As I entered the hospital, I knew exactly where my Uncle would be. It was the floor that I've walked miles and miles as I wondered about the fate of my loved ones. I remembered the elevator E, you went past D to get to it. E took you to floor five. Once there you turned left to go to the patient rooms. To the left was the first room, and that was the one that my sister died in. To the right is the room my Uncle is in now.

In between are the rooms my Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle were in as they fought, and lost, their battles with this disease.

I didn't realize that just riding in the elevator, going up to the floor would bring such memories back. I can remember over the years, my siblings and I just feeling so sad to keep coming back to this floor over and over and over......

I can't believe that in 2011, I am still haunted by these memories. Sad is all I can say.

Judy in MI

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