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Kathy and PewJumper!


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I know some of you might remember Mitch or Pewjmper as he was known here! His Mom Kathy was diagnosed around 5 years ago with nsclc. She had surgery and chemo and today I got some great news that Mitchell asked me to share with everyone !!

from His Facebook Page is this message!

Mitchell Talking about Kathy his mom!!

So proud of my mama. She was offered the director of nursing position yesterday at the home health where she works. She is & has always been a highly talented & capable RN. Who would've thought 5 years ago next month we sat in a doctor's office & listened to him tell us she had lung cancer?!

glad to hear the great news!!! :wink:

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Hey guys! I'm sorry I've not been on in forever. Randy, thank you for posting this for me and letting everybody know the great news.

October 31st will be 5 years since my Mom went to ER after a dinner with friends. She had debilitating chest pains and we were worried she was having a heart attack. But they found a mass on that x ray and over the course of the next 2 weeks our lives would be changed forever as we learned it was lung cancer at the age of 40 and the awful terror of trying to find out how bad it was, what we had to do, & realizing the possibility that her days with us were being cut short. My what a journey it has been!

But we are celebrating wonderful news this year as everything has been negative since chemo. I so wish there could be more happy endings; I'm eternally and abundantly grateful for ours.

Paulette, I'm the infamous pewjumper (and Joppette, that is exactly how I got the nickname because I always played the organ at a loud, rockin' Pentecostal church!). I'm sorry I've not been as active as I should be, but Mom's is one of the stories that has plenty of ups and downs, but a happy ending. Just know, it does happen! And these folks are the greatest, greatest, people in the world. I literally would have fallen apart day after day if I hadn't been able to come here and lean on them. Randy, Katie, Ry, Ned, Judy, Nick, Tina, Sue, and oh I can not even begin to name all of them - but they helped me survive and helped me fight along with my Mom to give her the best chance possible, too. They are all definitely angels among us!

I'm sorry I don't get on as much as I used to. I need to sit down and write the story, but honestly it's very hard for me to even go back and read my blogs during that first year. I need to make myself do it, and go ahead and close the chapter with the happy ending we've been soo fortunately blessed with to share with all of you here who are still fighting. In the meantime, don't feel hesitant at all about adding me on Facebook, I'd love to keep in touch better! http://www.facebook.com/mitchell.whitt

PJ (Mitchell)

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I remember that well Mitch when you first came on.... now look how much changed. Your mom is doing great and you look so handsome since you lost all that weight.

I hope those medical problems you had with the surgery are now a thing of the past and you are doing well.

Thanks for the update, it was so good to hear how good things are.

Maryanne :wink:

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