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In our little town, we are about to celebrate what is a big deal. It's the annual football game for the Pink Arrow Pride. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Lowell Gilda's Club, and the Lowell Community Wellness that donates a lot of money to people dealing with cancer. Every year (now in it's 4th year) people come to the game wearing pink shirts. The football players wear pink jerseys with the names of loved ones on their back. It's a big deal. Here's the link: http://www.pinkarrowpride.org/page1/page1.html

You should see this thing. Thousands of people will show up for the game wearing their pink shirts, and sharing memories of loved ones with this disease, or who passed from it. It is truly memorable.

Today I am meeting with a local TV station to give them a tour of the Gilda's Club in this town. One of the members will be there to share her story as well. It means so much to me to be able to share the history of this club, and the heart of this town.

It is an honor to be a part of this. My niece will be playing in her varsity volley ball game with my name on her jersey. How cool is that?

Anyway, just wanted to share the excitement that is surrounding our little town this week. I even think The Today Show is going to be here. They heard about us and want to show it to the world. It's so exciting!

Wishing you a great Wednesday.

Judy in MI

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Wow Judy you just keep surprising me. Sounds like your town is as busy as you are. I think what you are all doing is great. I would watch the Today show but I am taking my neighbor to get her blood work done. She usually rides the bus but I have been taking her lately. She is in her 80s and has had a heart attack in the past. I don't want her walking in the heat. It is supposed to be 105 here today.

Yes Diane we get very hot here it the summer but really can't complain this year. It has only gotten over a 100 a few times. So far we have had no run of 10 or 15 105+ days like we usually do.Coming this late in the season helps too. We don't reach our peak heat until around 5 in the evening and by then it is almost time for the sun to start going down. Usually a bunch of us neighbors sit outside in the evenings during summer from aboout 6:30 til around 8 or 9.

I guess today I will try and make a run out to the farm. I am wanting some more fresh peaches. It won't be long until they start slowing down and I won't be able to find any fresh ones and those in the grocery always fall short on flavor. Same for the plums but this year I can't find fresh plums anywhere. I have had to settle for the ones at the grocery and just don't like them.

When I start thinking about fresh fruit and talking to my friends from school I really miss the times when the Santa Clara Valley was the fruit capitol of the world. There were orchards everywhere and we always had some kind of fruit tree in our yard. Now the orchards are all gone. I have been reading a lot about those days and so much that is gone. I even bought a book that shows my home town of Mountain View like it was in the 50s and earlier. So nice to see it again before they tore it all down. I will be going down there the end of this month and am hoping to visit some of the places this book shows that are still standing. I guess it will be an attempted walk back in time with friends from school and this book. At one time a long time before electronics destroyed so much of my valley instead of being known as silicon valley it was known as The Valley Of Heart's Delight.

I guess I had better run now so I can get a bite of breakfast and take Bea to get her blood work done. If we are there when they open we will have plenty of time to get out to the farm afterwards and be home before the heat gets too bad.

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Oh Lily, I don't know when the Today show will air the segment. The game is Friday night, and I highly doubt it will make their high priority stuff. LOL. But still it's nice that they care.

I think my gig will be on TV news tonight, but it's just a local station, not nationwide. :-)

Judy in MI

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Lilyjohn - I hope you have a great visit to your hometown. I haven't been back to mine in almost 40 years now and doubt that I would recognize anything. But I'm sure some must still be standing - maybe the old elementary school and church where I got married?

JudyMI - your town sure does sound like a busy place. We are in a small valley sort of halfway between Sacramento and Portland - and not much happens here. The biggest excitement around right now is Extreme Home Makeover is here building a home -- I don't watch it, but it is quite a lot of excitement for our little town. Unfortunately the wildfire near by has gotten worse and those poor guys are all going to working out there in this 100 degree heat, choking on the smoke.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.


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