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Tuesday's Air


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Goodmorning everyone!

It's a technical Monday for the lot of us who go back to work after the Labor Day weekend! Woke up to a bazillion emails and pending staff meetings and phone calls....how dare I take a Monday off? LOL.

Kids go back to school and it's Hunter's first football game of 8th grade tonight.

This weekend we spent it doing outdoor things, riding new bikes and enjoying the weather.

I've enjoyed reading on FB about people getting ready for "Fall" but in Texas we are just now getting out to enjoy summer. It was 85 degrees for the high and we thought we were in heaven. For the first time in months we were able to enjoy being outside all day.

Still shorts and flip-flop weather here but the breeze is nice except in the places were raging wild fires are destroying parts of TX. Pray for those folks.

I hope the rest of you survived the tropical storms and back to schools (You guys up east start back today, while we started back three weeks ago!) and had a great weekend.

Today marks 9 years that I've dedicated my life to lung cancer patient advocacy. My daddy died 8 years ago today.

Miss you dad. xoxo

Have a great Tuesday everyone

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Good morning, everyone!

This morning's ride to work was my first bike ride since I rode home Friday afternoon. On that ride home, I was roasting in the 101 degree heat. As I rode to work this morning, it was 48 degrees. Somewhere, you can find that the average temperature here is 65 degrees. What they don't tell you is that it's actually never 65 degrees; it's either 101 degrees or 48 degrees.

Rose and I joined friends for a long weekend as tourists in San Antonio. We visited the Alamo, took a boat ride along the river walk, rode in a horse drawn carriage, shopped at the market square, and a bunch of other tourist things that San Antonio offers. It was a fun weekend.

I hope everyone else had a nice Labor Day weekend, too. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! And an especially good morning to Texas. Katie, I saw today was an anniversary for you when I read an earlier post. Hope the day goes gently for you.

Bud and Katie, your weekends sound grand. Our was busy but not all fun stuff. I'm recuperating at home alone today before my social engagements pick up again. I gave myself permission to come on line, harry the cost.

Bud and Katie, I am assuming the fires are not near the two of you. Thanks goodness. I do think of you every time it pops up on the news. I am actually feeling worn down by the emotion of considering all the people all over the country who have or are still suffering from the extreme numbers of natural disasters this year. It just breaks my heart.

Hope you all have a good day--readers and posters alike.

Judy in Eastampton NJ near Mt Holly & Burlington, not far from Cherry Hill and Phila lol. Don't think we're near Morristown but we are near Morrestown.

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Judy, our signature of where you are right now just cracked me up! Nice to hear from you.

Katie sounds like a lovely weekend. You too Bud. Randy's brother lives in San Antonio, and we love to visit there. It's touristy but fun!

They are transferring my Uncle to a nursing home today. I'm so grateful to not have to go up to 5 East again. It surprised me to react so strongly to those memories.

It's 60 out, and surprisingly only 66 in the house. I shut the windows last night, but it got into the 40's. I'm NOT turning the heat on yet. Supposed to be 68 today, low 70's the rest of the week, and 50's at night. Perfect weather.

Well, it's a slow week for me this week, which is great! I have some projects to tackle, and some books I want to read. I'm just going to enjoy it while I have it.

Have a good day everyone!

Judy in MI

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Hi you guys, I also wonder about you Texans and the fires. Hope you guys are OK. We're having remnants of Lee around here. Lots of rain. Leaving for Phila. in a few minutes. looks like I'm by myself this time. Rain most likely for gametime tomorrow night. I should get in some good volunteer time though.

KW Judy, you'll be right across the Delaware from me. I somehow thought you were in the northern part of Jersey. That's where I spent some time. You know, Tony Soprano's neck of the woods.

Getting the 3 month CT tomorrow morning. I'll have the answer to that by 1 when I see my oncologist. They do have a great electronic almost real time operation going on. Not alot of waiting or suspense. I read about folks waiting days for those things. I would hate that. It's cause for enough anxiety as it is. I feel real positive, not concerned too much right now. See me tomorrow morning, might be more nervous.

