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Seven Years


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It was on this day, September 9, 2004, late in the evening, that we learned my wife had nsclc. It was a day that changed my life forever. To this day the sadness remains. I tolerate it better, but momentary thoughts still bring me to tears. I have many things in my life that bring me much happiness, but not being able to share them with her is difficult. Our daughter's graduation from medical school, her marriage, the birth of our first grandchild. Such happiness, yet such an empty space in my heart. On the anniversary of the day that was such a defining point in my life, I cherish my wife's memory, I think of everyone who was lost to this unmerciful killer, and I wish peace and happiness to all those who like me have lost someone they love so much.

In memory of Lac-Yee Warfel

August 23, 1952 - May 29, 2006


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Thank you so much, Katie, Randy, and Ry. It's nice to know that sometimes I can say what's in my heart and know there's someone there to listen. I truly appreciate your kind thoughts.


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I remember you Bill and I remember all the anguish you went through. I just can't believe it was 7 years ago! She will always remain in your heart of hearts and will always live on through all those beautiful memories you made together.

I for one strongly believe that she did see her daughter graduate, get married and was present during the birth of your grandchild. I even believe that she knew her grandchild before you daughter became pregnant. When the time comes for you to join her it will be a glorious reunion. Your love and devotion for each other will live on throughout eternity...

My heart to yours Bill,


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