I think about all of you guys and you are all in my heart. some get results that no one wants. All I can offer is support and ask that you never give in and keep fighting. I promise that I will.

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I am so glad you took the weekend off!

Today is 28 years since my Mom died from metastatic cancer (the death certificate does not say "lung" but I am fairly certain it was.) September 6, 1983. I am sorry I did not take up the cause at the time.

I wrote a couple of letters and did not know what else to do. One was a letter to the TV Times (in the Los Angeles Times newspaper) and it was published! I congratulated the new MASH spin-off AfterMASH with Henry Potter, the colonel, as they made numerous references to the health risks related to smoking. When you consider almost everyone in MASH smoked, this was a big turn-around. There were other environment and health issues discussed on the show as well. No wonder it only lasted two seasons.

Good to hear that you and Bud are reasonably far from the fires. It makes me very sad to hear about the pines, as well as the homes being lost. And Bud - nice weekend!

Alan - "clean scan" wishes!

Judy and Judy - enjoy your days.

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Alan - good luck with your scan tomorrow - You are indeed lucky to get your results so fast. Will be saying prayers for great results!

I have never been to San Antonio - but have always wanted to go. I like "touristy". In fact, haven't really "been" to Texas at all, but have driven across it several times (got stuck in a blizzard in Amarillo in March or April many years ago) and always said next time we would stop and look around. With luck, we are hoping to get there next year.

I have been thinking about everyone in Texas and the east coast with all the weather, storms, earthquakes and fires. We've had a pretty tame year here. Although the paper this morning says it will finally hit 100 this week and stay there for the whole week - so we really can't complain. But it keeps me in the house because it's so hard to breath in the heat - and I hate that so will probably complain anyway.

As Katie pointed out, it's Monday, so I best get to work. I hope everyone has a good day.

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I am sure that the ladies will understand when I say I had a very early appointment to be pinched, pushed and squeezed. I am always on edge waiting for results and have had nothing bad so far. It does make it easier for me to appreciate that you don't have to wait Alan.

Katie like Stephanie I wish I had know more when my mom dies and done more. I was always sure that her care was less than good but didn't know enough to approach the subject with anyone. She will be gone 26 years on the 12th of October and it still hurts to remember and I still miss her.

Judy KW you are having a very long and eventful vacation. I am sure you would have gladly missed some of it but sometimes we have to take the bad with the good. Judy MI don't you just love those first days when the weather is perfect and we can open the windows without sweating or freezing? Glad that your uncle is getting treated better. I hope everything else is going well for you.

Alan sorry about all of the rain. My kids in Louisiana got rain for 3 days so they were glad when Lee moved on to other territory. Hope your scans are all NED and I do think your fighting spirit is great.

Diane it sounds like you don't live too far from me. We are getting our 100s now after a pretty mind summer compared to most. I am in Redding are you up around Bend or Medford?

Stephanie I hope you are feeling better.

I know that I am missing Randy and Ann and a few others. Just know that I havn't forgotten anyone. Still wondering if anyone has heard from Bruce and how he is doing.

Take care and have a good evening. I am off to Bunco in a few minutes.

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Oh Bud I did miss you. Glad that the fires don't seem to be threatening you. Good that you and Rose got away for a little R&R. San Antonio and the River Walk are a beautiful area. I never go to ride the river taxi. I was there only one day standed waiting for another train when a small bridge had been knocked out. The night before I went to the River Walk it rained and stormed all night so the boats were not running. They were cleaning the river and by the time the rides started I was ready to leave. I had a very bad cold and walking to the hotel in that heat and humidity was very hard. I still had a long way to go.

Anyway glad that you and Rose had a good time.

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Lilyjohn - I am in Medford, so I know if it's hot here it is really hot where you are. I hope you are not having any fires down in your area. The fires in Texas sound just awful. There was a fire today in Ashland - so I couldn't go out - and another one in Butte Falls, but nothing like what they are having in Texas.

I hope you are staying cool.


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